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Prior to 1800 there were three,known,Godkin/Tackaberry marriages being:

John Godkin and Sarah Tackaberry

married: 25 January 1790

Thomas Godkin and Elizabeth Tackaberry

married: 22 February 1794

James Godkin and Alice Tackaberry

married: 27 March 1798

Marriage dates coming from the records of ArthurTenison Groves.There were no ages,at marriage,transcribed ,and the "Godkin" records were recorded as Arthur Tenison Groves,a family researcher, had been hired to research the "James" family who had married into the "Godkins"(call number 2/434/28 under the letter "J" for James) and before the fire in the Records Office of 1922 and being the marriage of Jane Godkin,daughter of Henry Godkin, to Edward James, 3 November 1781 (date of the Marriage Settlement for 100 pounds of Jane Godkin,of Kiltennell Parish,Spinster,daughter of Henry Godkin,of Banogue,County Wexford and Edward James of Knockadawk,Kiltrist Parish,Gorey Barony, County Wexford and witness Wm. Boyd).

This Henry Godkin being the Uncle to the above John,Thomas and James Godkin.

The interesting thing about Kiltrisk Parish was that,on 26 April 1766,a Return of Householders showed just 12 Protestant and 65 Popish and, at Ballycanew,for 37 Protestant and 86 Popish.

Knockadawk being just north from Kilmuckridge.

In 1798 Edward was 40 and Jane 36 and these dates, plus children's details,came from Edward James' 1798 Compensation Claim.

There was a Edward James who died,at Ballycanew,County Wexford,10 February 1728 and a son,to Edward James,who died 7 March 1734.

It is also believed that Edward James had brothers, Thomas and Henry, both of Knockdalk,County Wexford and that they are the,believed, sons of the John James,who inherited, and Mary Goffe.

Of interest is,also from Tennison Groves:

Marriage of John James to Judith Tudor Beatty 1721

Children being:

Mary James(believed after Mary James, who died c. 1758 -Will signed 28 January 1758 and proved 16 January 1760- of Knockdawk and believed a second wife as her Will mentions her step-son, William, and all property to John James and who would be the,believed, John James of the 1760 pew allocation(with Robert Tackaberry,John Richards and Samuel Bennett) at St. Mogue's Ballycanew,County Wexford.Also mentioned were daughters Ann,Betty,Ann Markey and Elizabeth Sloan alais James and which suggests that Ann Markey was a daughter of a prior marriage unless the "alais James" refers to both).

born c. 1782

died 21 July 1859

John James(believed after the husband of Mary James who died c.1758 and also the grandfather of Jane Godkin)

born c 1784

died 14 September 1850

Married (1) 23 October 1820 to Alicia Moorhouse(died 28 July 1832)

(2) 3 February 1834 to Anne Flynn(born c.1812 ,died 16 March 1881)

Of interest is the Will of John James of Ballyknockan,County Wicklow,1735, that mentions all of his estate about Stowerbridge and Wongby, in Worcestershire, which descended to him from his grand-father,Thomas Devell,as next heir after his son Thomas Devell(thanks to Harry Hollingsworth).

William James(believed for the grandfather William James the step-son of Mary who died c.1758 and,probably,Edward's father.)

Of interest,also, is that John James and Alicia Moorhouse named a son, Ralph James(probably for Ralph James of Wicklow), born 23 October 1826 and is mentioned because of Ralph Johnson of Ballycanew,County Wexford.

born c.1788

died March 1841

married 26 April 1817 to Susanna Richards

"Susanna" being a "Beatty" name and,as well,in the "Chamberlains".There were eight "Richards" who voted in the 1776 Election of "The Freemen of Wexford" including Solomon Richards.

Thomas James

born c.1793

died 3 July 1862

married(1) 22 February 1822 to Mary Byrne(born c.1800,died 19 April 1845)

(2) 30 March 1847 to Maria McLean(born c.1808)

Thomas and Mary Byrne,along with Margaret Tackaberry,were sponsors of Caroline,daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Hill, on 5 May,1822 believed Yonge Township,Upper Canada.It is thought mentioning of the marriage,19 December,1810,of Elizabeth Godkin and James Hill.

Edward James Jr.

born c.1794

died 22 March 1826(believed married to" Margaret" who re-married to the Rev. John Black 27 October 1827.One child, believed "Anne", born 16 April 1824 who married the Rev. C.B Madden 12 May 1846)

Barbara James( named for Barbara Webster mother of Jane Godkin)

born c.1796- Although not completely sure it seems that Barbara James married into the "Steacey's"/Stacys" and lived at Ontario West and may be where the "Staceys" came into the "Hollingsworths".Barbara Stacy was 54 in the 1851 Census, of Canada East, living in Lanark Country,Drummond Sub-District.

Benjamin James

born c.1799

died 19 May 1850

married 6 June 1834 to Jane Kirk(born c.1812,Donegal,died 16 March 1881)

Henry James(named for the mother's father Henry Godkin)

born 8 April 1802

Ann James(named for the possible mother of John James husband of Mary James of the 1758 Will.)


died 24 June 1835

William,John,Thomas and Barbara James emigrated, in 1816, to New York and then to Canada, and were located on Concession 2,Drummond Township, on 16 November 1816.

As well,there was the marriage, in 1831, between Fossey Godkin(born c 1792 believed son of John Godkin and Sarah Tackaberry) and Alice Tackaberry, in County Wexford, and who also went to Ontario,Canada. Fossey and Alice named their eldest son James George Godkin and,another son,George,and a daughter,Frances Maria and which suggests that Alice was the daughter of a George Tackaberry(wife maybe Frances Maria) and which suggests the marriage of George Tackaberry and Frances Marks,a widow.

George being the,believed,son of Fossey Tackaberry,age 19,in the 1792 Lease.

The background,of Frances Marks,is not known, as to her maiden name, or whether a Tackaberry relation of her husband George.It is possible that this George Tackaberry first married Ann Marks and then to Frances Maria Marks unless Ann and Frances Maria are the same person. There was a Frances Johnston who married Thomas Smith Cranwill,24 June 1801, and it is not known from whom Thomas descends to provide a clue as to where the "Smith" comes from."Frances Maria" suggests that she may have been a "Whellock".

However,as Patrick Cranwill/Cranwell transferred his church pew,at St. Mogue's,Ballycanew,to Ralph Johnson, then it suggests that Thomas Smith Cranwill may descend down from Patrick Cranwill.

It has been suggested that Alice was from County Limerick but,to date,no "Tackaberrys" have been found there.

Three brothers had married three,believed, sisters. John,Thomas and James Godkin were brothers and,believed, half-brothers having the same father being Joseph Godkin, son of John Godkin, of County Wexford.This John Godkin was buried, in the "Godkin" Cemetary at Kilgorman,County Wexford, 8 November 1770(aged 78) along with his,believed,brother, William Godkin and whose origins are believed to be from Smalley/Shipley in the Heanor Area of Derbyshire and the move,to Ireland, between 1641 and,most probably, the early 1700's and,believed,descended down from Henry Godkin,of Smalley,and his first wife,Mary Corden,who died May 1605.This Mary Corden was described,in her father's Will, of 1592, as "Godken" although it seems more likely that descent is from William(Will) Godkin, the son of Henry Godkin and his second wife,being Elizabeth Corden, whom Henry married November 1605 and where this William was alive in 1641 as he was left 10 pounds in his father's Will. This William is the only member of Henry Godkin's family where there are no family details.

Thomas Godkin and Elizabeth Tackaberry named their first two sons:

Joseph Thomas and William George Godkin

and their,known, daughters were named Elizabeth and Alice and"Alice" was born( just prior to her mother's passing) ,at Ballycanew,31 May 1801.(Elizabeth,the mother,passed away 16 October 1801 and Thomas Godkin re-married to Frances Pielow, 31 December 1806, the daughter of Thomas Pielow and Ellinor Hollingsworth who married 1769).

Frances Pielow's grandmother was Elizabeth Tackaberry who married John Hollingsworth c. 1738 and where Elizabeth is believed to be a sister of Nicholas Tackaberry and Aunt to Edward. Elizabeth's husband,John Hollingsworth,in 1746,obtained his first sublease on the lands, at Ballinakill,County Wexford and, at the time, of the 1746 Lease, John Hollingsworth was living at Monroe and,most probably,with Nicholas Tackaberry,his,believed, father-in-law. Edward being the nephew in John Tackaberry's 1738 lease. It is also believed that Elizabeth Tackaberry's unknown sister,maybe "Anne", married John Hollingsworth's brother,Samuel Hollingsworth,who named his oldest son,"Daniel"(1736-1811).

Should "Daniel" have been named for Daniel Fossey then it becomes possible that the "Fosseys" came into the "Tackaberrys" earlier than previously thought and that it was the mother,of John Tackaberry, of the 1752 Will,and not his wife, who was the "Fossey".

"Daniel" is also for Daniel McDaniel of Forechester,Inch,County Wexford(believed Catholic) who died 1759(wife Elizabeth) and whose daughter,Eleanor McDaniel,married John Earl,Senior, although it seems that the "Earls" came into the "Hollingsworths" later.

John Tackaberry,of the 1752 Will,being the,believed,brother to Elizabeth(Tackaberry) Hollingsworth.

It also becomes possible that Margaret, the wife of Peter Fossey,was a Margaret Tackaberry although Margaret,wife of Daniel Fossey(who died 1703), was Margaret Bevin, of County Wexford, and where there were family connections to Tomagaddy,County Wexford, through the "Rowsomes".Tomagaddy being the family home of the "Tackaberrys".

As yet there is no link between Peter Fossey and the Tackaberrys unless through marriage."Peter",as a christian name,was used in the "Cranwills" and the "Johnstons".

What is sure is that "Daniel" is a Fossey name but unsure as to who the Fossey, or Fosseys,was/were who married into the Tackaberrys as it is believed that Daniel Fossey had no children.The only thought being Daniel's cousin,Edward Fossey,because of "Edward", the nephew, in the 1738 lease of John Tackaberry.

It seems that the "Fossey" origins may have been at Dunstable,Bedford/Hemel Hempstead,Hertford both close areas.


"Nicholas" being a Tackaberry family name from Pillaton,Cornwall.

Of interest is that the lands of Tomagaddy(Tackaberrys) and Ballinakill(Hollingsworths), together with that of Monroe(Nicholas Tackaberry), all of County Wexford,were originally connected(thanks,again, to Harry Hollingsworth).

It is thought worth mentioning of a John Hollingsworth, Ch. 23 May 1712 in Derbyshire,probably Ashover,son to William and Margaret Hollingsworth and grand-son to William and Ellen Hollingsworth.This is because John Hollingsworth and Elizabeth Tackaberry named a son,William, as did John's brother,Samuel Hollingsworth, and because John Hollingsworth,of Ballinakill,County Wexford,died 12 May,1791,aged 78 years,and which gives a year of birth as 1712.

Also this John Hollingsworth had a brother,William,born c.1724 and a sister,Margaret.

It then becomes possible that the "Godkins" and "Hollingsworths" travelled to County Wexford around the same time.

The Godkins came from the Heanor area(Smalley/Shipley) of Derbyshire and,at Heanor,Richard Stansbye married Joan Hollinworth(no'gs'),22 January 1574.

By one of those strange instances a family friend,living on the Gold Coast,south of Brisbane,is related down from Admiral John Ibbetson Hollingworth(bap. 10 January 1782 and died 28 December 1861)who came to Australia, with his family, and where some of the siblings called themselves "Hollinworth".

On this matter,James Easton Godkin wrote:

"I believe that the Hollingsworths and Earls belong in one of two categories:


Settlers at the time of the Norman conquest;


Cromwellian settlers after 1649.

My opinion favours the former.Marriages between Godkins,Earls,Hollingsworths,Websters,Leckys, and others, in three baronies of Wexford, over a three hundred year period, are so regular that they must have formed a group to themselves-the "Old English of Wexford" as they are called,in contra-distinction to the later Anglo-Irish of Cromwell's planting,known as the 'Cromwellian Usuppers'."

Elizabeth and John Hollingsworth named daughters (in order):

Ellinor(maybe for the Ellen from Ashover,Derbyshire - married Thomas Pielow)

Martha(maybe for Martha Fossey - married William Robinson)

Ann??? -If a daughter then maybe died young as not mentioned in her father's Will.

Elizabeth(married a Burbridge?)(Brownridge?)(Borbridge?)

Joseph Thomas Godkin being named for the Grand-father and Father on the father's side and where it would be reasonable, to take the view, that William George Godkin was named for the Grandfather and Father on the mother's side.

This would make Elizabeth's father,George Tackaberry,and Grandfather,William Tackaberry and,perhaps,her mother "Alice".

Thomas Godkin was named for his mother's father,Thomas Manning,who married Elizabeth Johnston and where several members,of the "Mannings", settled at Knockendozen,Parish of Rathdrum,County Wicklow and which was where Thomas Godkin died, 2 April,1836, at age 68 and leaving Ballycanew around 1818.

This Thomas Godkin,son of Joseph and grand-son of John, was a Church Warden,at Ballycanew,County Wexford, being elected 23 April 1799 and up to Easter of 1816.

As well,there were "Johnstons",at Ballycanew,County Wexford, who married into the "Tackaberrys".

There is a William Tackaberry,of Ballynasillogue, whose son,Benjamin,was 12 in the 1792 lease.This William would be a son to Robert and grand-son to John Tackaberry of the 1752 Will.

Lease Indenture ,of 23 March 1796, between John and Margaret Sterne, shows George Tackaberry,Tomagaddy, as the 2nd part ,of the lease indenture,and the witness,who swore, as Thomas Godkin.The lease being for 26 years and the "lives" as Richard Sterne,son of the said John Sterne, and Edward Sterne and Richard Sterne sons of William Sterne,Arklow.

It is believed that this John Sterne was the son of the Richard Sterne, of Ballytague, Parish of Ballycanew, who shared the lands at Abbeydown with Benjamin Tackaberry ,of Tomagaddy and Parish of Monmoling,in the lease dated 27 December 1766 although there was another Richard Sterne,farmer, who was witness, to the lease, and being of Abbeydown.

At Ballycanew,20 January 1734/5 a daughter,Martha,was born to Richard Sterne and,as "Martha" is a traditional name in the "Tackaberrys"(believed from the "Fosseys') then it would be reasonable to take the view that this Richard Sterne's wife was,maybe, Martha Tackaberry and which would explain the close relationship between the Tackaberrys and the Sternes.

Margaret Sterne would be Margaret Tackaberry who married John Sterne in 1782.

It would also be reasonable to take the view that it was their son,Foster Sterne,of Elizabethtown,Ontario,who married Jane Boyd of Yonge, Ontario,25 September 1821 and where the christian name of Foster(for Fossey) was also used by the Ontario "Godkins".There is also the record,in Ontario,of three "Boyd" sisters marrying three "Godkin" brothers and with a "Armstrong" connection in the "Boyds" being the,believed,mother.

The girls being:

Dortha(Dorothy) Hamilton Boyd - James Edward Godkin m:12- 2-1896

Mary Matilda Boyd - Albert Edmund Godkin m:15- 9-1897

Jane Cluff Boyd - Alexander Morris Godkin

and there is the William Boyd who was a witness, to the Marriage Licence Bond, of Jane Godkin, 3 November 1781.

With Thomas Godkin as a witness then it suggests a close family relationship through the "Tackaberrys".

In Ontario,Canada,1823,Benjamin Tackaberry and Charles Sterne lived on the west half of Lot 15,Concession 7 and,it is believed,that it was this Charles Sterne who married Elizabeth McBratney,both of Elizabethtown,25 January 1825 and with the witnesses being Benjamin Tackaberry and William McConkey.

William McConkey's wife being Margaret Tackaberry,daughter of Benjamin Tackaberry and Martha,baptised,at Abbeydown,4 December 1803,and with Benjamin being the,believed,first "Tackaberry" into Ontario and,originally, from Tomagaddy,then Abbeydown , and before the 1817 Exodus, and being the Benjamin Tackaberry who married Martha Sherlock in 1798 at County Carlow.While there may be no connection it is mentioned that Leonard Bennett,saddler,of the 1760 allocation of pews, at Ballycanew,County Wexford,was at Tullow,County Carlow,c.1739,where he had a son,Henry, to Mary, who died the following year, and then re-married.

Of interest is the 1871 Census for Ontario where Harriet Maria Tackaberry(born c.1853 and daughter to Samuel)) was living with Thomas McBratney and Elizabeth at Brockville and where Elizabeth was a daughter to Robert Tackaberry and Mary Williams and where Harriet Maria arrived, Ontario ,1871 born c.1853.

As Alice Tackaberry named a daughter,Sarah,then it would seem that Alice and Sarah were sisters and where the father was,most probably, Fossey Tackaberry and the mother unknown(maybe a "Alice Bolton")

This is because of the lease 308.34.203515. Release,18 January 1774 of William Bolton,the elder,Island,County Wexford and with the consent of Wm. Bolton, the younger,let to Robert Earl to hold for the lives of the said Robert Earl and his wife,Margaret,and their eldest son Thomas Earl and where Fossey Tackaberry,Tomagaddy,County Wexford was a witness together with Wm. Oakes.

"Margaret" suggests that she may have been a "Tackaberry".

William Oakes seems to be the father of Alice Oakes who married, 1769, at Ballycanew,County Wexford,to Thomas Hollingsworth and whose mother was Mary Rawson(believed Rowsom/e) and whose daughter,Alice Hollingsworth, married Thomas Rowsom/e 9 April 1815.

As well William Rowsome (1811-1899) married Margaret Oakes(1837-1924) and who travelled to live in Leeds County,Ontario.

There was,also,a Fossey Bolton,and which suggests an,earlier,Tackaberry/Bolton marriage being Fossey Bolton born c.1797 and who married Mary Nixon Johnson c.1830.

Worth mentioning is the following:

"From the upper storey of Island,house of William Bolton,Parish of Kilmuckridge,Co. Wexford,in the early morning of May 27,1798 George Williams(of Ballyadams,Kilmuckridge)saw rebels roaming the countryside and the homes of Edward Thackaberry and many others on fire.Mary Thackaberry,mother of George William's wife,Elizabeth Thackaberry,was attacked at Ballyadams.She had one daughter living nearby."

Other houses noticed,on fire,being:

Edward Webster

John Davis

Edward Fox

The Rev. Mr. Burrowe at Kyle

James Johnson

Joseph Aston and James Aston

John Rath and James Rath

William Walsh

Richard Burke

Francis Colbyrne

Robert Johnson

Charles Francis

Blakeney Ormsby

and others

The party,of rebels,amounted to about four thousand and whose leader was Father John Murphy ordained,as a Roman Catholic priest in Seville,Spain,in 1775 and executed, after his capture, following the retreat at Vinegar Hill.

Ballyadams being where Edward Tackaberry was residing, as per the 1798 Compensation Claims and,it could be,that this Edward's wife was Mary and daughter Elizabeth Williams.It has been suggested that this Edward Tackaberry was a brother-in-law to George Williams and not his father-in-law. George and Elizabeth Williams were tenants, of William Bolton, and resided at Ballyadams, in the parish of Kilmuckridge,and had been residing,at the Bolton house,Island,for some time previous to the 27 May,1798 and which suggests a family relationship.

William Bolton seems to be the William Bolton,the younger,of the 1774 lease and who,maybe, married a "Tackaberry" and which would explain Fossey Bolton.

Also,from Kilmuckridge,was Edward Tackaberry,born 1798,who married Mary Phillips 27 February 1822 and it was their daughter,Martha,born Cork,28 February 1828,who married William Robert Ashfield, 8 June 1844,at Swansea,Wales, and where Edward Tackaberry and his son-in-law,William Robert Ashfield,were both members of the same Regiment being the 73rd of foot.

Also there was James Bulger,born to James Bulger and Margaret Tackaberry,and baptised 10 September,1815 at the RC Parish of Litter,Kilmuckridge.

In Ontario are two headstones being for William Johnson and his son,Richard, and both from Wells,Wexford.Richard Johnson,on a land deed,stated he was born in Killincoolay and which is believed to be near Kilmuckridge.

None of the three Godkin/Tackaberry families named children either Nathaniel or Melody and there is considerable doubt as to whether Nathaniel Tackaberry,Jnr., married a "Melody" in 1728. In the,Ballycanew, Parish Register the name of "Melody" is not shown,as such,only"ody" and has been previously interpreted as being "Melody" whereas the correct christian name is,almost certainly,"Lydia" and the Parish Register shows the surname as "Fosse?"(no 'y').

