Sir Henry Colley married Katherine Cusack and had a three sons: (The Wellesley connection goes back through Katherine Cusack.)

                                  Sir Henry Colley 2nd     -       Dudley Colley      -       Walter Colley

    The Duke of Wellington - Born Arthur Colley comes from Sir Henry Colley 2nd.

     Our Hollingsworth connection comes from Walter Colley

     Walter had a son:  John Colley

     John had a son:  Thomas Colley married Agnes Lyndon

     Thomas and Agnes had a daughter Dorothy Colley, she married Thomas Smith (Smythe)

     Dorothy and Thomas had a daughter Jane/Ann Smith (Smythe)

     she married Patrick Cranwill of Ballycanew

     Jane/Ann Smith and Patrick had a daughter Jane Cranwill

     Jane Cranwill's second husband was William Johnston

     Jane Cranwill and her second husband William Johnston had a son Henry Johnston

     Henry Johnston married Elizabeth Hollingsworth of Ballinakill, Ballycanew, County Wexford.

     Where does all this come into our family tree?  The Duke of Wellington was
     born Arthur Colley in 1769 at Dublin.  Arthur Colley is a descendent of

     Sir Henry Colley 2nd, the brother of our Walter Colley.