Titled "Another Clue"  By Harry Albert Hollingsworth

The Inventory in the Estate of Henrie Hollingworth of West Hallam, Derbyshire, England, dated 1640,
 has affixed at the end, a list of the children and heirs, which are:  Widow: Hester Hollingworth;
Children: Dorothy Hollingworth, Marie Hollingworth, Lucy Hollingworth, Deborah Hollingworth,
Bridget Hollingworth, Anthony Hollingworth, HENRY HOLLINGWORTH.  William Hollingworth,
taylor, is also mentioned as an administrator.  You will note that the two sons were Anthony and Henry.
  The December, 1965, Hollingsworth Register article "Another Valentine" (Valentine Hollingworth)
who died in 1627, had a nephew Anthony Hollingworth.  Can the above Anthony be the same man?
If so, can Henry, his brother, be the man who went to Ireland who became the father of Valentine
Holling(s)worth the American Quaker Emigrant?