"Lydia" is a most uncommon christian name and the only,family, ones found were from County Wicklow being Lydia Nickson and Lydia Sherwood and where one probably came from the other and where the "Sherwoods" had married into the "Godkins".

Lydia Sherwood married William Jones,28 December 1776,in County Wicklow,and where William Jones was a Member of the Revenue Service.

Another "Lydia" is Lydia Rassum who married Nathan Fleming.Nathan being born 23 February 1759, and who had 10 children including Leven Fleming, born 28 May 1786 in Kent County,Delaware and who named a son, John Tackaberry Fleming, born 8 June 1827. As there were "Hollingsworths" at Delaware then the "Tackaberry", in the "Flemings",may even come from them.

It also becomes possible that there is a link to the Uncle and Aunt who travelled,to New York,1806 with James Tackaberry and believed to be Michael Tackaberry.

As well,Lydia,daughter to Robert and Catherine Darlington,was baptised 10 November 1811,at Ballycanew, and which suggests that Robert descends down from Alice Tackaberry and William Darlington as a son. Alice being the daughter of Nathaniel Tackaberry,Jnr. and "Lydia".

The "Lydia"(Lydia Atkinson 1688) in the "Hollingsworths" cannot be discounted.

It is remembered,as a young boy,playing "knock-knock":

Who's There?


Lydia Who?


Also mentioned is that Lydia was used in the "Tackaberrys" being George Kearon who married Lydia Tackaberry 1805 and which suggests that Lydia descends down from Nathaniel and Lydia (Fossey).

Or,the three girls may have been the daughters of brothers, of Fossey Tackaberry,as the name,of Fossey,came from the female line being the,believed, wife of Nicholas Tackaberry and not,just, from Fossey Tackaberry, his grandson.

However,as both Alice and Sarah named sons,Fossey Godkin,then it would seem that this was for their father,Fossey Tackaberry. Elizabeth "Tackaberry" Godkin had a grandson,"Fossey" Godkin.

As Nathaniel Tackaberry,Jr. who married,first,to "Lydia"(not "Melody') and then to "Anne" lived at Killowen, just north of where the "Godkins" lived and,as William Godkin was a Free-Holder,at Killowen,(thanks,again,to Tenison Groves) 14 January 1789,then it raises the possibility of an earlier Godkin/Tackaberry marriage.The three Godkins who married "Tackaberrys" were nephews, of this William Godkin, and who is believed to have re-married after his,believed,wife, "Sarah Eve"-no surname, passed away 14 May 1748, at age 26, and buried in the "Godkin" Cemetery at Kilgorman,County Wexford.This was because William Godkin had named a daughter "Sarah" and,it may even be,that "Sarah Eve" was a Tackaberry or that this William Godkin's new wife was a "Tackaberry".

In Yonge,Ontario,is the death record of Robert Bennet Tackaberry,14 April 1876, and which raises the possibility that Nathaniel Tackaberry Jr.'s second wife,Anne,was Anne Bennett as "Anne" was the mother of Robert Tackaberry who married Mary Williams.

Thanks to Sandy Wunder(Canada) we know that Robert Bennet Tackaberry(1874-1876) was the infant son of Robert Tackaberry and Ann Shaw. Robert Tackaberry,the father(1832-1914) was the son of Henry Tackaberry and Ann Rudd. Henry Tackaberry's parents were Robert Tackaberry,Sr. and Mary Williams.

Of interest is that Solomon Bennett was a witness to the Will of Daniel Fossey(Codicil dated 19 June 1703) and which,one would expect, would make him a Quaker."Solomon",as a christian name,suggests a "Bennett/Richards" relationship.

The 1760 allocation of church pews at St. Mogues,Ballycanew,suggests that this may have been the case as there was,in 1760,a "Tackaberry'/"Bennett" family relationship.

From the book"Houses of Wexford" by Rowe & Scallan(2004) is the following:

"Ballintore,Ferns(the townland of the causeway)

Just over 2Km due E. of Ferns,on small road.

The Rowsom family -famed as traditional pipers- lived in a small thatched house in this site.It is thought they were of Palatine extraction.The first name associated with Ballintore is Samuel,born c 1750,married to Deborah Tackaberry,who made a claim for damages arising from the 1798 Rebellion. Round about 1800 he appears to have built a new house,which passed then through to his son,Thomas,and remained in the family until 1922,when the property was bought by people called Croft."

It would seem that this Thomas would be the Thomas Rowsom,of Kilbride Parish, who married Alice Hollingsworth,9 April 1815 and where Alice was the daughter of Thomas Hollingsworth and Alice Oakes and where Alice Oakes was the daughter of William Oakes and Mary Rowsom.

As regards the father,Samuel Rowsom,it is unsure from whom he descends.There was a Samuel Rowsom(wife Margaret and probably a "Tackaberry") who had three sons,William,Samuel and Henry, in 1717, and who lived near Ballycanew and,as Margaret(Bevin) Fossey,wife of Daniel, had a cousin,Anne Rowsom,living at Tomagaddy, then it suggests that maybe one of the three sons married Anne Tackaberry or,of course,that Anne Rowsom was a daughter of Samuel and Margaret. This Margaret(Bevin) Fossey,of Furlongstown,County Wexford, was the wife of Daniel Fossey and whose,Quaker,Will of 21 June 1721,mentions no children, or other relations, except that of Anne Rowsom,cousin,who lived at Tomagaddy,County Wexford and which suggests that Anne Rowsom was related to the "Tackaberrys" of Tomagaddy.

Also is a Samuel Rowsom,of Curragh Table,County Wexford, who was,5 February 1762,a grand-son and administrator of the Will of William Bolton who was born c.1694. It is not known where this Curragh Table was located and seems to be Curragh Tubban,Lasglassen(Glasheen) where William Bolton leased land,1710,from The Hon. Sir Robert Doyne including his eldest son,Henry Bolton,and his sons in law,William Stacey and William Rowsome suggesting that Samuel Rowsom was a son of William Rowsome.

Of interest is that this Margaret's husband,Daniel Fossey,in his,Quaker,Will of 5 December 1702,mentions his deceased cousin,Daniel King and cousins John and Edward Fossey plus Deborah and Martha King and his kinswoman,Elizabeth Dost, but no children, and which suggests that his parents/grand-parents may have been a Daniel and Deborah Fossey and that "Deborah",in the "Tackaberrys" and "Godkins", comes from the "Fosseys".

Daniel Fossey married Margaret Bevin, 7 May 1698(thanks to Mary Hill(Utah) of Godkin/Erretty descent) and,as Daniel's Will was of 5 December 1702 then perhaps there were no children to the marriage.

Deborah Fossey,father Daniel,mother Mary,was ch. March 1697 and Deborah Fossey,father William,mother Deborah,was ch. 8 November 1697.

The "Kings" being in England,at the time of Daniel's Will in 1702/3, and which suggests that,perhaps,Daniel's cousins,John and Edward Fossey,may have been residing in Ireland, at the time of his death, in 1703,and it may be that it was a daughter of John/Edward Fossey who married into the Tackaberrys especially as Nicholas Tackaberry named his first,believed,son,Edward Tackaberry,of the 1738 lease.

The 1760 allocation of Church Pews at St. Mogues,Ballycanew,County Wexford,included a pew for Leonard Bennett,George Johnston and Samuel Rowsome and which suggests that all three were closely related.

What is liked about this Daniel Fossey's (Quaker) Will was that it provided twenty-one shillings for a barrell of beer!!!!.

The mention of a "Palatine" connection could be from the female line and not through the "Tackaberrys" and maybe through Rose( Grotheir?)(Drothier?).There was a Joseph Grotheir killed at Vinegar Hill in 1798.

In the family of Samuel Godkin and Margaret Burrell, of Mulrankin,County Wexford, a daughter was named Deborah and born 25 June 1812 and this Samuel Godkin was descended down from the above William Godkin, of Killowen, as a ,believed,son so that this Samuel's mother may have been a "Deborah" unless,of course,"Deborah" was on Margaret Burrell's side.However,as this Deborah(unmarried),named a son, William Godkin, then it would seem that "William" was a family name. Up until now this was the only daughter,known, named" Deborah', in the Godkins,worldwide. Another "Deborah" has,since, surfaced being the daughter of Mary Godkin and Gabriel Edmonds, who married 1822, and which suggests that this "Mary" was a cousin to the "Deborah" ,born to Samuel Godkin and Margaret Burrell, at Mulrankin,County Wexford,unless from the "Edmonds".

Of interest is that,also in 1822,Edward Tackaberry married Mary Phillips and where a witness,to the marriage,was Thomas Edmonds. In New Brunswick,Canada,Deborah Crafts,father John,mother Margaret, married Thomas Hollingsworth and her sister,Elizabeth Crafts,married Joseph Thomas Godkin and which suggests a family relationship between the Godkins,Crafts,Hollingsworths and Tackaberrys and helps to explain why Joseph Thomas Godkin may have gone from Ontario to New Brunswick, where all of his children were born, including a daughter,Eleanor,being a "Hollingsworth"/"Earl" name.

"Margaret",wife of John Crafts, suggests either "Hollingsworth" or "Tackaberry".

"Deborah" was also a christian name used by the "Hughes" of County Wexford around Gorey.

This article(Houses of Wexford), on Deborah Tackaberry, was kindly provided by Ann Groves of County Kildare,Ireland, along with details of their children and where the spelling,in the Ferns Church of Ireland register,is not "Tackaberry" but "Thackaberry" .Of interest is that no daughter was named "Rose" unless "Rose" was a step-mother or,even,short for" Rowsom/e".

In Ontario,Canada,there are the Petitions, from former Yeomanry in ,mainly,County Wexford,for Clergy Reserve Lots,prepared by James Easton Godkin, one, of which,dated 14 June 1828, was from Benjamin Tackaberry and Henry Rowsom/e and which suggests that Henry Rowsom/e descends from the Henry, of the 1717 Lease, and who lived near Ballycanew.

"Deborah",as a christian name,was also used by the Spencers.

Then,in 1830,is the marriage of Esther Tackaberry to William Erritt where there were,at least,two daughters being Deborah and Greta.

One wonders whether "Erritt" is really "Erritty" and the family that married into the "Godkins" in America being Elizabeth Godkin and George Erritty.

And,finally,the following:


Residing in the Church of Ireland Parish of Kilbride,Townland of Ballintore,County Wexford:

William Tackaberry 60-70

Rose Tackaberry 50-60

Samuel Rowsan 20-30

Deborah Rowsan 20-30

John Rowsan < 10(believed born 1776)


Robert Tackaberry 30-40

Margaret Tackaberry 20-30

William Tackaberry < 10

Martha Tackaberry < 10

John Tackaberry < 10

There is a marriage record, for 1757, between William Tackaberry and Rose Drothier(Grotheir?) and, as this is the only "Rose" sighted,other than Rose Darlington, then it would seem that these are the parents of Deborah Tackaberry although there is another 1757 marriage for this Rose Drothier(Grotheir?) into the Talbots and this is being looked at and,as well, a Dorothy Rose, also 1757, so looks like the original record may have been hard to read. As regards Dorothy Rose the date, of 1757, may be wrong and,perhaps,should be 1787?. This is because of the son,William,born to William Tackaberry and Dorothy,11 February 1802 at Ballycanew,County Wexford.

Robert Tackaberry,30-40 in 1776,would either be a brother to William or a son of a prior marriage,of William, 60-70, in 1776.

Also is a daughter,Deborah,born to William Thackaberry and Elizabeth Christian(married 1808) and who married a "Lawler" and where William was born c. 1784 and believed to be the son of a William Thackaberry. The only "Lawler" reference found was where Robert Tackaberry acted as a character witness, for the defence, in "Lawler v Jameson" 12 November 1833.

This family,also,claims a "Pallatine" descent and,along with the naming of a daughter,Deborah,suggests that this William descends down from William Tackaberry and "Rose"(maybe Grotheir unless Rowsom/e).

The unusal thing on this family is that the, known, children does not include a "William" and where the eldest son appears to be Richard.As one of the children,Marcus Thackaberry,(named for the "Christians")was born at Athy,County Kildare,25 April,1817 then it becomes possible that this family is related to the County Carlow family where the father was Richard Tackaberry and whose widowed son married, into the O'Neills, at Athy,County Kildare.

Evelyn Ruddock, of Belfast,with "Godkin" descent,mentions that her great,great grandfather,Daniel Besancon's(who came from Switzerland) second wife was Margaret Rowsom.

Also for 1776:

Residing in the Church of Ireland Parish of Ferns,Townland of Ferns:

John Tackaberry 40-50

Sarah Tackaberry 30-40(Maybe Sarah Willoughby as a son was born 1778)

Nicolas Tackaberry 10-20

Catherine Tackaberry <10

Martha Tackaberry <10

Sarah Tackaberry <10

Joshua Tackaberry <10

Residing in the Church of Ireland Parish of Clone, Townland of Clone:

Nathaniel Tackaberry 50-60

Catherine Tackaberry 60-70

Nicolas Tackaberry 20-30

Richard Tackaberry 10-20

Martha Tackaberry 10-20

The naming,of children,suggests that John and Nathaniel may have been the children of, a, Nicholas and Martha(Fossey?) Tackaberry.

It is also possible that John was the son of Nathaniel and Catherine.

The only known Joshua was the relative,of Henry Tackaberry who died 27 September 1872,age 75,Farmer of Wexford Ireland,Espicopcal Methodist.

"Nathaniel" was a christian name used in the English "Fosseys" as there was a Nathaniel Fossey who was buried 30 June 1626(Father: Thomas).

Killowen,in County Wexford,is just south of Ballybanogue,in County Wicklow,where other Tackaberrys lived and is ,variously,described as being either in County Wexford or County Wicklow and the farm,of Nathaniel Tackaberry,was first occupied c. 1744 and,uptill,at least,1966 when it was still occupied, by the same family, being James Tackaberry who,although he signed as "Tackaberry" was shown,in the electoral roll, as "Thackaberry".This James,who descended down from Mary Tackaberry, 1788-1878, died,1 June 1988,at the farm, and never married and the farm was willed to nephews.Of interest is that this Jame's brother,Nathaniel,also did not marry and died,at the farm,in 1961.

The date of 1744 came from,this, James Tackaberry in a letter, to Harry Hollingsworth, in 1966 and,it could be,that the farm was being occupied before the 1749 lease was written up and which was common, although 5 years seems long.

What may have happened was a smaller,3 year lease,that did not have to be registered as only those leases,over 3 years,needed to be registered, under penalty, that the lease may be declared void if not registered in Dublin(Henry Hollingsworth in a letter to James Easton Godkin).

Nathaniel Tackaberry Jnr. had five sons being:

John and James

Robert and William

Nathaniel-believed a Catholic

The "grouping" of the sons,in the Will, suggests different mothers and that John and James were the sons of "Lydia" and that Robert and William were the sons of "Anne" and that,maybe,Nathaniel may have had a different mother, altogether.

The son,John Tackaberry,is unaccounted for and it may be that it was his family that ended up with the farm and may explain why the other members,of the family, went to Canada and America especially as the occupation, of Nathaniel Tackaberry, was that of cabinet maker.

This seems to be the case and the view has been taken that this John Thackaberry had a son,also named John,who,in turn,had a son,William Thackaberry who inherited Killowen.

As for this Nathaniel's daughters the same happened.

In his Will Alice,Jane and Elizabeth are grouped,then Mary, then daughters Anne and Margaret. The Ballycanew Parish Register shows Elizabeth and Anne as being daughters of Lydia so that the "grouping" may not have had any great significance unless,of course,the un-married daughters were shown seperately regardless of who their mother was.

Cemetery Inscriptions:

Thanks to Cantrell's - "Memorials of the Dead" -we know that there were Catholics at Killowen:

Castletown R.C


Ledger erected by Margaret Tackaberry of Killowen in memory of her beloved husband Nathaniel Tackaberry who died 20 August 1872 aged 49 years and five of their children who died young also his brother John who died 16 March 1847 aged 14 years also his sister Anne who died 5 April 1853 aged 36 years also his sister Jane who died 14 July 1861 aged 42 years his mother Mary died 29 th August 1878 aged 90 years also his son James died 29 June 1902 aged 31 years the above Margaret Tackaberry died 30 May 1909 aged 74 years also her son John died 1st June1912 aged 48 years. Although not certain Margaret could have been Margaret O'Toole and the son,John,who died 1912,married Mary Doyle.

Mary,the mother,who died 29 August 1878, was the great-grandmother of James Tackaberry who died 1988,at the farm,Killowen,Castletown,County Wexford,single,and who willed the farm to nephews.

The only possible marriage is that of William Tackaberry and "Mary" of Killowen and where a daughter,Anne,was born 10 November 1817 and which year,of birth,agrees with the above.

Naming of a son,John,suggests descent down from John Thackaberry,son of Nathaniel.

Other Headstone Inscriptions being:




Erected by Esther Watkins/Powell of Cincinatti Ohio USA in memory of her parents, grandmother and brother.

William Watkins aged 63

Margaret Watkins aged 58

Nancy Boles Tackaberry aged 104

Thomas Watkins aged 63

also John Watkins aged 93.

(no dates late 19th cent. type)

The only Watkins" found" was the marriage,23 September, 1819,at St. Fiaac's Church of William Watkins and Margaret Tackaberry,living in Templeshambo, and,should this be the above,then Margaret Tackaberry Watkin's mother was Nancy Boles Tackaberry and which suggests that either her mother, or grandmother, was a "Boles"(sometimes spelt "Bowles") and that the John Watkins,aged 93 was also a son of William Watkins and Margaret Tackaberry.

The only thing that comes to mind is the marriage of Margaret Tackaberry and Hugh Bowlands(Bowlens?)(Bowles?/Boles?) in 1785 and where Margaret was a un-married daughter, of Nathaniel Tackaberry,Jnr., when he prepared his Will in 1778.

The 1817 exodus, to Canada, included the family of John Bowles and where there were 9 travelling and,as well,there was a Quaker "Father" John Boles at Wexford.

Of interest is that Hugh Bowlands is mentioned in the Deed 159556,10 March 1766, to Daniel Hollingsworth of Arklow.

"Boles/Bowles" is a family name in Grandma McMahon's "Godkins" as her father's father,as well as a Uncle and cousins, were all named John Boles Godkin.

There may even be a relationship between Jonas Chamberlain who married Mary Boles,21 October 1717, both being Quakers.

Esther(Essie) was born 1833 and with her sister,Hattie,born 1835,moved to America where Esther married William Powell, of Cincinnatti, and Hattie married Andrew Porter.

As well as Thomas and John it is believed that there were two other brothers being Joseph and Edward as well as another sister Rebecca.


Ferns C of I:


Here lies the body of Richard Tackaberry who died the 28th of May 1798 aged 70 years also Ann Rudd alais Tackaberry died 20th March 1808 aged 78 years and their grandchild Ann Hughes aged 3 years also the remains of Martha Hughes, alais Tackaberry, wife of Robert Hughes of Newcastle who departed this life 6 February 1830 aged 63 years.

This is the Richard Thackaberry killed in the 1798 Up-Rising(taking of Enniscorthy,28 May 1798).Other children's names are not known so as to see if "Martha" may have been this Richard's mother's name.

In America there is the marriage of Nathaniel J Tackaberry ,November 28,1848 to Miss Ellen Bowers the daughter of Isaac and Betsy(Hughes) Bowers where Robert Hughes,the maternal grandfather, of Mrs. Tackaberry,went to America c. 1808.

It could even be that this was the Robert Hughes from the "Belisarius" who landed,at New York,5 July 1811.

Clearly,"Martha" was a family name in the Tackaberrys.

In Grandma McMahon's "Godkins" the family name of "George" was used,generation after generation,being for George Corden,whose,believed, daughter(or grand-daughter),Elizabeth,baptised April 14,1574,married Henry Godkin,of Smalley,Derbyshire, in November 1605 after Henry's first wife,Mary Corden,had died, in May of 1605, and being Elizabeth's,believed, cousin.

Grandma McMahon's father was George Godkin,born 1845.This family settled,in Ireland,at Dungarvan,County Waterford, in the early 1700's, with Benjamin Godkin,a Revenue Boatman in the Revenue Service and having travelled,to Dungarvan, via London.

However,the family of William Godkin,only son to Mary Corden and Henry Godkin,never used the christian name of George being the

County Wexford "Godkins" as they had descended down from Mary Corden(father Henry Corden who died December 1592) and not Elizabeth Corden(believed father /grandfather George Corden).

