Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth (born 1598), father of Valentine Sr.

and the County Wexford - Wicklow families.   Failte!

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A Bit of Irish Quaker History

More Quaker History from Bob Sinton's website.

For the first time in our family's history all 112 "Hollingsworth Registers" are available online FREE.
  Thanks to Cousin Don Hollingsworth in Edmonton, Canada.

Some researchers think Henry was born in Ireland , England , or even Scotland .  Henry was listed in an English militia (as Hen Hollinworth) and could have
 gone as a member of the Ulster Plantation & Ulster-Scots to Ireland.

 This activity was arranged by the CROWN and the "undertakers" or landed gentry between 1609 - 1630 for the sole purpose of taking (stealing) the land from the Irish using any means
 such as murder and starvation.  Henry is listed in the 1630 muster roll for Onealland Barony, Ulster Plantation in County Armagh.


John Hollingsworth ..John..of Giles...Valentine ,  has my sincere thanks and gratitude for finding Valentine's true IRISH official seal on his 2005 trip to Belfast PRNOI. 
In Ireland the Stag was one of the most ancient of charges and was regarded as the most handsome. The Stag represents the very ancestors of the Celtic race.

Hollingsworth COA Ring

Compliments of Daniel S. Hollingsworth,
Waco, TX         (
I took the image of our COA to a jeweler and had a ring made of it and thought you would like a pic to show on the site....
 He now has a mold of our Family COA and if anyone else is interested in  a piece, he would be happy to help, I'm sure..... Daniel

    An old Irish toast. "May you be in heaven before the devil knows you are dead."  


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                      1878 Brooklyn, New York                               1897 Millville, New Jersey                         About 1927-1928 Millville, New Jersey
                  Ten years after arrival in Boston.                         Same family 19 years later.                         About 1925 Millville, New Jersey


      Large picture of St. Mogue's Church                     Large picture of cemetery                            Picture of alter & 1700s chalice

This is  a link to pictures of Ballycanew, some old some new.  Ballycanew Pictures & Mangan House, Hollyfort

Hollingsworth DNA Project Newsletter - Thanks to John & Doug Hollingsworth:   DNA Project Update  

Wonderful 24/7 Irish internet music:

Thanks to the following generous contributors of family history.

Harry Hollingsworth :  Editor of the Hollingsworth Register  (Posthumously)            Clarence Miller Hollingsworth   (Posthumously)
Donald Page Hollingsworth                                                                                    Catherine Hollingsworth Murdock
Donna Hollingsworth Hocking                                                                                Betty Hollingsworth Sefcilk
Diane Hollingsworth Anderson                                                                               Elayne Hollingsworth Fitzner
Dolores Langley Solberg                                                                                        John Hollingsworth  (John of Giles........of Valentine)
Sheila Sue Cannon Justice                                                                                      Douglas R. Hollingsworth's NEW Valentine site
Thomas Edgar Hollingsworth                                                                                  Jo Hollingsworth & Simon Hollingsworth ( Where did our ancestors come from? )
Bill Hollingsworth - Dublin/Blackrock  NEW Bill's family history blog                     Ken Hollingsworth's Genealogy Site
Earl Jones's Family Site
Possible Henry Hollingsworth origin theory by Harry Hollingsworth in his "Hollingsworth Register",
Volume Two, December 1966, this can't be set aside as not plausible.   Another Clue

Is Valentine kin to the family at Hollingworth Hall?  By Douglas R. Hollingsworth   Clue A Second

Harry Hollingsworth had the idea there was a Pirate in the Hollingsworth family line in March of 1967. PIRATE  Cousin Bill Hollingsworth expands on that thought in his research paper.

Want to read more about our ancestor, Thomas the Pirate?   PIRATE

Cousin Bill Hollingsworth of Blackrock, Ireland "Thomas the Pirate" research.  Thomas the Pirate /Privateer


St. Mogue's Church Vestry Book, Parish of Ballycanew, County Wexford, Ireland 1760-1819 Vestry Book PDF file

Descendants of Addison Hollingsworth       Second version:    
Dr. Harold Graham's Descendants of Addison H. Hollingsworth

Decendants of Samuel F. Harlan and Elizabeth Hollingsworth (Valentine Jr., Valentine Sr., Henry b: 1598)

Tackaberry family of Wexford/Wicklow Counties, Ireland curiosity of Wally McMahon, Queensland (Update June 2014))

Colley family history going back to 1400s Thanks to our cousin Wally McMahon, Down Under (September 2016)

Our cousin the actor Lee Marvin  
  Elizabeth Ann Hollingsworth , Lee's grandmother on his father's side.

T he Cranwills and the Kilpatricks from Dublin   by Virginia "Cranwill" Rundle

A Newly Discovered Hollingworth Hall Related Y-DNA Signature ..... by Simon Hollingworth

NEW November 2015:  Diocese of Ferns Marraiges 1661-1806 and Ferns Wills 1601-1800    Our thanks once again to: Henry (Harry) Hollingsworth

Decendants of Achsah Hollingsworth & Reuben King Tanquary            


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