If the same reasoning was used, in the Tackaberrys, then only those families that descend down from Nicholas Tackaberry and his,believed,wife Martha ,would use "Martha" as a christian name unless,of course,the mother's name was Martha.The "sticking" point,in all of this,is that Margaret Hollingsworth,sister to John,and sister-in-law to Elizabeth Tackaberry,named a daughter,Martha Shea.

The christian name of "Martha" was never used in the families of the three(3) Tackaberrys(Sarah,Elizabeth and Alice), who married into the Godkins.

It would seem that "Martha" is from the "Fosseys".


Ballycanew - 9 tablets and which suggests that all 9 families may be closely related.

(a) Erected to the memory of Martha widow of the late Thomas Tackaberry of Tomagaddy and only daughter of the late Richard Rudd, Clone, Ferns, who departed this life 3 August 1880 aged 73 years deeply regretted by her sorrowing children/her son Benjamin aged 15 years/her daughter Margaret aged 5 years her daughter Elizabeth died 4 July 1892 aged 33 years.It seems that this Tablet may have been incorrectly transcribed and that Benjamin and Margaret may have been children to the daughter Elizabeth. This Elizabeth (Rudd) Tackaberry did nor marry and both children were to Martha as follows:

Margaret,to Thomas Tackaberry and Martha,born 24 December,1853 and baptised 22 October,1854 and died 14 April,1860,and;

Benjamin,to Thomas and Martha Tackaberry,born 11 February,1844 and baptised 1 March,1844 and died 23 November,1859,and;

Elizabeth Rudd Tackaberry burial registration 6 July,1892.

A family document,in Australia,shows the ,date of death,for Martha,as 3 August, 1890,age 71, not 1880 and which seems correct.This document was in the family bible of Christopher Tackaberry, a son, as follows:

Christopher,to Thomas and Martha Tackaberry,born 2 September,1861 and baptised 15 December,1861.

(b) Erected by Esther Tackaberry of Tomagaddy in memory of her husband Samuel Tackaberry who departed this life 13 December 1839 aged 76 years the above Esther Tackaberry died 18 ?? aged 85 years also their son Thomas died 29 April 1889 aged 82 years-his daughter in law Charlotte Tackaberry died 7 April 1877 aged 75 years also her beloved husband Fossey Tackaberry died 9 March 1888 aged 83 years.

As for the wife,Martha Rudd,the year,of death,for Thomas Tackaberry,does not agree with the family bible details and which show 29 April,1882 and that Thomas,the father,had been dead 6 years when his son,Christopher Tackaberry,married Alice Sunderland,25 January,1888.The Marriage Banns,for Christopher Tackaberry, show his father as Thomas Tackaberry.

This would seem to be the marriage of Samuel Tackaberry to Hester Fitzsimons 1793 and their known children being:

Thomas Tackaberry

Fossey H Tackaberry


Alice Tackaberry who married William Bailey

Esther Tackaberry who married William Erritt

Christopher Tackaberry appears to have been named for Hester's father,Christopher Fitzsimons.

(c) In memory of Loftus (Hollingsworth) Tackaberry of Tomagaddy who died 20 June 1860 aged 14 years erected by his sorrowing parents here also lies his beloved mother Sarah Tackaberry who died 24 February 1865 aged 37 years also his father Fossey Tackaberry who died 6 November 1884 aged 76 years.Although not clear,it becomes possible that the christian name of "Loftus" comes,originally, from Adam Loftus,Lord Chancellor of Ireland and Lord Archbishop of Ireland,who provided,in his Will,for Elizabeth Hollingsworth and Sybil Keyes, both grandchildren to Thomas Lancaster, late Lord Primate of all Ireland, who was consecrated, 13 June 1568, and died, in Drogheda, December 1583, leaving a son and two daughters(one would presume Hollingsworths and Keyes).It could be that the christian name of "Thomas" comes into the "Hollingsworths" from Thomas Lancaster although there was a Thomas Hollingworth who was the grand-father of Admiral John Ibbetson Hollingworth RN. Adam Loftus died 1605.

What is unknown is where the "Lancasters" fit into the Hollingsworth's family history especially as their Irish background is from Armagh and it was at Armagh that Thomas Lancaster was made Archbishop in 1568.

This would be the marriage of Fossey Tackaberry and Sara Hollingsworth c. 1844.

Of interest is that,in Ingersoll,Ontario,George Robert Tackaberry,who married a "Tackaberry" being Sarah Jane Tackaberry,March 1887,at Enniscorthy,named his first,born,son Loftus Samuel Tackaberry and where George Robert Tackaberry was a son to Thomas (Benjamin) Tackaberry and Martha Rudd.

(d)Erected in memory of Benjamin Tackaberry late of Tomagaddy who departed this life 11 January 1833 aged 61 years also his wife Eliza Tackaberry who departed this life 29 June 1855 aged 86 years also John B Tackaberry died 25 February 1892 aged 58 years also his son Fossey Joseph Tackaberry who died 25 November 1935 aged 58.Isabella Leipidge Lee 1898-1954.

This seems to be the marriage of Benjamin Tackaberry and Elizabeth Rath 1793 but Benjamin cannot be the father of John Benjamin Tackaberry as a generation is missing and,it could be,that they are related to Martha Bolton Tackaberry as Isabella Leipidge/Leapidge Lee was not a "Tackaberry" but a step-daughter to John Benjamin Tackaberry being the daughter of William Bolton Lee,son of Martha Bolton and Samuel Pearson Lee and where Martha Bolton Lee re-married, to John Benjamin Tackaberry,6 October,1874 and where another son was named Loftus Henry Tackaberry born 25 February,1876 at Glasheen,County Wexford.

There is doubt as to the birth year for John B Tackaberry as his death registration has his age at 38 rather than 58. Should 38 be correct then his birth year would be c.1854 and which is consistent with John Benjamin Tackaberry born,1853,to Fossey Tackaberry and Susanna Hollingsworth.

(e) In memory of George Tackaberry of Wexford who died 1853 also of Mary his wife who died 15 December 1866.The only thought is that "Mary" is Mary Jones.

(f) In loving memory of my dear husband Henry Giles Tackaberry who died at Woodmount Arklow 7 June 1913 aged 59 years.

Henry Giles Tackaberry, of 5 Wicklow St.,son of George Tackaberry,married Louisa Jane Richards, of 16 Grafton St.,7 March 1878,Dublin Cof I,St. Andrew.

It is not yet known where the "Giles" comes from and it would be reasonable to suspect that George Tackaberry married a "Giles" or that this George's mother was a "Giles".

Clearly there was a "Giles/Tackaberry" relationship as there was a James George Fossey Giles, born 11 January 1835, being the 6th child to James Giles and Dorothea Johnston(Johnstons again!!), who married 20 February 1813, and where this James Giles was the son of Henry Giles who married Barbara Godkin(daughter of Henry Godkin and Barbara Webster) 8 February 1785.Henry being the son of John Godkin buried at Kilgorman,County Wexford,8 November 1770(aged 78).

It then becomes possible that the christian name of "Fossey" comes,into the "Giles" ,through either the "Godkins" or the "Johnstons" and,as William Johnston was the step-father of the Revs. Fossey and John Cranwill Tackaberry, then probably "Fossey", in the "Giles", came from the Johnstons and ,maybe,through the 1772 marriage of Richard Johnston and Elizabeth Tackaberry although this Elizabeth was a daughter of Nathaniel Tackaberry whose Will was written 1778 and where he mentions his daughter,Elizabeth,who had married Richard Johnson. It is considered worth mentioning of the baptism,5 September,1720, at Saint Peter and Saint Kevin,Dublin,of Rosse Johnson, daughter of John and Dorothy Johnson, as "Rosse" may be "Fosse".

It is believed that the wife,of Nathaniel Tackaberry,was Lydia Fossey and which could explain the "Fossey" in James George Fossey Giles.

There was a Richard Johnston of Wells,County Wexford,son of William Johnston,born c.1782, and who emigrated to Ontario(wife Elizabeth 1791-1820)and who had a brother,Peter Johnston, born c. 1775.This is mentioned as "Peter" was a family name in the "Cranwills" as well as Peter Fossey.A son of this Peter Johnson,John Ferris Johnson,also born at Wells,married Margaret Godkin in Ontario.

Another son,of James Giles and Dorothea Johnston,was the Rev. Henry Johnston Giles and whose daughter,Elizabeth Giles,married William Johnston Johnston who was a son of Henry Johnston and Elizabeth Hollingsworth and where Henry Johnston was a son of William Johnston(father believed "George") and Jane Cranwill(father believed "Henry") and where Jane Cranwill was the mother of the Revs.Fossey and John Cranwill Tackaberry and Jane(Jenny) to John Tackaberry and George,Henry and Elizabeth(Bessie) to William Johnston.

Jane must have died early as Henry Giles Thackaberry(son of George) remarried, 27 August 1890, to Jane Hall and it would be this Jane who erected the memorial.

Jane Hall's father was Job Hall and who married a "Thackaberry", in Arklow, as there was a Thomas Thackaberry Hall who married Elizabeth Webb, 6 March,1901, and whose father was Job Hall and mother Elizabeth Tackaberry. Of interest is the marriage of Job Kearon and Ellen Webb in 1876.

(g) Erected by Gretta and Deborah Erritt of Ballybenogue in memory of their father William Erritt who died 13 June 1883 aged 79 years also their mother Esther died 15 December 1859 aged 49 years.

This seems to be the marriage of Esther Tackaberry and William Erritt 1830."Esther" suggests she was a daughter of Samuel Tackaberry and Esther Fitzsimons who married 1793. Esther's father believed to be Christopher Fitzsimons.

(h) In loving memory of Samuel(Sam) Tackaberry eldest son of the late Thomas and Martha Tackaberry died 18 August 1902, aged 63 years, also his wife Mary(Earl?) died 24 May 1909 aged 70 years(the death registration has the age as 76 rather than 70).

Suggests that Samuel was the father of Thomas and that Thomas married Martha Rudd 1838 and was a brother to Fossey,Alice and Esther.

(i) Martha Tackaberry - daughter of Thomas and Martha Tackaberry called home 13 March 1943 aged 95.This suggests that Martha was a un-married daughter to Thomas Tackaberry and Martha Rudd.


"In loving Memory of Richard Tackaberry of Tomagaddy who died 20 March,1922 aged 81 years. Also his son Rudd who died 17 July,1910,aged 3 weeks.Thy will be done. Erected by his widow and son. And his son Henry died 29th February,1924 aged 18 years. Also their mother Alice D Atkinson died 30th Aug. 1948."

Alice being the daughter of Henry Jenkinson and Martha Tackaberry of Tomagaddy,County Wexford,and who re-married to William Atkinson,widower,20 November,1929,following the death of Richard Tackaberry in 1922. Because of his age(81 in 1922),naming of a son "Rudd",and as a uncle to George Frederick Tackaberry,of Ingersoll,Ontario,suggests that Richard would be a son to Thomas Tackaberry and Martha Rudd and named for the grand-father,Richard Rudd.

This seems the case as the 1871 Census of Canada has,at Bothwell,Ontario:

Richard Tackaberry 32

Jane Tackaberry(wife) 25

Christopher Bailey 26

and where Jane would be Jane Earl who married Richard Tackaberry,25 March 1867,at St. Peter,Dublin(COI). Fathers being Thomas Thackaberry and Edward Earl and where Jane Earl would seem closely related to Mary Earl who married Samuel(Sam) Tackaberry,son of Thomas and Martha Tackaberry and of Charlotte Earl/e who married Fossey Tackaberry and where Samuel,Richard and Fossey were brothers.

Christopher Bailey travelled from Canada to County Wexford to marry Esther Thackaberry("Tackaberry" when signed the Register)full age spinster,12 June 1878 and where Esther's father was Thomas Thackaberry,farmer,and witnesses being Samuel Bailey and George Tackaberry. Christopher Bailey being the son of William Bailey and Alice Tackaberry.


Old Kilbride

Tackaberry Thomas

Erected in memory of Thomas Tackaberry who departed this life 3 June 1817 aged 62 years also his son John Tackaberry who departed this life 8 June 1822 aged 25 years.This suggests that Thomas was the son of Edward Tackaberry the nephew in the 1738 Lease.


Erected by William and Catherine Tackaberry of Arklow in memory of their children Richard died 20 March 1841 aged 12 years Susan died 15 Feb.1851 aged 7 years Catherine died 1 July 1851 aged 11 months William died 25 April 1857 aged 19 years Thomas died 26 Nov. 1862 aged 21 years.Also the above William Tackaberry who died 14 Feb. 1866 aged 63 years also the above Catherine who departed this life 22 June 1876 aged 65 years.

This suggests that William's father was Thomas who died 3 June 1817,age 62 years.


Erected by Elizabeth Tackaberry of Rehero(t) in memory of her beloved brother Samuel died 3 April 1881 aged 60 also the above Elizabeth Tackaberry died 25 April 1898 aged 83 years.There was a "Reherd" in the Parish of Dunganstown,County Wicklow and this suggests that Elizabeth did not marry.




In memory of George Frederick Tackaberry killed in action at the Somme 1916.

In 1919 a brass stand, for the service Book,

was dedicated,at Ballycanew, as a gift of Mr. Richard Tackaberry in memory of his nephew,George Frederick Tackaberry,who fell at the battle of the Somme,1916,believed of the 16th Canadian Scottish.This information comes,again,from Cara-Links.

George Frederick Tackaberry being the son of the late George Robert Tackaberry and Sarah Jane of Ingersoll,Ontario,Canada.

Richard Tackaberry would seem to be the Richard of Laurel Cottage,Ballycanew,County Wexford. Although not completely sure it seems that Laurel Cottage descended down from the female line as F Joe Thackaberry inherited Laurel Cottage in the late 1920's(probably on his mother's death in 1929) from a relative of his mother,Martha Bolton Thackaberry.

George Robert Tackaberry,who died 1923 at Ingersoll,Ontario,Canada,married Sarah Jane Tackaberry in March of 1887 at Enniscorthy,County Wexford(Sarah Jane's father being Thomas Tackaberry(also) and mother "Whitmore" and where George Frederick Tackaberry was one of 7 children.


Arklow Main Street

Tackaberry Nathaniel

Here lieth the body of Nathaniel Tackaberry died March 4th, 1768(sic.) aged 74 years.Should be 1781.

Tackaberry John

Here lieth the body of John Tackaberry departed 10 June ?? aged 45 years also William Tackaberry son to the above departed this life 16 June 1750 aged 30 years.Sarah Tackaberry wife of the above John departed this life 24 June 1773 aged 80 years.This would give Sarah a year of birth as c. 1695/6 and it would seem reasonable,to take the view, that John would have been born either around 1692/3, or earlier.The lease, of 1743, was to Sarah Tackaberry,widow,on the lands at Ballygriffen for the lives of the said Sarah and of William and Margaret her son and daughter and which means that John had died before 1743.

Ballygriffin being where John Tacabray was assessed, in 1669, for his fireplace.

Being the only burials,at Arklow Main Street,suggests that Nathaniel Tackaberry, who died 1781,and John Tackaberry and "Sarah",were closely related.


St. Pauls

John W Tackaberry, Goldsmith Terrace, age 33,25 July 1867.

This is a son to The Rev. Fossey Tackaberry and Eliza(Elizabeth) Johnston,born John William Henry Tackaberry at Bandon,Cork,21 July,1834 and who married Kate Malone, 27 December 1860, at St. Peter Dublin, being ,believed, named for the father,of the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry,being John Tackaberry, and the step-father,of the Rev. Fossey, being William Johnston and of his grandfather,Henry Cranwell.It is also thought that Eliza Johnston's father was John Johnston of Curratubbin,Wexford - Curratubbin Upper borders Tomagaddy to the South. Both this John William Henry Tackaberry and Elizabeth Putz(nee: Tackaberry-daughter of Fossey Tackaberry,Wesleyan Minister) were living at 34 Lower Mt. Pleasant Avenue,Dublin, when they married and where John was a witness to Elizabeth's marriage and,as well,Fossey is shown, as his father, on his marriage record, to Kate Malone, and with the father's occupation being "Clerk in Holy Orders" being the old title and which has become shortened to just "Cleric".

Elizabeth also born at Bandon,Cork 29 March,1833.

It is also believed that he was the relative,aged 17,in the 1851 UK Census,living with Peter Spencer,Soldier,and his wife,Elizabeth Tackaberry, who had married 1835.Although not certain it seems that Elizabeth Spencer was the daughter of William Tackaberry(son of Fossey and 16 in the 1792 Lease) who married Margaret Johnston, 1805,and where it would be reasonable to take the view that Margaret Johnston was closely related to Eliza Johnston who married the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry,William's nephew, and William Johnston who was the Rev. Fossey's step-father. William Tackaberry being the brother to John Tackaberry,father of the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry,who married Jane Cranwill. It becomes possible that "Johnstons" should be "Johnsons" and wrongly transcribed in the St. Mogue's Parish Records.

It is also believed that it was this William and Margaret's son,Robert Tackaberry,who married Hannah Chadwick,23 April 1854,at St. James,Dublin,and where a daughter,Margaret Sarah Tackaberry, married William Burns 1874/5 at Stephen's Green Methodist,Dublin. Although not sure,it becomes possible that Robert Frederick Acton Burns, who married Maria Clarinda(Clarissa?) Carroll Johnston, c.1875, and who named a son,Percival Fossey Tackaberry Burns,may have been a brother/cousin to William Burns as,although COI,a daughter(Estella M A Burns-maybe Estella Maria Acton Burns),was baptised Methodist.

There was a Clarissa Carroll who married James Beatty, 11 March 1796 at Dublin, and where James Beatty was the son of James Beatty and Ann Bennett, a daughter of Leonard Bennett,Saddler,mentioned in the 1760 allocation of pews at Ballycanew. Another son was Dempster Beatty from whom John Beatty descends, being the John D Beatty who transcribed the Ballycanew Church Registers, and who deserves gratitude,for this work,especially the 1760,and later, allocation of church pews that,it is believed,inter-locks so many families.

Of interest is that a daughter,of James Beatty and Clarissa Carroll,Esther Ann Beatty,married John Manning of Rathdrum,County Wicklow.

It seems that the Methodists came into the"Tackaberrys" through either the "Cranwills" or the "Johnstons" or both.

The father,of this John William Tackaberry,being the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry,passed away 2 June 1847,at Sligo, just 26 days before the birth of his son,Henry,believed named for Jane Cranwill's father,Henry Cranwill.It is not yet known what happened to this Henry and whether he had a "second" christian name.

The Rev. Fossey Tackaberry had 5 children on his 44th birthday ,being 22 October,1840,and which suggests 6 children should James Harper Tackaberry have died prior to that date. His brother,Rev. John Cranwill Tackaberry,was born 8 September 1799.

Should this be the case then the 6th child could be Fossey Tackaberry,born c.1832 at Castledermott,County Kildare, and who joined the Army and lived at St. Hellier,Jersey,in the Channel Isles, as a Chelsea Pensioner,although it seems,more likely,that this "Fossey" may have been a brother to Mary Ann Tackaberry, born 12 September 1832 at Millbrook,County Kildare,and who died at Liverpool,England.

To date it is not known after whom James Harper Tackaberry was named unless it was through the "Bulgers" in the 1760 allocation of church pews at St. Mogues,Ballycanew.It could even be that the name has been incorrectly transcribed and is not "Harper" and,this is suggested as,when written,"Harper" looks very much like "Hughes" and there was a Pierce William Hughes,named in the Index to Administration Bonds for Ferns,1831,of Wexford. "Pierce" being the,believed,maiden name of Jane Cranwill's mother( Maria Pierce) although another Maria Pierce Thackaberry has surfaced, being the wife of Benjamin Thackaberry, and born 27 April 1821 and who died,at Dublin,16 October,1888 and who was the mother of Charlotte Ruth Bury the wife of James Archibald Bury.Of interest is that Charlotte Ruth Thackaberry was married at St. Peter's COI,Dublin as was John William Tackaberry and Kate Malone.

This would be the 1841 marriage of Benjamin Thackaberry and Maria Pierce.


Templeshambo C of I.


In memory of Richard Tackaberry of Ballincoola who died 19 July 1865 aged 76 years also his wife Julia Tackaberry who died 16 June 1864 aged 77 years.

Suggests that Richard was a son, or grandson, of Robert of Ballinacolla from the 1798 Compensation Claims.It is not known whom this Julia was and it has been suggested that she may have been a "Nuzum". This is because of the only known "Julia", being Sarah Julia Neusum(Nuzum), who married Nathaniel Tackaberry son of James Tackaberry and Elizabeth Middleton.

"Julia" was also a name used in the "Sternes" as,on 21 November 1825, Michael Dowser,of Tomacork,married Julia Sterne.As well,and also in 1825,Mary Ann Hollingsworth was born at Templeshambo,County Wexford,and who came to Australia, aged 19, on the "Mary Bannatyne",and Margaret Tackaberry was living at Templeshambo when she married William Watkins in 1819.


Ardoyne C of I.(County Carlow)

4 Memorials

(a) In memory of William Thackaberry Rathglass who departed this life 9 Nov. 1875 aged 59 years.Elizabeth Thackaberry died 4 Feb. 1917 aged 85 years their daughter Emily died 30 Nov. 1911.This would be William Tackaberry who married Eliza O'Neill,4 October 1854 at Athy,Kildare,after William's first wife,Mary Rainsford,had passed away,fathers being Richard Tackaberry and James O'Neill.This may link the other "Tackaberry" families at County Kildare being at Athy and Castledermot.

"Richard",the father,is believed to be the son of Nathaniel Thackaberry of Bilboa,County Carlow, and father of Nathaniel Thackaberry of Listowel,Ontario,and believed brother of William,the father of Henry Thackaberry of Aurora,New York.

(b)Erected by Wm. Thackaberry in loving memory of his wife Hannah Maria aged 49 years who entered into rest 2 Jan 1906.

(c)Erected by Richard H(Henry) Tackaberry in loving memory of his wife Anna Maria (O'Neill) who died 22 Sept. 1905 aged 59 years.The above Richard H(Henry) Thackaberry who died 27 Jan. 1919, aged 73, years also their daughter Annie who died 14 Nov. 1933 aged 40 years(believed at Carlow).

Richard Henry is the,believed,Richard,age 16,in the 1861 Census of Canada living with Nathaniel Thackaberry and Margaret Fennell at Elma,Ontario.

(d) In loving memory of Charity Thackaberry, Rathglass, who died 7 Jan. 1927 aged 2 years.Robert Thackaberry who died 12 Sept. 1916 aged 9 years.The christian name of "Charity" reminds of Charity Sterne. It is not known whom the parents were of Charity and Robert.Of interest was a "Charity" born 7 July 1854 to Nathaniel and Mary Ann Tackaberry.


Harriette died on 15 July 1865(54) at Sligo.Spouse Fossey.

Barbara Allen Harrington.

This would be Harriette Pedlow, the second wife of the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry, and daughter of the Rev. Daniel Pedlow a fellow Methodist Minister of the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry.It is not known whom Barbara Allen Harrington is.


Death Notices from The Cork Examiner:

Miss Harriet Tackaberry Sligo 1862-5-1.

This would be a daughter to the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry and Harriette Pedlow and believed around 15 when she passed away being quite young when her father died 1847.

Miss Kate daughter of John Tackaberry, Rathmines, 1864-7-13.

This would be a daughter to John William Tackaberry and Kate Malone.John being a son to the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry and Kate being baptised,of Rathmines,27 August,1863.It is not known whether John and Kate had other children or what happened to Kate after John had died.


Captain John Barry(Bailey) Tackaberry.died 25 March 1917,age 35,son of Thomas(Benjamin) and Mary Tackaberry,County Tyrone,husband of Alice.He was the second surviving son of the late Thomas(Benjamin) Tackaberry,Esq.,of Tomagaddy,Ballycanew,Wexford.

This Thomas(Benjamin) Tackaberry would seem to be the Thomas who was Governor of the Poor Law Union and where the Matron was Margaret Tackaberry and son,in 1901,John B Tackaberry,age 18 and born County Tyrone. It becomes possible that Thomas(Benjamin) Tackaberry was the brother of Esther Tackaberry,wife of Christopher Bailey(born Ireland 29 March 1845),of Ingersoll,Ontario and where Christopher's mother was Alice Tackaberry.

Henry Hollingsworth wrote,in a letter to James Godkin:

"Likewise,with the Tackaberry family of Tomagaddy,Monamolin Parish,next to Ballycanew.The first to be found there was a John Tackaberry who died in 1752.He seems to have come from the Tackaberry family of Arklow,Co. Wicklow who were there, at least in 1669, when a John Tackaberry or "Tacabray" appears in the hearth tax."

and,in another letter;

"I learnt that Tackaberry is derived from the Manor of Tacabeare,now Stratton,Co. Cornwall.I did this by searching the Domesday index for Cornwall.That was the primeval spelling in the oldest Pillaton Registers,"Taccaber","Taggaber" and "Thegeabeare" being used in the 1500's and the first entry of "Tackaberie" about 1615".

It seems that the Manor of Tacabeare has been occupied,continously, by the family of Samuel Gilbert(1636-1728) and his wife, Grace Stephens, and who named a daughter,Dorothy Gilbert,and,at Pillaton,Cornwall, there is:

Edward Tackaberrie, bap. 26 July 1636,and who married Dorothy Stephens.

And which suggests that Grace and Dorothy Stephens were sisters.

James Easton Godkin wrote in his excellent article "the Yeomanry Veterans of Elizabethtown":

"Tackaberry is also a name closely connected with Irish Methodism.The Rev. Fossey Tackaberry was a famous Methodist circuit minister who began his travels about the year 1822.For many years his portait hung in the home of the Tackaberry family at Tomagaddy.His forename,Fossey,(originally spelt ffossey,from the Norman fosse,a moat),probably was given him in honour of his grandmother,a daughter of Peter Fossey,who married John Tackaberry(died 1752).Peter Fossey was the son of Daniel Fossey,a Commonwealth Soldier and later a Quaker who died in Wexford town in 1703.Peter's son,Benjamin,appears to have been the last, of this family,and the name has been perpetuated by members of the Tackaberry and Godkin families as a first name.

In his memoirs,Musgrave lists Richard T(h)ackaberry,of the parish of Ferns,as killed at the battle of Enniscorthy on May 28,1798,and James and Robert T(h)ackaberry as prisioners, of the insurgents, at the gaol in Wexford Town"."Ferns Jottings" has this Richard as a Farmer, of Cooltore, and this came from Cara Links.It is not known the ages of James and Robert and perhaps were children of Nathaniel Tackaberry,Jnr..

As Fossey Tackaberry was born c.1741 and,as Benjamin Fossey was married 1736,then it would not have been known that the "Fossey" name had died out,by 1741, and which seems to confirm that "Fossey" came into the "Tackaberrys" much earlier.

The word,Fosse(no "y') is derived from the latin "fossa" meaning "ditch".

While reading on Thomas Cranmer, the first Protestant Archbishop of England, born 2 July 1489 at Aslacton,midway between the towns of Grantham and Nottingham:

"Its inhabitants(Aslacton) do not number five hundred souls,and it covers less than thirteen hundred acres of land.The cross-roads,on which its cottages cluster,lead nowhere in particular,and the great Fosse Way passes it by in contempt four miles to the north-west".

The ditch was built,in Roman controlled Britain,in the middle of the 1st Century,AD,as a defensive ditch and covered the distance from Exeter,in the South West,to Lincoln,in the North East,and later into a road being the Fosse Way.

As it is believed that the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry was of Huguenot origin(this came from the "Crookes" as well as Jane Vipond of Cork, and who married into the "Crookes"), then it becomes possible that this is through the "Fosseys"(a Huguenot name) or through the "Pierces".

John Pierce,Whitestown,County Wexford,died c.1750 being when his Will was proved. It is also believed that there were "Pierces" at Killpipe and Ballythomas(thanks again to Henry Hollingsworth).This was Sarah Pierce,daughter of Thomas,who married John Hunter Hollingsworth,2 May 1825, in the Parish Church,Kilpipe,County Wexford.

Of interest is that a brother,of John Hunter Hollingsworth,Peter Roe Hollingsworth,died at Castledermott,County Kildare,10 July 1888 and where there were "Tackaberrys" c.1830.

Also,in another letter to James Easton Godkin,Henry Hollingsworth wrote:

"Protestant inhabitants of the parish of Ferns,murdered in the rebellion;Robert Ganford,farmer,Richard Ganford his son,Richard Ganford his nephew,all murdered in the Rev. Mr. Turner's house,all of Ferns.Thomas Bookey,Esq.,Lt. of Camolin Cavalry,killed by Father John Murphy's party,Rev.Francis Turner,Rector of Eldermine,murdered in his own house;Wm. Richardson,parish clerk,Richard Thackaberry,Thomas Crofts,John Crofts his brother,John Crofts his nephew,all killed in Eniscorthy the day of the 1st engagement,28 May;(the believed reference to this is Musgrave Page 115,Appendix XIX.9).

It could be that "Crofts" should be "Crafts" although,as mentioned earlier,a family by the name of "Croft" purchased the family home of the "Rowsoms" in 1922.

And,in a letter from James Easton Godkin to Harry Hollingsworth(25 May 1968);

"I believe you said the Wheeler and Broadley quotation about the Camolin Yeomanry would be of interest to you.Here it is(The War in Wexford.p.290):

Every non commissioned Officer to see that those men under his immediate command come to Parade clean and fully accoutred,under the penalty of two days pay and which shall be stopped from the Private,in case it appears that such Private refused to comply with such orders from his superior.

Ordered by Command of General Taylor,that Nicholas Hollingsworth and Benjamin Tackaberry and Robert Lee be dismissed from the Camolin Cavalry for Neglect of Duty,and that they be required to deliver up all their appointments under the Penalty of ten pounds,pursuant to the Yeomanry Act. - Mt, Norris,Captain of the Camolin Legion,May 1st,1799 ,Headquarters,Camolin."


The only other Quaker reference found,other than that of Daniel Fossey and his wife,Margaret Bevin, was that of Sarah Tackaberry,Ballygunner,Waterford,Widow ,who passed away 12/1850 at age 88,5m.This was from Quakers extracted Irish Obituaries .

It is not thought that this Sarah was Sarah Willoughby.

The Will of Margaret(Bevin) Fossey,21 June 1721,suggests that the "Rowsom's and Tackaberrys" may have,also,been Quakers.

This Margaret(Bevin) Fossey was buried in the Quaker Ground, at Rathaniska, and where a "King/s" was/were also buried.

The view has been taken that Alice Tackaberry,widow,Coolatore,(from the 1798 Compensation Claims) was the daughter-in-law of the Richard T(h)ackaberry killed in 1798.This is because Richards' Cemetery Inscription shows his wife as Ann Rudd and that Richard Tackaberry,of Coolatore,age 16,passed away 6 December 1807.

This assumes,of course,that Richard Thackaberry had not re-married, to Ann Rudd and,should this be so,then it becomes possible that Ann Rudd's father may have been Anthony Rudd as this Richard and Ann named a,believed, son,Anthony Tackaberry,of Wells.

It then becomes possible that the,believed, Jane Tackaberry who married William Johnson,of Wells,was a sister of Anthony and that it was this William Johnson who died,at Oakleaf,Ontario,15 March,1825 in his 80th year and Jane 13 August,1848 at 96 years.As yet it is not known whether the Jane,who was William Johnston's wife,was a "Tackaberry" and,it could be,that this has been mistaken for the marriage of William Johnston and Jane Tackaberry,widow,formerly "Cranwill".This William Johnston,of Wells,named sons Richard and Peter.

There was an Anthony Rudd who was a Lt. in Captain Cornock's Yeoman Infantry and who was a member of the Revenue Service as well as his cousin,William Rudd. In Grandma McMahon's "Godkins" there were three generations, who were members of the Revenue Service,in Ireland, and whose children married the children of other Members.

Should this Anthony Rudd be the father, or close relative,of Ann Rudd then it would not surprise should another Member, of the Revenue Service, be related and the one name,that comes to mind,is "Williams" being Benjamin Williams buried at Wexford,6 April 1791.

Another Revenue Officer was George Wood, the father of Dr. Richard Hand Wood,of Sligo,widower, who married Elizabeth Putz(nee:Tackaberry),widow, daughter of the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry and Eliza Johnston, who had married Robert Putz in Stillwater,Washington County, Minnesota,24 September 1855 and which is where her sister,Jane C(probably for "Cranwill") Tackaberry died, 3 October 1900(age 70), father "Fossey" mother "Johnston",and being born,at Drogheda,Louth,and christened Methodist, 17 June 1829.

Elizabeth and Robert Putz had one,known,child being Helena Putz born c.1861/2 at Duesseldorf,Staat Rheinland, Prussia and,to Dr. Richard Hand Wood,son of George Wood and Mary Hand,whom Elizabeth married 15 October 1863,the following,believed all born at Sligo:

Constance Mary Wood b. 1 August 1864

Richard Hand Wood b. 4 June 1866

Edith Elizaberh Wood b.30 October 1867

Lambert George Wood b.7 December 1868

Florence Tackaberry Wood b. 3 August 1871

William Noble Wood b. 15 January 1873

As well as Helena Putz, as a step-daughter,Richard Hand Wood also had Catherine Anderson,daughter of Rebecca Anderson,widow,whom Richard had married, previously, but where there were no children to their marriage.The 1841 Census shows Catherine as aged 19,unmarried and a step-daughter to Richard Hand Wood.

As well there was a Anthony Rudd, as a Titulados, in the 1659 Irish Census of persons with title to land.

It is believed that John Tackaberry may not have died ,1752, and that this was the date of his Will(T/18429/15-of Tomagaddy). If not 1752 then,maybe,before 1752,as this could be the date that the Will was proved.This cannot be the John Tackaberry who married "Sarah" as both he,(John),Sarah, and their son,William,were buried in Arklow,County Wicklow and,although this John's year, of death, is not complete, his age is clear, at 45, and which gives a date,at death,of between c. 10 June 1730 and 1743.

The view has been taken that the John Tackaberry, who died, sometime around 1752, was the father of Fossey Tackaberry who died 1799, age 58, and born c 1741, and that this "Fossey" named his first,believed,son,John who was born c. 1769(23 in the 1792 Lease) and it was this John who was the father of the Revs. Fossey and John Cranwill Tackaberry and,maybe,a daughter,Jenny(for Jane Cranwill).As yet it is not known what happened to Jane( Jenny).

What is unusal is that no Tackaberry families used the christian name of "Peter" ,being for Peter Fossey,but did use the christian name of Benjamin being the christian name of Peter Fossey's only son.

The Lease of 15 February 1721/1722 mentions Benjamin as the only son of Peter Fossey and the third "life" as Edward Dockrill, son of Benjamin Dockrill, and which suggests that a daughter,of Peter Fossey,had married Benjamin Dockrill giving this,unknown daughter,a birth year of c.1695. There was a daughter,Hester Fossey,named in the Leases of 1736 and 1737 and where "Hester' suggests an "Earl" background.

The only known marriage, for Benjamin Fossey, is 1736, to Dorothy Parker, and which may indicate that Benjamin had married previously and is mentioned as it becomes possible that it was a daughter, of Benjamin Fossey, who had married into the "Tackaberrys' and not a daughter of his father, Peter Fossey.

Or,that it was a daughter of Peter Fossey, who married into the Tackaberrys, and the christian name,of Fossey,was only used after the name had died out, with Benjamin having no sons.

However it seems reasonable to take the view that the "Fosseys" came into the "Tackaberrys" through Nicholas Tackaberry, the father of the John Tackaberry who died c.1752 and,maybe,to a Martha Fossey as "Martha" was a Fossey name(Martha King mentioned in the 1702/3 Will of Daniel Fossey as well as Deborah King).

There was a Martha Fossey ch. 22 February 1699/1700 at Southhill,Bedford,Father being William Fossey and mother "Hannah".Bedford being where it is believed that the "Fosseys" originated from.

Also,at Dunstable,Bedford,a Martha Fossey was ch. 8 June 1683.Father being William Fossey and mother "Martha".

Edward Dockrill suggests that he was named for Edward Fossey.

The 1752 Will Administration,of John Tackaberry, mentions,in 1771,Benjamin Tackaberry as Executor and son,Robert,son,Nicholas and Fossey Tackaberry. If not the Administration, of this John Tackaberry's Will, then a Land Deed that mentions,in 1771,the prior Lease of 1738. It is not known why the Will Administration ,if it was a Will,took so long.

Fossey Tackaberry is shown,not as a son,but as a memorial witness(maybe because he was under legal age in 1752) and it would seem that Nicholas had died, prior to 1760, as he was not mentioned in the,1760, allocation of Church Pews, at St. Mogues,Ballycanew. Or that the widow,of John Tackaberry,had died around 1771 and that this was not a Will and maybe a case of the original lease not being registered until 1771.

This then makes 4 sons:

Nicholas Tackaberry(eldest-and which suggests that John's father was "Nicholas")




What is unknown is the age of this John Tackaberry of the 1738 Lease.

The 1756 Land Deeds of the County Wexford "Godkins" were for John Godkin and his sons and with the third life being a young nephew and where this John Godkin was 64 in 1756.

This would give an indication as to whether this John Tackaberry was a son to the John Tackaberry, who married 1656, at Dublin, and which is just a possibility unless,of course,Margaret Doyle died young and John Tackaberry re-married.

The view has been taken that this John was a brother to Nicholas,son of Nicholas and grand-son to John Tackaberry and Margaret Doyle and great grand-son to Nicholas Tackaberry and Grace Sleepe who married at Pillaton,Cornwall,30 July 1626.

Having a nephew, in October 1738, would make John's brother,believed father of the nephew,Edward,as being born c. 1708 and,taking the view that this brother was the eldest,then John may have been quite young when he died c.1752.

The Church Records,from St. Mogue's,Ballycanew,County Wexford,shows,as at 1 January 1760,the allocation of pews and which includes the following:

That the seat next to Mr. Richard Sterne and Mr. Will. Jones shall belong to Mr. Benjamin Fossey and Joseph Dockrell and their successors.

That the seat next to Roger Woodroofe,John Hollingsworth and Richard Robinson shall belong to James Redmond,Samuel Hollingsworth,Benjamin Tackaberry,Fossey Tackaberry and their successors.

That the seat next to James Redmond,Samuel Hollingsworth,Benjamin Tackaberry and Fossey Tackaberry shall belong to Robert Tackaberry,John Richards,John James and Samuel Bennett and their successors.

It would be reasonable to take the view that all,individual, pew holders were related.

This would make,as an example,Robert Tackaberry,John Richards,John James and Samuel Bennett as being closely related and suggests that the mother,of John Hollingsworth,who married Elizabeth Tackaberry,was a "Woodroofe" or a "Robinson" or that,and which seems more likely,that John Hollingsworth's sisters married into the "Woodroofes" and "Robinsons".

Roger Woodroffe,Grocer,was witness to the Lease of 15 May 1764(249 136 159566) of Samuel Hollingsworth and his brother,Daniel.

Leonard Bennett,Ballycanew,Sadler,was a witness to the Lease of 1761(217.80.142770) mentioning John Hollingsworth and his sons,Thomas and William Hollingsworth,and of Thomas Tackaberry,son of Edward Tackaberry,and who shared a pew,in the 1760 allocations,being Leonard Bennett,George Johnston and Samuel Rowsome.

Martha Hollingsworth,daughter to John Hollingsworth and Elizabeth Tackaberry,married William Robinson 1770 and Jane,daughter of Nathaniel Tackaberry,married Thomas Robinson 1771.

Also,these pew allocations suggest that Samuel Hollingsworth also married into the "Tackaberrys" being a sister of John Tackaberry, whose Will was proved1752, and who died around that date.

Thomas Hollingsworth wrote,in a letter,from Brockville,Ontario, Canada, to his father,Samuel Hollingsworth,of Madison County ,New York,of many of his Hollingsworth relatives such as:





His cousin,Thomas,marrying Miss Craft(also said her mother was living with them).



And which suggests that a daughter,or sister, of John Tackaberry,of the1752 Will,married James Redmond and that the "Redmonds" came,into the "Hollingsworths" through the "Tackaberrys".

Samuel Hollingsworth arrived in New York, 29 May 1810, with himself,wife and one child and settled in the area,Madison County,New York, where other Tackaberrys had settled, having arrived 1806 and,one could wonder whether Michael Tackaberry travelled around this time as he was in the US Marines 1808. Worth mentioning is that the "Kearons" also arrived 1806 and,also, settled at Madison County,New York as a son,William Kearon,married Elizabeth Tackaberry,daughter of Nathaniel Tackaberry and Sarah Julia Neusam, and who settled in Illinois.

All of these surnames are familiar except that of "Stacey" and where there were "Staceys" in County Wexford and it seems that the "Staceys" came, into the Hollingsworths, through the "Earls" although there was a later Hollingsworth/Stacey marriage. Should Barbara James,daughter of Edward James and Jane Godkin,have married into the "Steaceys"/"Stacy's"(as believed) then this may be the relationship into the "Hollingsworths".

Two "Staceys" were killed at Vinegar Hill,1798, being Benjamin and George Stacey and there was a Edward Stacey of Tomgara(Tomgar or Tomgarrow-Henry Hollingsworth) who mentioned of Edward Earle being murdered within 1 and a half miles of his house - 1798.

Certainly Benjamin Fossey and Joseph Dockrell were closely related.

The lease dated 27 December 1766 over the lands at Abbeydown mentions,as the "lives":

William Sterne,son of Richard

John Tackaberry son of Benjamin,and

James Jones son of Edward Jones of Ballycanew

and which indicate a Sterne/Jones family relationship as regards the Pew of Mr.Richard Sterne and Mr. Will Jones.

Harry Hollingsworth wrote that "these Robinsons are related to me through the Jones who died in Scullabogue."

Sadly,there is a "gap" in the Church Records between 1787 and 1798 and,most likely,were destroyed in the 1798 Up-Rising.

Members,of all three,Godkin, families,went to Ontario(Canada) and all three families used the name,Fossey Godkin,and which helped in establishing the members of all three,Godkin, families through children's date of births and christian names and it would be reasonable to conclude that the Tackaberrys,who went,to Canada, in the 1817 Exodus,were all of the same branch of Tackaberrys although the Exodus included families from County Carlow, as well as those from County Wexford and,even though families were listed, as being in the 1817 Exodus, it is not definite that travel actually took place.

This happened with the "Godkins" where there was a death, prior to 1817,in County Wexford, and which changed the number of persons travelling(this was Benjamin Godkin).

Although not completely sure it seems that the first Tackaberrys, in Ontario, were from County Carlow being Benjamin Tackaberry and Martha Sherlock who married,at Carlow,10 April 1798 and from Abbeydown and,before that, of Tomagaddy,County Wexford, and that it was this Benjamin "Tuckerbury", and family, who were passengers on the "Belisarius" ,that arrived in New York City 5 July 1811, after being boarded by the "Atalanta" and where several passengers were forced to work on the "Atalanta" while others were landed at St. Johns(Prince Edward Island) to work on Lord Townsend's Estate and,it is believed, that one of these families,being the "Needhams", married into the "Godkins" at Prince Edward Island.This was Anne Needham, born c.1808, and who married William Godkin the eldest son of Elizabeth Godkin(Nee: Green) and her second husband also a John Godkin. Elizabeth( Green) Godkin's first husband,John Godkin,son to Benjamin Godkin and Mary Earl,was killed in the 1798 Up-rising(30 June of Kilbride).

Although mentioned on the passenger list, of the "Belisarius", this Benjamin "Tuckerbury" and family were not listed in the,subsequent,articles of this event and it could be that they were included with Robert Hughes and family.

It becomes possible that this Benjamin had a brother,William Tackaberry,who married the widow,Ann Woods,24 May 1801 and sisters,Marianne,Mary and Martha.

Ontario Land Petitions for the "Tackaberrys"(not sighted):

RG 1,L3,Vol.125 Series C Bundle 22,p.216 reel C-1731

RG 1,L3,Vol. 505,series T,Bundle 1,p.5.reel C-2838

RG 1,L3,Vol. 505,series T,Bundle 1,p.18,reel C-2838

RG 1,L3,Vol. 506,Series T,Bundle 3,p. 57,reel-C-2839

From what can be gathered it seems that the following lands were held by the "Tackaberrys" in Ontario:


Concession 10:

Lot 3 - John Tackaberry and "Elizabeth".(1861)

Lot 16 - Evalena Alma Tackaberry buried 1961.Born 5 November 1879.

Lot 17 - Nathaniel Tackaberry and then Richard Tackaberry(1828)

Lot 19 - Benjamin J Tackaberry and "Rachel"(1826)

Lot 21 - Francis Tackabary(1848)

Lot 23- George Tackaberry and "Mary"(1861)

Lot 24 - George Tackaberry age 23 in 1858 front east corner.(1858)

Concession 7

Lot 15 - Benjamin Tackaberry/Charles Stearn(1823)

Concession 6

Lot 23 - Samuel Tackaberry and "Christian"(Chrisanna Fox ?)(1848)Bought by Benjamin Tackaberry 1816.This would be the Benjamin who married Martha Sherlock 1798 in County Carlow.Witness,in 1831,a William Tackaberry.

Concession 11

Lot 18 - Benjamin J Tackaberry then to Foss Tackaberry then part to William H Richards(1847) and who may have been a son-in-law.

Lot 20 - maybe?

Lot 23 - Benjamin William Tackaberry then Martha to Samuel and his wife" Adeline" then to Howard D Tackaberry and then to Margaret Ann Barrington.(1846) and who may have been a daughter.

Concession 8

Lot 29 - Richard Tackaberry - part


Concession 4:

Lot 23 - Benjamin Thackabery on west half

Concession 7:

Lot 5 - Robert Tackaberry the younger then John Tackaberry(1840)

Lot 6 - William Tackaberry - part 60 acres

Concession 9:

Lot 5 - Robert Tackabury Jr.(1842)

Lot 6 - Henry,Robert and William Tackaberry(1842)

Concession 6

Lot 4 - Robert Tackaberry and his brother Henry Tackaberry(1829)-?


Concession 12

Lot 15 - Anthony Tackaberry - west half/Nathaniel Tackaberry -east half(1820)

Oxford on Rideau

Concession 1:

Lot 24 - Richard Tackaberry(1855)


Concession 3

Lot 1 - John Tackaberry and Elizabeth Belton - north half


Concession 10

Lot 10 - Mrs. Mary Richards(nee:Mary Tackaberry) Rear(1838)

It is not known whether "Tackaberry Corners" - near Lions Head at Lots 20 and 21 -Concessions 4 & 5,and named for the Tackaberry Family - was actually lived on by the Tackaberrys.

On my Grandma's side three "Godkin" brothers went from Passage West,County Cork,Ireland to New Zealand and it would be reasonable that the "Tackaberrys",who went to Ontario,would have stayed in their family groups.

Although not sure it seems that it was the offer of "free" land that attracted the "Godkins" to New Zealand.

This is particularly so for Yonge being the one family of Robert Tackaberry, son of Nathaniel Tackaberry and Elizabeth Stringer,and who married Mary Williams,and their sons Robert and Henry and son-in-law,William Tackaberry.

It is not known whom this,son-in-law, William Tackaberry was and it seems that he may have been a nephew of Benjamin Tackaberry being a son to Benjamin's,believed,brother,William,also of Abbeydown.

It is not thought that he was the William born, to William and Dorothy, in 1802 at Ballycanew,County Wexford."Dorothy" suggests "Dorothea" and maybe a "Johnston".

"Fossey" being a family name,in the "Tackaberrys",believed from the family of Peter ffossey of Raheenmore,in the parish of Killenagh,County Wexford,where it is thought that two daughters married into the "Tackaberrys".

Lydia(not Melody) Fosse(y)??,of Killenagh, who married Nathaniel Tackaberry,Jr., at Ballycanew,County Wexford,1728,(?)and;

Sarah ??? who married John Tackaberry(date unknown).

The marriage of Lydia(not Melody)(?) Fosse(y) is recorded as 1728(?) in the Ballycanew Church Register but not that of Sarah as the probable date,of marriage,if correct,suggests County Wicklow.It now seems that John Tackaberry may not have married into the "Fosseys".

It is possible that a third daughter,or sister, may have married Benjamin Dockrill as there were "Dockrills" at Killenagh as Elinor was baptised 30 January 1733/4 and John Dockrill passed away 22 December 1803.Also,in 1760,Benjamin Fossey and Joseph Dockrell shared a Church Pew and which would indicate a close family relationship.

The Ballycanew,County Wexford,Parish Register shows ??ody (?)as "Fosse" (but with no 'y'))but this is not the case as Benjamin Fossey(with a 'y') is mentioned, several times, in the Parish Register, and who was the only son of Peter Fossey.There is also some doubt as to the christian name of "Melody" as the name has never been used by any Tackaberry family and is incomplete in the Parish Register, at Ballycanew, and it seems,as sure as one can be, on these matters,that it was a "Lydia" whom Nathaniel Tackaberry married, in 1728, and which name has since been used as a family name by her children.

The same occurred with the Godkins as the,believed,second wife of Joseph Godkin,(father of the three sons who married into the "Tackaberry's")Elizabeth Manning,was shown,in the marriage records,as Elizabeth Mannin.,(no "g") and who was from Rathdrum,County Wicklow and whose mother was Elizabeth Johnston(died 18 November 1806,age 90,at Rathdrum) and where there were "Johnstons" at Ballycanew and one,William Johnston,was the step-father of the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry,having married the widow, Jane (Cranwill) Tackaberry, and this Fossey's first wife was Eliza Johnston( believed daughter of John Johnson of Curratubbin) and this Eliza's mother may have been a "Harper".This was because the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry and Eliza Johnston named a son,James Harper Tackaberry.It may even be that James Harper was the father of the wife of the first Fossey Tackaberry unless on the" Johnstons", "Cranwills","Bulgers" or "Pierces" side unless,of course "Harper" has been incorrectly transcribed.

Then there is the daughter,of the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry,Maria Pierce Tackaberry,born c.1831 at Drogheda and died, at Dublin North, in 1905, who married the Rev. William Crook(10 children of which 8 survived) and,so far,it is not known where the "Pierce" comes from although there were "Pierces" at County Wexford. William Crook(also a Methodist Minister) being the son of the Rev. William Crook and Miss Jane Vipond of Cork. The naming of their 8 surviving children being William Montgomery Crook,Robert Fossey Tackaberry Crook,Harriette E Crook,Jane Barbara Crook,Alfred Crook,Richard Crook,John Crook and the Rev. George V(Vipond?) Crook . It was also mentioned,by the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry,of going to Mr. Pierce's house.

There may be further 'clues' once the missing second names are found.

The Rev. William Crook was born in 1823, at Newtown-barry in County Wexford,and was the son of the Rev. William Crook,senior,1784-1862, and who entered the Methodist Ministry in 1848 and died, in Galway, 1897 and whose only brother,the Rev. Robert Crook,LLD.(T.C.D.),also entered the Irish Methodist Ministry and became well known as a foremost figure in the Irish Educational World,first as Head Master of the Wesleyan Connexional School(now Wesley College,Dublin) and afterwoods as first Head Master,and second President, of the Methodist College in Belfast.

Newtown-barry was also where David Dempster was from and who married Elizabeth Johnson at Dublin,St. Mary,7 December 1758 and,as well,Benjamin Thackaberry,son to Nathaniel Thackaberry and Ann Piper,married Martha Greene,at Newtownbarry,26 October 1865.

However,as it seems that Jane Cranwill's mother was a "Maria" then Maria Pierce may have been her maiden name when she married Henry Cranwill.

It is generally thought that it was Patrick Cranwill,and not a "Henry",who was the father of Jane Cranwill.Thanks to John Beatty(who transcribed the Ballycanew Church Registers) it is known that Patrick Crannel was baptised 8 June 1740,son to John Crannel, and that Joseph Cranell was baptised 20 February 1734/5, also a son to John Cranell and where Joseph died 20 May 1805 aged 72.Mary Ann Cranwill,who married William George Eades, was a daughter to Patrick( thanks to the Family Bible of Margaret Greenwood of Melbourne) and Dorothy Cranwill, who married Richard Morris, was a daughter of the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry's grandfather who died, around August 1828, in his 90th year, giving a birh year of c. 1737/8 and who was,most probably,a Henry Cranwill.

The Rev. John Cranwill Tackaberry and his wife,Sarah Louise Tieman, named a son William George Henry Tackaberry and which suggests that "William" was for William Johnston(his step-father),"George" was for William Johnston's father/grandfather and that "Henry" was for Henry Cranwill.This could be the George Johnston in the 1760 allocation of pews at St. Mogues,Ballycanew. As well,the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry named a son,Henry,born just days after the Rev. Fossey had died,2 June 1847,at Sligo.

William George Johnston and his wife,Elizabeth,named a son Henry Cranwill Johnston and who married Charlotte Elizabeth Moore, 4 June 1870, at York,Ontario,

As one reads " Life and Labours of the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry", starting with page 136, it is hard to reconcile the grandfather's life with that of Patrick Cranwill who was,for several years,a Church Warden at St. Mogues,Ballycanew as well as a pew holder and applotter who was elected to determine the amount of tax( or cess) that the members,of the parish,had to pay to support the church.

Grandfather Cranwill mentions being converted,to Methodism,as a very old man after hearing the preaching of the Rev.Andrew Taylor, in 1815, and Patrick Cranwill was still at St. Mogue's,Ballycanew,in 1818.

Also is the absence of "Patrick", as a christian name, in the families,children and grandchildren, of Jane Cranwill being the "Tackaberrys" and "Johnstons".

It seems that there is a land deed,not yet sighted, between Thomas Cranwill and "others" to "Eades" and mentions cousins "Warren","Johnston" and "Morris" and which suggests that Patrick Cranwill was not the father of Jane Cranwill and that a "Cranwill" married into the "Warrens". As well,a 1801 deed that mentions Patrick Cranwill.

The grand-father,of the Rev.Fossey Tackaberry,mentions several children who converted to Methodist.

It was resolved,24 March 1818,at St. Mogues,Ballycanew that:

"Pew No. 4 North Side now in the possession of Mr. Peter Cranwill be now by his consent conferred on Mr. Joseph Cranwill and his heirs."

It would seem that this Joseph Cranwill would be Joseph Peter Cranwill and a cousin, as,if a brother,there would be no need to allocate the pew to him.This then suggests that "Peter" is a family name in the "Cranwills".

Perhaps,in 1818,Peter Cranwill was leaving the area, and had no direct descendants who could use the church pew.

A pew was allocated,in 1760,to James Cranwell and James Bulger, and their successors(thanks again to John Beatty), and which suggests that this James Cranwell was a brother to John Cranwell who was,in turn,the father of Joseph and Patrick Cranell and that Peter descends down from James Cranwell,of the 1760 allocation of pews, as an heir/successor, especially as Peter Cranwill and Maria Godkin named a son,James Cranwill.This assumes,of course,that the Pew No.4,in the possession of Peter Cranwill,24 March,1818,was the original Pew of James Cranwell and James Bulger.

This then gives a possible father, to Henry Cranwill, being the James, of the 1760 pew allocation, and may explain the naming of a son,by the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry,of James Harper Tackaberry and who may be through the "Bulgers" who may have married into the "Cranwills".

Thanks(again!) to John Beatty we have,from St. Mogues:

Margaret,daughter of James Bulger,bap. 3 Feb. 1733/34

Hugh Bulger's wife(no name)buried(torn) 1733/34

John Bulger,named as a churchwarden 20 April 1767


"Thomas Bulger born to James Bulger and Margaret Tackaberry bap. 10 Sept. 1815.Litter(Kilmuckridge) - RC.

The only other "Hugh" sighted was that of Hugh Bowland unless short for "Hughes" being the same as "Rose" being,possibly, shortened for "Rowsom/e".

What is known is that,31 March 1812,Pew No. 4 was vacant and conferred to Thomas Godkin and family.Then,26 April 1813,it was resolved that Pew. No.4, voted Easter 1812 to Mr. Godkin, be now with his consent, conferred to Mr.Pat Cranwill and his successors and that Pew No. 10,formerly belonging to Mr. Pat Cranwill,be now by his consent,conferred on Mr. Ralph Johnson of Ballycanew and his successors.

This seems to change the situation as Thomas Godkin was the brother of Maria Godkin, the wife of Peter Cranwill, and that Peter Cranwill,having ownership of Pew No.4, would seem to be the son of Pat Cranwill as an heir/successor.

What is unsure is to where Ralph Johnston fits into the family of Patrick Cranwill.

Ralph Johnson married Elizabeth Beatty,daughter of James Beatty, 12 November 1795 at Ballycanew, in a double ceremony with Elizabeth's sister,Susanna,who married the Rev. William Gurley,a Methodist Minister. Ralph Johnson having been previously married,2 July 1789,to Sarah Hatchell, daughter of Nicholas Hatchell and Eliza Emerson,at St. Iberius Church of Ireland,County Wexford. A land grant, in Quebec, tells that Ralph Johnson was a Yeoman,in Wexford,and imprisoned during 1798.

What is interesting is that Susanna Beatty and The Rev. William Gurley named a daughter:

Elizabeth Johnson Gurley born 5 April 1806

and where the "Gurleys" were the maternal lineage of George Bernard Shaw.

The only "link" found being the marriage,24 June 1801,of Thomas Smith Cranwill and Frances Johnston.

Although not sure it becomes possible that the mother,of Ralph Johnson,was the Ann Johnston,of the Parish of Wexford,who was buried,at Ballycanew,23 March 1814,aged 72,especially as Ralph named his first born daughter(of 11 daughters),Ann Johnson,born 25 March 1799, and who married William Boyce.

The next named daughter was "Susanna" and which suggests that this was for the "Beatty's"(or "Chamberlains" who were Quakers) while the first born male was James Johnson,born 16 May 1797, and who married his cousin,Ann Beatty,daughter of John Beatty and Mary Cooke and who settled at Sandusky,Ohio,USA,and where other Ballycanew people settled including the James family(thanks,again,to John Beatty). "Ralph",as a christian name, was used in the "Viponds" and the "Fosseys" as well as the "James" and "Warrens". In Cumbria are marriage records of Viponds and Emersons and,2 May 1765,William Johnson married Mary Vipond.

Susanna and Elizabeth Beatty being daughters to James Beatty and Ann Bennett and where Ann was the daughter of Leonard Bennett, of the 1760 allocation of pews, at St. Mogues, Ballycanew, and which was shared with George Johnston and Samuel Rowsome.The full 17 children,all born at Ballycanew,of Ralph Johnson and Elizabeth Beatty,being:

James born 16 May 1797

Ann born 25 March 1799

Susanna born 1 April 1800

Ralph Dempster bap. 21 October 1801 and died infancy

Elizabeth bap. 28 November 1802

Jane born 9 September 1804 and died 3 December 1805

John born 25 August 1805 and died 9 May 1807

Clarissa born 7 August 1806

Leonard Beatty born 30 August 1807

Mary born 23 August 1809

Sarah born 26 January 1811

Thomas Webster born 21 January 1812

Jane born 27 January 1813

Charlotte born 4 May 1815

Edith born 14 January 1816

Ralph Dempster born 15 May 1819

Jemima born 2 November 1821

As regards Edith she was left in the care of her Aunt Ann Beatty of Kilnahue,County Wexford,and her husband, Thomas Webster, and that Fossey Tackaberry looked after her finances(Johnson Family Letters) and which indicates a close family relationship and,it could be,that William Johnston,step-father of the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry,was a brother( or cousin) to Ralph Johnson or that Edith was a cousin to the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry's first wife,Elizabeth Johnston.

It was also mentioned,by the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry,of Uncles Eades and this would be William George Eades(father probably Christopher) who married Mary Ann Cranwill at St.

Mogues,Ballycanew,County Wexford,15 June 1802 and where Mary Ann Cranwill was a daughter of Patrick Cranwill according to the family bible. As Joseph Peter Cranwill named a daughter,Mary Ann,then it suggests that Joseph Peter Cranwill was a son to Patrick Cranwell and,maybe,a Mary Ann Smith although "Smith" may go back generations and not just for the mother.

The only entries,for "Smith",at St.Mogues, being:

23 November 1735,Jane,dau. of Aaron Smith bapt.


25 July 1807 Catherine Smith buried(no age)

21 Sep. 1803 Thomas,son of Thomas and Mary Smith of Ballyduff bapt.

11 Jan. 1807,William,son of Thomas Smith and Mary of Ballyduff bapt.

In the 1760 pew allotment Mr. Thomas Smith(note the Mr. which designated high status-John Beatty),had the pew south of the alter,sharing it with Mr. James Harvey. He was also a church warden that year.He may also have been the Mr. Smyth named as an applotter in 1785,a duty he shared in 1786 with Patrick Cranwill and Christopher Harrison(who was connected to the Colleys having married Arthur Colley's sister,Patience). A later Thomas Smith was named as an appolotter in 1809(thanks,again to John Beatty).

The only other "Christophers" sighted were those of Christopher Eades and Dr. Christopher Emmett who married Rebecca Temple, in Dublin 9 February 1727, and where there may be a family relationship.

Of interest is the marriage,in Cornwall, of John Taggaber,bap. 8 August 1604,who is believed to have married Agnes Eades c. 1645.

As well as Uncle Eades the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry mentioned Aunt Morris,of St. Louis,and who would be Dorothy Cranwill,of Ballycanew Parish, who married Richard Morrice(Morris) 7 April 1804."Dorothy" suggests a "Johnston" family background.

Elizabeth Manning had a sister,Margaret,and they were from the "Mannings" of Corballis Castle,Rathdrum,County Wicklow.

Peter and Maria Cranwill named a son,Joseph,believed after Joseph Godkin and not Joseph Cranwill.

In the "Godkin" Cemetery,at Kilgorman,County Wexford,a "Susanna" was buried with John Godkin,the father of Joseph Godkin,father of Maria,and it was thought that she may have been Susanna Leckey as this was the only known "Susanna", in the "Godkins".

"Susanna" was also a "Beatty" name and,if not for the "Godkins" then probably for the "Beattys" or,even, the "Chamberlains".

Although not completely sure it seems that Peter Fossey was the son of Daniel Fossey,Wexford, who died 1702/3 and that the surname,of Fossey,in this family,in Ireland,died out with Benjamin Fossey and may explain why the name was preserved by either Peter Fossey's daughter/s or grand-daughter/s although there was a Benjamin Fossey who married Ann King, 3 December 1787,("Kings" again) at London,and a Mary Fossey who married Benjamin Clarke, 25 May 1797 and,in the 1841 Census ,there are two entries for Benjamin Fossey.One aged 65 with "Charlotte" and the other aged 50 with "Elizabeth". Daniel Fossey,Quaker,who died 1702/3,mentioned "Kings" in his Will.

And,in Australia,there is Joseph Fossey(1788-1851) a land surveyor associated with the early Colony of Tasmania and born, 17 September 1788, at Baldock,Hertfordshire,England being the son of Thomas Fossey, a small land-owner and a maltster by trade, in Clothall Parish, and his wife, Mary(Sell) and who named a son,Daniel Fossey after an,earlier,son "Daniel" had died.

The only thing against this is that in the Quaker Will, of this Daniel Fossey,no children were named and which suggests that there were none.

Deed 19994:

15 Feb.,1721/22,from Sir William Parsons of Parsonstown,Kings Co.,Bart.,to Peter Fossey of Raheenmore in Co. Wexford,farmer, of the town and lands of Raheenmore in the Parish of Killenagh Co. Wexford,for the live and lives of him the said Peter Fossey(ffossey in the deed),and of Benjamin Fossey,his only son and Edward Dockrill,son of Benjamin Dockrill of Coologmore(aka Coolook-more a Townland).Co. Wexford.Signed and sealed by Peter ffosssey.

and,in a letter from Harry Hollingsworth:

"Daniel Fossey may be the father of Peter.If Dan came to Wexford Town his son Peter probably took this lease in 1721 after moving north.Only son Benjamin married 1736 hence born before 1716.Other children probably Hester and Mary and I am certain another daughter as the wife of John Tackaberry of Tomagaddy who died 1752,who had a son,Benjamin Tackaberry,and another Fossey Tackaberry. It probably enters the Godkin line from the Tackaberrys,because the Fosseys seem to have died out with Benjamin,whenever he passed. All the more reason to keep the name alive by using it as a first name."

As Edward Dockrill is mentioned in the 1722/3 Lease then he may have been named for the Edward Fossey,cousin to Daniel of the 1702 Will,and that it was this Edward Fossey who was Peter's father and not Daniel.

Also,at Southhill,Bedford,was a Edward Fossey,born c. 1685 and,a Edward Fossey,at Dunstable,Bedford in 1660 and believed to be the Edward Fossey ch. 23 March 1623 at Houghton Regis,Bedford.Father being William Fossey.

In 1721 Peter Fossey had a ,believed,daughter,who was the mother, of Edward Dockrill ,giving a birth year of c.1695 and which suggests that Benjamin,the only son,may have been born earlier, than 1716, and possibly married before that of the 1736 marriage to Dorothy Parker.

From the Ferns Marriage Licence Index,Kildare Journal:

Fossey,Esther, and Porter,John,1747.Vol.4 p.678

Fossey,Benjamin, and Parker,Dorothy,1736. Vol.4 p.386

Fossey,Mary, and Butler,Henry, 1745. Vol.4 p.617

From the Index to Ferns Wills(Consistory) by Phillimore to 1800:

Fossey,Daniel,Wexford(Town?) 1703

Fossey,Peter,Raheenmore,Co. Wexford 1751

From the Ballycanew Parish Registers:

Fossey,Margery(probably Margaret), to William Kousley 1728(?)..

Lydia(not Melody) Fosse(y)?? 1728

It would seem that there were six or seven"Fossey" children(not necessary those of Peter Fossey) being:

Benjamin,the only son,who married Dorothy Parker(Peter's son)

Esther who married John Porter(Peter's daughter)

Mary who married Henry Butler

Lydia,(not Melody),who married Nathaniel Tackaberry,Jr.Although doubtful she was a Fossey.

Unknown daughter who married John Tackaberry(d.1752) although doubtful she was a Fossey and,it is believed, that it was a "Fossey" who was this John Tackaberry's mother and not wife.

Unknown daughter who married Benjamin Dockrill-this is believed as the land deed was for three "lives" and who were,invariably,close family members and where the third "life" would have been the youngest family member so as to extend the term of the lease unless,of course,the "Dockrills" went back further.In a lease dated 1 June 1792 for Robert Tackaberry a witness,to the lease deed,was John Dockrill of Camolin,Land Surveyor and this John Dockrill was also witness to other "Tackerberry" Deeds all for 1792.

Margery(probably Margaret) Fossey who married William Kousley

"Porter" and "Parker" are very similiar and it would not surprise if Benjamin and Esther married into the same family.

At Killenagh were,also, the "Hollingsworths"

In a 1972 letter from James Easton Godkin to Henry Hollingsworth:

"In my 1841 Gazetter of Ireland,p.431,"Fossey,a parish and vicarage in the Baronies of Cullinagh and Maryborough,Queens County,and Doicese of Leighlin.Population in 1831,1810.Post-town,Stradbally".

The Tackaberry's origin is believed to have been at Pillaton, in Cornwell, and,from what can be gathered,their history, up until the move to County Wicklow,Ireland,,was:

1 John Taggaber,Sr. - "Maude"

b. b.

d. 9 May 1571(buried) d. 27 February 1563(buried-wife of John Taggaber)



1.1 Elizabeth Taggaber -

(daughter of John Taggaber) John Andrews

b. b.

d. d.

m. 3 November 1566(St.Stephen,Saltas)

1.2 Edward Taggaber - "Dorothy"

b. b.

d. d.



1.2.1 John Tacaber "Mary"

b. 17 August 1559 b.

d. d. 22 May 1610


1.3 John Taggeber (1) Jane Parry

b. b.

d. 7 March 1616(buried-the elder) d.

m.(1) 20 November 1568

m.(2) 4 November 1571 (2) Elizabeth( Mary) Hankyne


d.22 May 1610(buried)


1.3.1 John Taggaber

(son of John Taggaber) Jane Oliver

bap. 11 January 1572 b.

d.c 26 September 1638 d.

m. 11 August 1603

Children: Nicholas Taggaber(believed)- Grace Sleepe

b. b.

d. d.

m. 30 July 1626

Children: Jane Tackaberie

bap. 5 November 1626

d. 9 November 1638 John Tackaberie - Margaret Doyle

bap. 24 February 1632 b.

d. d.

m. 29 August 1656(Dublin) Edward Tackaberie -Dorothy

bap.26 July 1636 Stephen(s)

d. b.

m. 30 November 1658 d. John Taggaber "Agnes"(Eades ?)

bap. 8 August 1604 b.

d. d.


Children: John Taccabery

bap. 8 May 1647


m. Joseph Taccaberry(believed)


d.c. 6 December 1648 James Tackabery - Bridget Giffard

ch. 18 June 1653-Landulph


m.12 June 1682-Marytavy, Devon Margaret Taggaber

bap. 23 October 1608


m. William Taggaber

bap. 1 March 1611


m. Ede(?) Taggaber

bap. 16 July 1615


m. James Tackaberry(believed) "Anne"

b. b.

d. d. 28 October 1646(wife of Jonas)

m. 31 May 1629

1.3.2 Paschow(?) Taggaber Alicia Colman

(son of John Taggaber)

bap. 24 September 1577 b.

d. d.

m. 1619(Poughill,Cornwall)

1.3.3 Edward Taggaber Elizabeth Rickman(town of Plymouth)

bap. 24 March 1580 b.

d. d.

m. 14 June 1610

1.3.4 Elizabeth Taggaber

bap. 6 December 1584



1.3.5 Catherine Taggaber William Trappin

bap. 18 August 1589 b.

d. d.

m. 23 November 1618

1.4 Jane Taggaber Walter Richards

b. b.

d. d.

m. 13 October 1571

There were burial recordings at St. Ives,Cornwell,as follows, and these have been discounted although "Thomas" is mentioned:

1656 Henry Tackabird

1657 William Tackaberry son of Thomas Tackaberry

1659 Andrew son of John Tackabird(deceased)

1663 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Tackabird

1665 Thomas Tackabird

1681 Sarah daughter of Ephraim Tackaberry

1685 Elizabeth Tackaberry junior

1689 Elizabeth wife of Richard Tackabery(one r)

1696 Jane Tackaberry widow

1701 Thomas Tackabird

1732 John Tackaberry,widower

The christian name of "Thomas", in County Wexford, may not come from the "Tackaberrys" but the "Stringers" as there was a Thomas Stringer who died c. 1747(Prerogative Grant Book/F/197a).

and,also from St. Ives;

John Tackaberry,ch. 18 September,1665 son of Thomas.

John Tackabury,ch. 8 May,1694,son of John Tackabury

John Tackabury,ch. 10 August,1651 son of John Tackabury

William Tackabury,ch. 30 May 1686,son of Ephraim Tackkabury

William Tackabery,ch. 26 August,1657 and died 8 December,1657,son of Thomas.

Mary Tackaberry to Ric. Couch 1676

Jn. Tackaberry to Jane Freeman 1684

Also are recordings from Pillaton, Cornwell that were not readily identified:

Edward Tackabury ch. 6 November 1685(parents John and Johan/Joan)

Edward Tackaberry to Mary Widger 3 February 1705

Edward Tackaberry ch. 5 November 1717

Edward Tackaberry to Joan Stephens 22 August 1708

John Tackaberry to Joane Linge 22 August 1684

Jane Tackaberry to Jn. Burnerd 1697

Mgt. Tackaberry to Jn. Connor at St. Hilary Cornwall 1701

These(Edwards) seem all to be of the one family and possibly the John who married Joane Linge was the son of Edward Tackaberry and Dorothy Stephens who married 30 November 1658.

And from Landulph,Cornwall, Aramunta(?) Tackaberry to Jn. Verrant-1715

and, from Lelant ,Cornwall,Jane Tackaberry to Wm. Coga -1720

And,from Portsea,Hampshire,the marriage of John Tackaberry and Sarah Plummer,15 July 1821,and their son,John Tackaberry ch. 20 November 1825.

and,other England Marriages found were:

Marianne Tackaberry to James Rogers-15 October 1832

Christopher Tackaberry to Alice Sunderland -26 January 1888(to Australia)

George Tackaberry to Elizabeth Cook Slatter-10 December 1905

John Tackaberry to Elizabeth Bolton - 4 January 1841

Elizabeth Tackaberry to Arthur Hoffling - 13 February 1865

Jane Tackaberry to Thomas George Henry Dowling -12 April 1903

John Bailey Tackaberry to Alice Jane Harrhy-29 January 1911

Arth. Tackaberry to Mary Hogbin at St. James ,Dukes Place London,1680

As well as the above there were baptisms,of children,to:

Benjamin Tackaberry and Eliza(4 children1854-1861)

Francis and Mary Anne Tackaberry(Francis 1867)

There was a "Francis" ,of Ballinaclay, who was Executor of the 1831 Will of John Tackaberry(IAR/1831/F/102-Volume Name 4/237/32) and,as no other,COI, family used the,male, christian name of "Francis" then it would seem that the "Francis",Executor of the 1831 Will, was the father,or grandfather, of the "Francis" who married Mary Anne.

"Francis" was used in the "Sherlocks", as a male christian name, being Francis and Susannah Sherlock,of Clonegal,who had a daughter,Susannah Sherlock,baptised 18 March1794 and,as well,in the Redmonds. There were also "Thackaberrys" at Clonegal,Carlow.

"Mary Anne" would be Mary Ann Hannah Ricketts(widow-previous daughter of James Jeremiah Breeden)) who married Francis Thackaberry,son of Abraham Thackaberry, 3 December 1865 at Southwark,Surrey,and which suggests a County Kerry background through "Abraham" and that "Breeden" may be "Breen", or vice versa, as there was a Jeremiah Breen Tackaberry.

In Australia there is a Nicholas Tackaberry born c 1827 and descended from Edward Tackaberry and Martha Elizabeth Duffield and whose son,Nicholas Duffield Tackaberry(parents:Nicholas Tackaberry and Sarah Jane Whyte/White)was killed ,in WW1, as a Light Horseman ,7 August,1915 after being wounded at Lone Pine,Gallipoli,Turkey.His brother,John Tackaberry,survived the war and returned to Australia,17 July 1919 and passed away 1925.

Also,in Australia,is the record of a Mary Anne Tackaberry born c. 1795(Wexford) and transported,as a convict,in 1830 on the "Forth", term 7 years for the crime of "stealing sheep" and tried,at Wexford,1828.There was,at least ,one child but the surname is not known.

Lieutenant Colonel William Thomas Tackaberry,born Wexford,17 September 1879 and died,8 July 1948(age 68) was,also, a son of Nicholas Tackaberry, of Wexford, and Sarah Jane White/Whyte and brother to Edward who both married sisters, in Australia, being Linda Kate Nott and Clara Isobel Nott.Other siblings being Martha Jane ,Elizabeth Ann ,Dora,Nicholas,Susanna Charlotte,Alfred Ernest,Sarah Jane,John and Mark.

Only three,married ,"Tackaberry" families came to Australia and settled within just a few miles,of each other,in the Gippsland area of Victoria.

One was Christopher Tackaberry and Alice Sunderland and the others being brothers, Nicholas Tackaberry and Sarah Jane White and William Aaron Tackaberry and his daughter,Elizabeth Roberta Thackaberry, born c.1866/8, in Canada, and where both were brothers to Elizabeth Ruth Tackaberry who married Samuel Aaron Harrison c.1854/5 in Canada and who were cousins as their mothers were "Duffield" sisters and "Aaron",as a christian name,suggests that the descent is down from Aaron Bailey.

The following appeared as written in The Irish Genealogist(date unknown).

"276. Taccaberry,Robert,Ballynasilloge(N)

According to information kindly provided by Mr. James Godkin of Kemptville.Ontario,the progenitor of this family(which became numerous near the Wexford/Wicklow border) was John Tackaberry,bapt. Pillaton,Cornwall(where the name also appears as Tackaberie,Taggaber,Taccaber and Thegeabeare),sons of Nicholas and Grace.He m. Margaret Doyle at St. Michael's,Dublin,29 August 1656,and his name appears on the 1669 Hearth Tax Roll of the Parish of Arklow,Co. Wicklow.His sons included John,of Tomagaddy,P.Monamolin,Barony of Gorey,Co. Wexford in 1738(the will of John Tackaberry of Tomagaddy was p.Ferns 1752);Nathaniel,of Ballybanoge,P. Arklow in 1710,who d. 1725(the will of his widow Elizabeth is in Eustace,Vol.1,p,254);and Robert,of Bolendrush,near Carnew,co. Wicklow,in 1720.

Ballinasilloge is also in P. Monamolin,immediately adjacent to Tomagaddy and Robert Tackaberry(no. 276) presumably belonged to the Tomagaddy branch.

By 1836,when Lord Mount Morris sold off his Ballycanew estate(see:Mount Norris Auction Rental,1836)Incumbered estates Court,Box 835;Michael Thunder estates),farms on the townland of Tomagaddy were held,on leases dating from 1792 by Fossey Tackaberry(for the lives of John Tackaberry,aged 23,George Tackaberry,aged 19,and William Tackaberry,aged 16);Robert Tackaberry(for the lives of Benjamin Tackaberry his son,aged 23,Benjamin the son of WilliamTackaberry of Ballinasilloge,aged 12,and Robert the son of Richard Tackaberry of Ballinacarageen aged 10);Samuel Tackaberry;and William Tackaberry(each for his own life and two other lives unnamed).

By 1853,the tenants(holding from George Thunder) were Fossey Tackaberry,Fossey Tackaberry,junr.,Thomas Tackaberry,Esther Tackaberry and Robert Tackaberry.

There were no Tackaberrys at Ballinasilloge(G.V.)

Abbeydown,P.Moyacomb,Barony of Scarwalsh,is right on the Wicklow border.John Tackaberry held a house and some 5 acres there from George Symes in 1853(G.V.).

An anecdore in Kavanagh's Popular History of the Insurrection of 1789 entitled"Generous Act of Orangeman Thackaberry" describes from heresay nearly 100 years later how a farmer of this name living in the(catholic) parish of Blackwater intervened to liberate a priest wrongfully imprisoned by a magistrate at Gorey.

A Richard Tackaberry,farmer,of the P. of Ferns,was killed by the rebels at the taking of Enniscorthy,28 May 1798(Musgrave,app.p.115)."

The reference,to Robert Taccaberry,no. 276,comes from :

The Freeman Of Wexford in 1776 - by David Goodall

and,no.275, was:

Taccaberry,Benjamin,Abbeydown(nothing else).

and which suggests that both Robert and Benjamin were long time residents, in Wexford, as this was one of the conditions of voting.Further that this "276 Robert Tackaberry" was the son of John Tackaberry of Tomagaddy,County Wexford, as per the lease of 20 May 1749,and where Robert is mentioned, as the son of John, and the lease for 70 acres of land at Ballynesilloge.Although not certain it would seem that Robert's brother,Nicholas,had died by 1749.

It would seem that the William Tackaberry, of Ballynasillogue, and whose son,Benjamin Tackaberry,was 12 in the 1792 lease,would be a son to this Robert Tackaberry,number in voting,of 276.

Benjamin Tackaberry was ,previously,from Tomagaddy and took the lands,at Abbeydown,by lease dated 27 December 1766 and with Richard Sterne.

There was a Benjamin Tackaberry of Abbeydown, Moyacomb, whose Will was administered 1803 and,as well,the following:

Bap. 31 March 1792,Benjamin son of John and Ann,Abbeydown

Bap. 22 February 1793, Benjamin son of John and Ann,Abbeydown

Bap. 23 February 1800,Mary daughter of John and Ann,Abbeydown

Bap. 4 December 1803, Margaret daughter of Benjamin and Martha,Abbeydown

From this it would seem that Benjamin and John were brothers and that Benjamin was the first "Tackaberry" into Ontario with his wife,Martha Sherlock and their family c.1811/12.It is also thought that there was another brother,William,who may have re- married at Abbeydown.

This Benjamin died 17 August 1832 in Elizabethtown Twp. Leeds and born c. 1776 .

References being:

John Tacabray in the Hearthmoney Rolls,1669,assessed a tax of 2 shillings for his fireplace.He resides in Ballygriffin,Parish of Arklow,County Wicklow,as a tenant farmer leasing land from the Earl of Ormond.

Lease dated 23 February 1710 to Nathaniel Tackaberry,of Ballymanogue,Manor of Arklow, from the Rt. Hon. Viscount Allen.In a deed dated 1 May 1734 between Elizabeth Tackaberry and her son Nathaniel the said lands,of the 1710 lease,became vested in the said Elizabeth Tackaberry, the widow of the said Nathaniel Tackaberry, of the 1710 lease, and that in consideration of marriage of Elizabeth Stringer, daughter of the said Nathaniel Tackaberry,deceased,it was agreed that William Stringer,her husband,would have 40 acres of the said farm.

Although not certain it would seem that this was a marriage settlement and that the marriage,between Elizabeth and William Stringer,was 1734.

It would also seem reasonable to take the view that this Nathaniel,of the 1710 Lease,was a son to John Tackaberry and Margaret Doyle especially as a daughter was named "Margaret".

Robert Tackaberry leases land,1720,at Boldenrush. Details of this lease have not been sighted only the 1727 Deed of Release and which recites a grant for 300 pounds and which ,probably,is the 1720 Deed.

Again,it would be reasonable to take the view that this Robert was also a son to John Tackaberry and Margaret Doyle.

Deed dated 23 April 1724 from Nathaniel Tackaberry late of Ballnabanoge,Parish of Arklow,County Wicklow,farmer,deceased,to his wife Elizabeth and his son Nathaniel both of the same place,all his goods and chattels,sheep,horses,bonds,bills,debts,etc..witnessed by William Stringer,farmer of Arklow,Dennis Hayden,farmer,Parish of Arklow and Isaac Walsh,gentleman,City of Dublin.

It is not known whether the witness,William Stringer,was the husband of Elizabeth Tackaberry or her father-in-law and whether Isaac Walsh was the solicitor handling the Deed or a family friend as Robert Tackaberry married Mary Walsh,daughter of Nicholas Walsh.

Deed of Lease and Release dated 2 August 1727 Nicholas Walsh,Ballyhobuck,Co. Wexford.Gent. Robert Tackaberry,late of Bolundrush,Co. Wexford,Gent.Mary Tackaberry otherwise Walsh,his wife all of the 1st part. Stephen Lett,New Castle,Co. Wexford,Gent. the other part. Recites a grant(probably for the 1720 Deed) for the sum of 300 pounds of the lands of New Castle,Guyness,Spencertown,Allantown,Millontown,Rathcananagh and Edwardstown containing about 100 acres. Also one sixth part of a thatched house tenement and garden situated in Feigh,Liberties of Wexford where William Roch,mariner then dwelt and situated on the left side of the road from Wexford to Segraves Mill.

Witnesses are John Jacob,Bullingate,Co. Wicklow.John Radford,Little Gurteen,Co. Wexford,Edward Jacob,Sigginstown,Co. Wexford,Anthony Coristo,Woodhey,Dublin.

One could speculate that Nicholas Walsh may be related to the Tackaberrys as well as the "Jacobs".

This may even have been a marriage settlement deed and it would be interesting to know whom were the holders of all 6 parts of the cottage where William Roach resided.

The Will of Elizabeth Tackaberry, a widow of Balllynabanoge,County Wicklow,dated 12 September 1735, lists her son, Nathaniel Tackaberry, and her real estate of town and lands of Ballynabanoge,Parish of Arklow.Witnesses Charles Dickenson,Michael Headon and Samuel Dickenson,all farmers of the said Parish.

It could be that the Elizabeth was related to the "Dickensons" especially as her son,William,married Martha Dickinson.

286 59 184569

Lease of 11 October 1738;whereby Richard,Late Earl of Anglesey,let to John Tackabury of Tomagaddy,Co. Wexford,farmer,since deceased,the lands of Tomagaddy(168 acres) to hold for the lives of the said John and of Nicholas Tackabury his son and of Edward Tackabury his nephew at 50 pounds per annum.

Witnesses; Mathew Derenzy of Globemon Esq. since deceased,and William Coulthers of Dublin gent.

Memorial witnesses: William Coulthers and Fossey Tackabury of Co. Wexford,gent.

Registered by Benjamin Tackaberry.

William Colthers swore 28 January 1771.

It would seem that the nephew,Edward,would be the son of Nicholas Tackaberry and who,in turn,would be the brother of John, of the 1738 Lease, and that Edward would be the father of Thomas(1761 lease) and nephew to Elizabeth who married John Hollingsworth.

477 207 301888

Lease of 4 June 1792,whereby Arthur,Lord Viscount Valentia,let to William Tackaberry of Tomagaddy,part of the lands of Tomagaddy(93 acres 1 rood and 1 perch) to hold for the lives of the said William Tackaberry and of Benjamin Tackaberry aged about 12 years son of the said William,and of William Bryan aged about 4 years son of Jacob Bryan of Ballyneeteed and which suggests that a daughter married Jacob Bryan.

Witnesses: John Dockrill of Camolin land surveyor,and John Tackaberry,farmer.

470 254 301885

Lease of 4 June 1792,whereby Arthur,Lord Viscount Valentia,let to Fossey Tackaberry of Tomagaddy,farmer,part of Tomagaddy(54 acres) for the lives of John Tackaberry aged about 23 years,George Tackaberry aged about 19 years and William Tackaberry aged about 16 years,all sons of the said Fossey Tackaberry.

Witnesses:John Dockrill of Camolin land surveyor and John Tackaberry of Tomagaddy farmer.

468 277 301886

Lease of 1 June 1792,whereby Arthur,Lord Viscount Valentia,let to Robert Tackaberry of Tomagaddy farmer,part of Tomagaddy(44 acres 3 roods and 23 perches) to hold for the lives of Benjamin Tackaberry aged 23 son of the said Robert,and of Benjamin Tackaberry aged 12,son of William Tackaberry of Ballynasillogue farmer,and of Robert Tackaberry aged 10,son of Richard Tackaberry of Ballincarigan,farmer.

Witnesses: John Dockrill of Camolin land surveyor and John Tackaberry of Tomagaddy,farmer.

Should this Thackaberry have been Catholic then it would seem that he would have been the Nathaniel who went, in the 1817 exodus, to Canada, or a member of his family, as this was the only known Tackaberry's who were Catholic and it is known that one Nathaniel Tackaberry,who went to Ontario,was Church of England,as he applied for a Clergy Reserve Lot,so it is possible that the R.C reference,in the 1817 List,for Nathaniel Tackaberry,may not be correct unless,of course,it referred to another Nathaniel Tackaberry.

Nathaniel Tackaberry who died, 4 March 1781,age 74,had several children to his two wives,Lydia and Anne one ,of whom,was Nathaniel Tackaberry who,it is believed, married Jane Bennett,27 July 1784,and where this Nathaniel was Catholic.

The only unusual thing about this is that Nathaniel,who married,first,to "Lydia",did not name a son,Nathaniel,earlier than he did unless Nathaniel was quite old when he married or that there was an earlier born son,Nathaniel,who died young.

The view has been taken that the Nathaniel Tackaberry who married Judith Davis and then the,believed, widow,Jane Bennett,and the first of the three cabinet makers,Nathaniel the father;Robert his son and Nathaniel being Robert's son;was the son,Nathaniel,mentioned in the Will,and whose mother was "Anne" and maybe Anne Bennett.

Jane Tackaberry was baptised 21 January 1787 at Collegiate Manchester,Lancashire,the daughter of Nathaniel Tackaberry and Jane.Occupation:Cabinet Maker.

It is possible that the occupation,as Cabinet Maker, came from the "Bennetts" and through Richard Bennett,Wexford,cabinet maker,1776.

There were two other marriages with "Bennetts" being Martha Tackaberry and Charles Bennett and Alice Tackaberry who married John Bennett.

Martha Tackaberry was born c. 1759 and Alice Tackaberry c. 1803 and both are buried in Megantic County,Quebec,Canada.

Although not completely sure it seems that Martha Tackaberry was the daughter of Nathaniel Tackaberry,b.c 1721,and Catherine, and possible grand-daughter of,a, Nicholas Tackaberry and a "Martha".

It is believed that the eldest son of the John Tackaberry, who died c. 1752, was "Nicholas" and that this John had a brother and father "Nicholas".

There were also "Bennetts" at Ballycanew,County Wexford and,of interest,is that in 1657 Raphael Hollingsworth married Alice Bennett at St. Michael's Dublin and that Nathaniel Tackaberry,Jnr. named a daughter,Alice.

This was 4 June 1828 and James Godkin wrote:

"The occupant of Lot 17 in 1828 came from a family that has been well known in Protestant Ireland since the mid-17th century.This was Nathaniel Tackabury(also spelt Tackaberry)."

In his petition Nathaniel wrote that he had a wife and two children and was 10 years in the Yeomanry in Ireland.

On the same day,4 June 1828,Benjamin Tackabury applied for Lot 19 and James Godkin wrote "and was probably a brother of Nathaniel of Lot 17" and,that,on the well known Walling Map of Leeds and Grenville,1861,it shows the occupant,of Lot 19,as B.J. Tackerbury.In his petition Benjamin wrote that he had a wife and three children and was seven years in the Yeomanry in Ireland.The original application,for Lot 19,was in the joint names of Benjamin Tackaberry and Henry Rowsom but Henry Rowsom did not proceed and which suggests a close family relationship.

This Lot 19 was later transferred to William Godkin and John Crafts.

Lot 18 was held by Joseph Godkin.

Joseph Godkin was Joseph Thomas Godkin and William Godkin was William George Godkin both sons of Thomas Godkin and Elizabeth Tackaberry and where Joseph Thomas Godkin had married into the "Crafts" as well as Thomas Hollingsworth.

This indicates a close family relationship between Nathanial Tackaberry,Benjamin J Tackaberry,Henry Rowsom,Thomas Hollingsworth and the two Godkin brothers of Joseph Thomas Godkin and William George Godkin.

As it seems that John Craft's wife was a "Margaret" then this suggests either that she was a"Tackaberry" or a "Hollingsworth".

John Crafts fought in the battle at Vinegar Hill,21 June,1798,and it was his daughters who married into the "Godkins" and "Hollingsworths" in Canada.

This seems the case as the Ballycanew Church Records show,for 1 Jan. 1760,Pew Holders :

Ben. Fossey

Ben.Tackaberry and Fossey Tackaberry

Robert Tackaberry

This then gives four brothers:

Benjamin J Tackaberry

Fossey Tackaberry

Nathaniel Tackaberry

Robert Tackaberry(believed)

and a fifth being Nicholas mentioned in the lease of 11 October 1738 although there has to be some doubt on Nathaniel and who may have been a cousin.

What is not known is whether there were age limits to holding church pews or whether they were simply passed down from father to son/s ,and which seems the case,or that they simply had to be Church Members.

It is not known what the "J" stands for in Benjamin J Tackaberry and the only name,that comes to mind,is "John" after the father.

As John Bolton applied for Lot 20 then it could be that he was also related and possibly through Mary Tackaberry and Henry Bolton who married 1793.James Easton Godkin believed that John Bolton,born in Montreal, on the parents way to Upper Canada,was the son of Richard Bolton and grand-son of William Bolton who had,at least,10 children 27 May 1798.

The Ballycanew Register shows,for 1728,a son born to Abraham Bolton and which may suggest a connection to the Hollingsworths and Tackaberrys.

In the Irish Census - 1911-is the family of John(47) and Mary Tackaberry and 9 children and John's brother,Robert Tackaberry,(42),all R.C..As the first born,male,was named,Nathanial,then it would seem that this was John Tackaberry's fathers name.There were also other RC "Tackaberrys",in the 1911 Census,

being born in Wicklow;Carlow and Kerry.

Two of Joseph Godkin's brothers,Moses and Henry,did "bad" things,at Gorey,in 1798.

Henry(Harry) Godkin shot dead the servant maid of the Rev. Nicholas Redmond PP because she would not betray his where-abouts and Moses Godkin(Godkin of Gorey) burnt down the Catholic Chapel at Gorey and,from which,he took the sacred Vessels and Vestments.

Joseph being the father of the three Godkins who married into the Tackaberrys.

As a result of their actions,in 1798,four members of Harry Godkin's family took their own lives,three using the gun involved, and Moses Godkin(Godkin of Gorey) also took his life and in a terrible way.

One Tackaberry family,being that of Nicholas, b.c 1715,father of Thomas Tackaberry(b.19 March 1739/40 at Ballycanew) and,believed, father of Samuel Tackaberry who married Esther Fitzsimons ,1793, raises the possibility that there may have been an earlier Fossey/Tackaberry marriage as Samuel and Esther named a son,Fossey Tackaberry, who died 9 March 1888(83)-wife "Charlotte".The estimated year of birth,calculated at 1715,being 24/25 when his son,Thomas Tackaberry,was born ,suggests that Nicholas was either a son to Nathaniel Tackaberry and Elizabeth Stringer or a son to a brother,or cousin,of Nathaniel.

Naming of a son,Thomas,also suggests that Nathaniel Tackaberry may have had a brother,Thomas,and who married a Fossey.Otherwise there could have been Tackaberrys on the female side marrying into the Tackaberrys and,maybe,through Esther Fitzsimons via,maybe, the "Hollingsworths" or it could confirm that the,believed, "Sarah" who married John Tackaberry was really a "Fossey" and that this Nicholas was a brother to John Tackaberry and Sarah.This John Tackaberry had a son, Nicholas, and who was,most probably,the first born son being mentioned in the 1738 lease of John Tackaberry of Tomagaddy.It then becomes possible that "Fossey" comes into the "Tackaberrys" earlier than thought and through a daughter of Daniel Fossey or of his cousins,John and Edward Fossey, and not through a daughter of Peter Fossey.

Then,as well as Nicholas,b.c 1715,is a Nathaniel Tackaberry believed b.c 1703 in County Carlow and who is believed to have died, 1787, and whose son,Richard,married a cousin,from another County,being Alice Tackaberry.This comes from a family document in Ontario,Canada(kindly sent to me by Hilary Ellis) although there are doubts as to the accuracy of the 1703 year,and County of birth, as his son,Richard Tackaberry,was born c 1762.It is hopeful that Brian J Cantrell's listing of those killed, 1798/1799, may show Richard's age at death to confirm an approximate year of birth.

Thanks to Cara-Links(again) the age,at death,of the Richard T(h)ackaberry, killed in 1798, is 70 and which gives a birth year of c. 1728 however,the headstone inscription,for this Richard Thackaberry, shows his wife to have been Ann Rudd and not "Alice".

By one of those remarkable co-incidences Cara, of Cara-Links,lives in the same semi-rural/coastal town of North Western Tasmania, where my eldest son recently relocated, and I was able to meet up with Cara on a recent visit.

This Nathaniel cannot be the Nathaniel Tackaberry,Jnr. who married,first to Lydia(not Melody),1728 and then to "Anne" as this Nathaniel did not mention a son,Richard Tackaberry,in his Will of 28 February 1778(below) and which casts some doubt on the family document from Ontario.

It could be that the widow,Alice,of Coolatore,was the wife of a Richard/Robert Tackaberry who was,in turn,the son of the Richard killed in 1798.

The Ballycanew Paris Registers show the death of Robert Tackaberry,6 December 1807,age 16,of Coolatore.

Abstract of Wills,Prerogative Court of Ireland,by Sir William Betham.Public Record Office,Dublin.

Page 141. Number 337

Tackaberry,Nathaniel,of Kilcowen,(Killowen-HH) Co. Wexford,farmer,dated 28 February 1778,proved 11 May 1781.sons Robert and William-sons John and James-daus Alice wife of William Darlington of Bogland,Co. Wicklow,farmer-Jane wife of Thomas Robinson & Elizabeth wife of Richard Johnson-son Nathaniel-daur. Mary wife of George(142) Byrne-wife Anne-daus Anne and Margaret.

Although not certain the "142" for George Byrne may be the page for the abstact of his Will.

Also,it would seem that daughters,Anne and Margaret, were not married in 1778.

This wonderful research was provided by Ron Tackaberry of Athens,Ontario,and is invaluable in determing the various members of families.

Brian J Cantrell's "Memorials of the Dead" incorrectly shows the date,at death,of Nathaniel Tackaberry,as 4th March,1768 aged 74 years instead of 1781.

There was a Isaac Middleton who married Alice Godkin,1807,and a Nathaniel Thompson who married Elizabeth Middleton,1780,and the name"Nathaniel" may suggest a,prior, family relationship through the "Tackaberrys".There was just one other,Middleton, marriage being that of Thomas Middleton to Judith Brennan in 1793."Isaac" ,as a christian name,has been used , by the Tackaberrys ,who went to Pennsylvania c.27 August 1806(James Tackaberry and Elizabeth Middleton) . The actual travelling companions may be able to be checked, through the 1812 listing of Aliens,7 July 1812, as it shows the length of time, in America, plus age and family.For example James Tackaberry is shown as arriving,in America,27 August 1806,born 21 September 1773,and those travelling being James,his wife,Uncle and Aunt. It is not known whom the Uncle and Aunt were.

"Isaac" is mentioned as Nathaniel Tackaberry,son to James Tackaberry and Elizabeth Middleton, named a son,Nathaniel Isaac Tackaberry,and which could have been for the two grandfathers being Nathaniel Tackaberry and Isaac Middleton.

A Branch of this family, being John Tackaberry and Elizabeth Belton, moved to London Township,Ontario, in 1829, as Elizabeth had siblings and a Uncle and who were among the early settlers and the land, purchased,being the north half of Lot 1,Concession 3, was from a James Dickenson and which suggests a family relationship.

Although not completely sure it seems that a daughter,Lydia,born 30 January 1841,to John Tackaberry and Elizabeth Belton,married Richard Godkin and whose son,Ambrose Godkin,married Agnes Tackaberry,4 January 1882,daughter of Alex and Margaret Tackaberry and born c. 1862 at Goveneur,Canada.James Easton Godkin speculated that Lydia may have been a "Soper" as Richard Godkin lived with the "Sopers", out in Kitley, when a young man, and which may be correct as Lydia's headstone inscription shows her life span as 1832-1901 and buried in the Escott Cemetery,about seven or eight miles west of Brockville.

This James Tackaberry was a half brother to the William Tackaberry, who married Martha Dickinson, and went to Ontario, as they had the same father,Nathaniel,but different mothers.The mother of James was "Lydia" and "Anne" was the mother of William(this information was kindly sent by Ron Tackaberry of Athens,Ontario together with other "Tackaberry" research including the Will of Nathaniel Tackaberry,Jnr. of 1778 and went to Ron via Harry Hollingsworth c. 1966).

The Parish Register of Inch shows both Lydia and Anne as wives of Nathaniel Tackaberry with Elizabeth,daughter of Nathan & Lydia Tackaberry,of Killowen,bap. 12 June 1737and Anne,daughter of Nathan and Lydia being bap.9 March 1740 and Wm., son of Nathaniel & Anne Tackaberry,Killowen,bap. 4 October,1753.

As well as Richard/Robert there was another son,Anthony,and who seems to be the Anthony Tackaberry(killed in the 1798 Up-Rising of Wells) who married Margaret Shaw,1778 and,quite possibly,it was this Anthony's son,also Anthony,who married an "Elizabeth"(Elizabeth Pepperd) and whose son,Richard Edwin Tackaberry,was born 21 May 1821 at Brockville,Ontario.

Depending on Anthony's age,in 1798,it could be that,rather than being a son,to Richard/Robert,he was a brother.

There were "Tackaberrys" at County Carlow and a "Tackaberry" Farm at Ardistan about half a mile south of the ruins of the old church of Ardristan(Present Parish of Aghade),and,in 1894/5,aged 94, a Mrs. Eliza Prescott(nee: Rainsford of Rathglass) passed away at the residence of her nephew,Richard Henry Tackaberry, of Ardristan Mills,Tullow,County Carlow.

Of interest is that,in 1766,there were two "John James" in Agholde Parish,County Carlow,Wicklow.

This Richard Henry Tackaberry passed away, 27 January 1919,aged 73 years and,it is believed,that the "Tackaberry Farm" was in the Townland of "Rathglass" and that Richard Henry Thackaberry was named for his two grandfathers being Richard Tackaberry and Henry Rainsford.

The relationship being the marriage,23 February 1843,between William Tackaberry and Mary Rainsford at Tullow,County Carlow.

It is further believed that Mary Rainsford died young and that William remarried to Eliza O'Neill,at Athy,County Kildare,daughter of James O'Neill and Rebecca Budd, and,to whom,there were several children:

Emily Matilda

Charlotte Mary

Samuel John

Nathaniel William


Rebecca Jane

Joseph James

Frederick George

Adeline Francis

William O'Neill

Anna Eliza

Also at Tullow,and around the same time that Richard Henry Thackaberry was born,Nathaniel Tackaberry and Margaret(Fennell-?) had a son,also named Richard,christened, and this was the family that is believed to have settled at Lions Head,Ontario,Canada and which gives credence to the family document,from Hiliary Ellis, showing descent from County Carlow and where it would be reasonable,to take the view,that Nathaniel and William were brothers and their father "Richard".

The first record,of Tackaberrys/Thackaberrys, in County Carlow, is the marriage of Benjamin Tackaberry(Abbeydown) and Martha Sherlock in 1798.

The document,from Ontario, also mentions a Branch,of the family,called "Penn",who changed the family name to "Tackaberry", and which may relate to a place rather than a surname.The only name,that comes to mind,is Pennsylvania,USA.,where Tackaberrys went in 1806 and,should this be the "Penn" reference, then it ties in these families.

The following documents, listed,sent,again,by Cara-Links, have not yet been sighted:

Repository: Public Records of Northern Ireland

PRONI; T3694/1

Level: Item

Access: Open

Title: 12 Documents comprising a history of the Tackabury/Tackaberry family.

Dates: 1730-1985

Mentions: Wicklow to Pennysylvania and New York State and "Samuel Carrothers and Janet Elliott's family,Ontario,Canada and 10 additional letters to Thomas McMullan,Mount Bryder,Ontario and mentioning the Pollexfen family of Sligo".

"Sligo" reminds of the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry who passed away, at Sligo, in 1847.

The only reference found was that of Robert Tackaberry,son of John Tackaberry and Elizabeth, born c. 1852, and who married Elizabeth Carrothers, 22 December 1880 in Ontario.

One could wonder as to whether there is a relationship between this Elizabeth Carrothers and the "Coulthers" who was a Memorial Witness to the 1771 Will Administration/Lease registration of John Tackaberry along with Fossey Tackaberry.

The only thoughts, on Nicholas and this Nathaniel ,is that they are cousins of the Nathaniel Tackaberry who married Lydia(not Melody) in 1728.The St. Mogues register is not clear on "Fosse(y)" as Lydia's maiden name and,as the christian name of "Peter" was not used in the "Tackaberrys" then it would seem that Lydia may not have been a "Fossey" although it cannot be ruled out that this "Lydia" was a daughter to one of the two cousins of Daniel Fossey being John and Edward Fossey.

The "Hollingsworth" family history shows Elizabeth Tackaberry(1714-1781) as marrying John Hollingsworth(1712--1791) and their great grand-daughter, Sarah Hollingsworth,as marrying Fossey Tackaberry and having a son,Loftus Hollingsworth Tackaberry, and who died,at Ballycanew,County Wexford, 20 June 1860 at age 14 and another son,John Tackaberry.

The "Hollingsworth" family chart shows Elizabeth's parents to be John Tackaberry and Sarah Fossey but there is doubt,on this,and it seems,more likely,that Elizabeth was the daughter of Nicholas;sister of Nicholas Tackaberry; and a brother to John Tackaberry.

The Ballycanew Church Registers(St.Mogues) show different dates for Elizabeth Tackaberry who married John Hollingsworth and, as having passed away, 6 November 1784(age 74) and,for her husband,John Hollingsworth,as passing away 12 May 1791(age 78).

This gives a birth year,for Elizabeth Tackaberry,of c. 1710.

The actual headstone inscription shows the date,of death,as November 1781 and correctly,for her husband,John Hollingsworth as 12 May,1791 aged 78 years and which gives a birth date of c. 1707 for Elizabeth Tackaberry although it is hard to believe that Elizabeth was older than her Husband by 5 years or that she was 59 when her son,Samuel Hollingsworth,was born(died 25 March 1815 aged 48 years).It would seem,reasonable,that this Samuel Hollingsworth was a grandson/nephew and not a son unless,of course,the dates are incorrect as Elizabeth and John Hollingsworth had a son,Samuel.

What is unusal about this John Hollingsworth is that he was not included in the 1776 Mayoral Election voting, by the Freemen of Wexford, and suggests that he may have been,in 1776, Catholic or that his wife was as,in 1760,he was clearly Church of Ireland unless,of course,the John Hollingsworth, in the 1760 allocation of pews, was a son.

Richard Sterne,also,did not vote in the 1776 election.

It has been noticed of a Loftus Frizzel who escaped the Scullabogue massacre(Carrigbyrne) near New Ross,County Wexford,5 June 1798 and Loftus Henry Tackaberry born 24 February 1876 to John B Tackaberry and Martha Bolton and who married Levina(Lily) Walden, at California, 1905, and "Loftus" was used as a family name in the "Hollingsworths".John B Tackaberry may be the brother of Loftus Hollingsworth Tackaberry and a son to Fossey Tackaberry and Sarah Hollingsworth.

Also,in the 1776 Mayoral Election for Wexford,a prominent figure was Charles Tottenham Loftus and later,Lord Loftus.

"Loftus" was also used in the "Derenzy's" as Loftus Derenzy was baptised 27 March 1794.

No Roman Catholics voted in the 1776 Mayoral Election.

Also,on the "Hollingsworth" side,there is the family name of Abraham ,then,in relation to the Abraham Tackaberry,born 1797, and who married Catherine Herbert,1822,at Tipperary,Ireland,suggests that his, unknown, mother was a "Hollingsworth" although there is no mention ,of this,in the Hollingsworth family history.This is the family with the County Kerry(RC) connection.

There is a Abraham Bolton.

As regards the land leases held ,dating from 1792 ,it may be necessary to obtain copies as there is doubt as to the relationship of the various "lives" and the actual dates of the Land Deeds that is,were they all 1792 or of varying dates.The view,at this time,although not sighted,is that the dates of 1792 are correct as,in the "Godkins", there were several Land Deeds, all of the one year, being 1756.

Fossey Tackaberry's lease mentions the lives of John Tackaberry,aged 23,George Tackaberry,aged 19,and William Tackaberry aged 16.Should this Fossey be the father of the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry and where there was a brother,the Rev.John Cranwill Tackaberry,born 8 September 1799 then the John,mentioned, as one of the "lives",had either died, prior to 1799, or is of another family and,should this be the case,then it casts doubt on the relationship of George and William.Land Leases did not always show the family relationship of the three "lives".

There was a John Tackaberry b.c 1771 who died 20 August 1801(30) and he is the,believed,father of the Rev. Fossey Tackaberry and his brother,the Rev. John Cranwill Tackaberry and the son of Fossey Tackaberry(of the 1792 lease) who passed away,at Ballycanew,County Wexford, 5 September 1799,age 58.

The view has been taken that all three,John,George and William,are,indeed, children of Fossey Tackaberry and an unknown mother.Thanks to Robin Thackaberry,of Perth,Western Australia,the 1792 Leases have been sighted and which says that all three(John,George and William) are sons of the said Fossey Tackaberry.

This is,also, confirmed in the book titled "Old Sands Street Methodist Episcopal Church"and which has a chapter on the Rev.John Cranwill Tackaberry, son of John and Jane(Cranwill) and this very valuable information was provided by Stephen Bailey, of Dublin, along with family details including the Rev. John's wife,Sarah Louise Tieman, and their 6 children.

The half-brother,Henry Johnston,to the Reverends Fossey and John Cranwill Tackaberry,married 24 July 1849,age 39,of Tomagaddy,to Eliza Hollingsworth with the witnesses being John Cranwill and Geo. Johnston(most probably cousins). In naming his children Henry Johnston used the second christian names of "Cranwill","Hollingsworth","Dalton","Johnston" and "Howard".


John Hollingsworth Johnston

Henry Cranwill Johnston

Maria Cranwill Johnston

William Johnston Johnston

Edward Dalton Johnston

Samuel Howard Johnston

and the female names of:

Susan Jane Johnston

Eliza Anne Johnston

Fannie Caroline Johnston

Jane Eleanor Johnston

Annie Esther Johnston

Emily Mary Johnston

Laura Charlotte Johnston

All names,it would seem,to be of families on both sides. This would make Jane Cranwill's parents as Henry and Maria.

Considered to be of importance is the naming of William Johnston Johnston instead of,just,William Johnston,and suggests that the names, given, are for actual persons.

Some of these names may go back generations as the same happened in Grandma McMahon's "Godkins" and who had a :

Aunt Jemima Cooke Godkin

Uncle John Boles Godkin

Uncle Thomas Mintern Godkin

and all on the female line being grandma's father's mother,grandmother and great-grandmother.

"Howard" may come through the 1773 marriage of Eusebius Robinson and Frances Howard as it is these "Robinsons" who were related to the "Hollingsworths" through the "Jones" who died in Sculllaboge.This Eusebius Robinson voted in the 1776 Election, being of Rochestown, as well as a Thomas Robinson, of the same address, and which suggests brothers.

It is believed that Henry Johnston's brother,William George Johnston, married an "Elizabeth" and it was their son,Henry Cranwill Johnston,who married Charlotte Elizabeth Moore,4 June 1870 at York,Ontario. Henry being 25 at the time and born c. 1852 and which further suggests that Henry Cranwill was an actual person.

Following the 1798 Rebellion the following Claims for losses were made:

Townland of Tomagaddy,County Wexford;

Benjamin Tackaberry

Fossey Tackaberry

John Tackaberry

Samuel Tackaberry

William Tackaberry

Alice Tackaberry,a widow,Coolatore


Edward Tackaberry


Nicholas Tackaberry


Nicholas Tackaberry


Robert Tackaberry,a dealer


William Tackaberry,a miller.

Multiple holdings may indicate just the one person for Nicholas and Robert Tackaberry.

The rental of the estate of Abel Ram shows:

William Tackaberry being listed at Kilcloggy on 112 acres but by December 1806 ,or thereabouts,his name had been crossed out.

and those in the 1817 Exodus to Canada:

Robert Tackaberry,4

Richard Tackaberry,4

William Tackaberry,4

Henry Tackaberry,1

William Tackaberry,8(Martha Dickenson and 6 children-William,Ann,Margaret,Charles,Robert and Jane-Jane died at sea-plus husband William)

Nathaniel Tackaberry (RC),4(possibly from County Carlow-unless a son to Nathaniel Tackaberry and Jane Bennett who married, 1784, and who were,believed, Catholic. It would seem that Judith Davis may have passed away and Nathaniel re-married to the widow,Jane Bennett).

Of interest is the death of Robert Bennet Tackaberry of Yonge Escott, rear Township, 5 August 1876 and,although not sure,the 1817 Exodus for Robert Tackaberry(4);William Tackaberry(4) and Henry Tackaberry may have been the full family of Robert Tackaberry and Mary Williams and their children:

Robert Tackaberry Jr. who married Mary Cusick

Sarah Tackaberry who married Henry Chamney

Martha Tackaberry who married Richard Webster

Henry Tackaberry who is believed to have married Ann Rudd

Mary Tackaberry who married Edward Richards

Elizabeth Tackaberry who married Thomas McBratney

Alice Tackaberry who married William Tackaberry

When one includes the families of William Tackaberry and Martha Dickenson and Nathaniel Tackaberry then it seems that the families,in the 1817 Exodus,were all sons of Nathaniel Tackaberry Jr. and Elizabeth Stringer.

The numbers,after each name,indicates the number of family members intending to travel and,where it is believed,that each family had to pay their own fares and have sufficient resources much like to-days "economic" migrants.

Wills being:

Tackaberry,Fossey, Tomagaddy Monamolin, Farmer 1799

Tackaberry,Anthony, Wells Killincooly, Farmer 1800

Tackaberry,Benjamin, Abbeydown Moyacomb, Farmer 1803

Tackaberry,William, Ferns, Shopkeeper 1817

Tackaberry,Nathaniel, Ballyadam Kilmuckridge, Farmer 1819

Tackaberry,John, Ballinclay 1831

In a letter ,of 20 May 1973, from the Rev. John Godkin,then at Coquitlam,B.C.,to Harry Hollingsworth,John wrote:

"Your extract re John Tackaberry and Margaret Doyle is very interesting.You said it is from the Parish Register Society of Dublin,page 132,Vol. 7."

Tackaberry(Irish) marriages seem to be:

Abigal to George Alcock 1867(14 Feb.1867-Athy,Kildare)

Abraham to Catherine Herbert 1822(Tipperary)

Abraham to Jane ? (Frances bap. 1 November 1841)

Alice to William Bailey 1826

Alice to Will. Darlington (prior to 1778)

Alice to John Bennett ? (c. 1820?)

Alice to Thomas Sheill 1819

Alice to Edward Davis 1803

Alice to Fossey Godkin 1831(Fossey,son of James and Alice-cousin to Alice)

Alice to James Godkin 1798(27 March 1798)

Alice to William Kendrick 1861(8 August 1861)

Anne to James Charles Greene 1852(22 September 1852)

Ann Susan to Donald McRae 1873(8 September 1873)

Ann to James Grant 1785

Anne to Anthony Fillmore c.1867(then twice-1873 and 1879)

Anne to Thomas Clarke c.1873(Elizabeth born 1876 RC)

Anthony to Elizabeth Pepperd 1819

Anthony to Margaret Shaw 1778

Benjamin to Rachel Codd 1819

Benjamin to Ann Edward 1839

Benjamin to Elizabeth Hayes 1817

Benjamin to Maria Pierce 1841

Benjamin to Elizabeth Rath 1793

Benjamin to Martha Sherlock 1798(10 April 1798 at Carlow)

Benjamin John to Anne Byrne 1875(20 December 1875)

Benjamin (Minnie Thackaberry m. 9 March 1886)

Benjamin to Martha Greene c.1865

Benjamin to Eliza c. 1852

Catharine to John Rowson 1819

Catherine to Richard Halligan 1883(23 April 1883)

Christopher Bailey to Ester Th. 1878 (12 June 1878)

Charlotte Ruth to James Archibald

Bury 1868(4 June 1868 daughter to Benjamin)

Charlotte Elizabeth to Henry Bolton 1871(1 April 1871)


Edward to Martha Elizabeth Duffield 1818

Edward to Ann Smith 1790

Edward to Mary Philips 1822(27 February 1822 - 1841 UK Census)

Edward to Bridget Doyle ??

Elenor to John Webster 1834

Eliza to John Poole 1838

Eliza to James Hanlon 1839

Elizabeth to Edward Duffield 1829

Elizabeth to Thomas Godkin 1794(22 February 1794)

Elizabeth to Richard Johnson 1772

Elizabeth to George Leech 1842

Elizabeth to Peter Spencer 1835

Elizabeth Th. to George Williams 1793(Elizabeth's mother "Mary")

Elizabeth to Samuel Cochrane 1824

Elizabeth to Alexander Leary 1808( 15 August 1808)

Elizabeth to John Hollingsworth c1738

Elizabeth to William Stringer 1734(Deed date 1 May 1734)

Elizabeth to James H Walker c.1856(to Australia)

Elizabeth to Patrick Cleary 1832

Esther to William Erritt 1830(daughters Greta & Deborah)

Esther to Christopher Bailey 1878(12 June 1878-both parents Tackaberrys?)

Fossey to Ann Switzer/Savitzer 1841(13 April 1841)

Fossey to ? (of Monomolin died 5 Sept.1799 age 55)

Fossey to Charlotte ? ( Fossey died 9 March 1888(83)

Fossey to Sara Hollingsworth 1844??

Francis to Mary Ann Hannah Ricketts 1865(3 December 1865-previous Breeden))

Fossey to Eliza Johnston (1) 1826 ?(re-married to Miss Pedlow)

Fossey to Miss Pedlow (2) 1842 ?( Harriette Pedlow )

Fossey to Deslandes Remon 1872

Frances to John Newland 1832

George to Ann Marks 1799(may be Frances?)

George to Amelia Stephens 1833

George to Susanna Whellock 1807(19 March 1807)

George to Frances Marks(widow) 1799( 2 May 1799)

George to Mary Jones 1841(29 January 1841)

George to Eliza Jeffers c.1863 ? (

Hannah(widow) to Hugh Cochran 1860(22 February 1860 Templeludigan)

Hannah to Henry Taylor 1859(20 March 1859)

Henry to Ann Smith (daughter Ann b. 7- 1-1822)

Henry to Elizabeth

Henry Th. to Eliza Annie (Henry Robert Thackaberry b.15 March 1882

Henry Giles to Louisa Jane Richards 1878(7 March 1878)Then to Jane.

Henry Giles to Jane Hall 1890(27 August 1890)

James to Elizabeth Middleton ? (son William b.c 1776)

James to Mary ? (Mary bap. 28 March 1820 RC)

Jane to William Johnston 1805(Jane Cranwill-widow)

Jane to Thomas Robinson 1771

John to Jane Cranwill (Jane re-married to William Johnston 1805)

John to Margaret Dowzer 1827

John to "Anne" ? (child- Benjamin bap.31 March 1792)

John to ? ? (Daughter born 28 March 1735)

John to Margaret Sleator 1837(29 April 1837)

John to Margaret Doyle 1656(29 August 1656 at Dublin)

John to Sarah Willoughby 1763? (son,William bap. 16 March 1778)

John to Sarah ? (son,William died 16 June 1750(30).

John William to Kate Malone 1860(27 December 1860)

John to Mary Doyle 1893(27 April 1893)

John to Mary Helen Rice ? (Thomas Raphael bap. 26 Nov. 1899)

Margaret to Henry Morris 1831

Margaret to William Watkins 1819

Margaret to James Bulger ? (Thomas bap.10 Sept.1815 RC)

Margaret to Hugh Bowlands(?) 1765?-or 1785.(maybe "Boles" or "Bowers")

Margaret to George Wilson 1805(County Carlow daughter of Nathaniel)

Margaret to William Scott 1824

Margaret to John Sterne 1782

Margaret to George Matthews 1854(22 March 1854-daughter of George)

Margaret Sarah to William Burns 1874/5

Margaret to George Matthews 1854(22 March 1854)

Martha to Edmond Bayly 1805(28 July 1805)

Martha to Robert Hughes 1793

Martha to Abraham Strahan 1813

Martha to Charles Bennett ? (daughter of Nathaniel/Catherine?)

Martha to Henry Jenkinson c.1867

Mary Anne to Robert Hughes 1800(17 April 1800)

Mary to John Agar 1806

Mary to George Byrne

Mary to Thomas Bailey 1813

Mary to Henry Bolton 1793(believed son Fossey Bolton)

Mary to James Jackson 1838

Mary to James Kersey 1787

Mary to Nathaniel Tackaberry 1799(both Tackaberrys)

Mary to James Fector/Tector 1812

Mary to Francis Perrin 1802( 4 July 1802)

Mary to William Francis 1826

Nathaniel to Margaret Fennell 1844

Nathaniel to Mary Anne Wheatley 1844(1 July 1844)

Nathaniel to Lydia 1728 (Elizabeth bap.12 June 1737)

Nathaniel to Ann ? (re-married after Lydia died)

Nathaniel to Catherine 1750??

Nathaniel to Margaret O'Toole c.1860

Nathaniel to Jane Coombs 1858(27 December 1858)

Nathaniel toMargaret Farrell 1858(7 June 1858)

Nathaniel to Mary Tackaberry 1799(both Tackaberrys)

Nathaniel to Anne Piper(Prospect) 1826( 4 May 1826)

Nathaniel to Jane Bennett 1784(27 July 1784- Catholic-Jane a widow)

Nathaniel to Melody(??) Fossey 1728(Lydia not Melody)

Nathaniel to Judith Davis 1777( 8 March 1777-remarried to Jane?)

Nathaniel to Elizabeth Stringer ? (Nathaniel,Jnr,b.c 1706/7)

Nicholas to Ann Curley 1790

Nicholas to ? ? ( Thomas born 19 March 1739)

Nicholas to ?? c.1877(Rathdow)

Rhoda to John Bolton 1843

Richard to Alice D ?? (Alice remarried 1929)

Richard to Jane Minion 1814

Richard to Judith Parker 1819

Richard to Mary Ward 1837

Richard to Sarah Chapmon 1824

Richard to Ann Rudd ? (killed 1798)

Richard to Julia ? (of Ballinacoola-son of Robert??)

Richard to Jane Earl 1867(25 March 1867 son of Thomas)

Robert to Julia Moore 1881(18 April 1881)

Robert to Margaret 1768?

Robert to Jane Cook/e 1807

Robert to ??? (Nathaniel b 1820)

Robert to Catherine (John bap. 19 June 1826RC)

Robert to Mary Breen 1852?(maybe Breeden and William Robert)

Robert to Jane Warren 1827(Camolin Wexford)

Robert to Eliza Kemmith 1846(Camolin-5 Dec. 1846)

Robert to Mary Williams 1790

Robert to Elizabeth Newland 1789

Robert to ? ? (of Tomagaddy died 1 Sept. 1806 age 74)

Robert to Hannah Chadwick 1854(23 April 1854)

Robert to Susan Helson 1866(28 April 1866)

Robert to Mary Walsh 1727(Deed date 2 August 1727)earlier?

Robert to Sarah Sanders 1826

Robert to Margaret ? (Frederick bap. 30 April 1898)

Samuel to Hester Fitzsimons 1793

Samuel to Mary ?

Sarah to William Carley/Karley 1807(Curley?)

Sarah to Frederick Sparkes 1834

Sarah to John Godkin 1790(25 July 1790)

Sarah to Samuel Langstaff 1837(there was a earlier "Langstaff" relationship prior 1800)

Sarah to Joseph Warren 1833

Sarah to Edward Webster 1792

Sarah to John Francis 1804( 22 May 1804)

Sarah to Joseph Tyndall 1862(18 February 1862)

Susan to John Cahill 1843

???? to Sarah ? (Sarah Tackaberry, Widow, died 1850(88).)

Thomas to Mary Edwards 1836

Thomas to Martha Rudd 1838

Thomas to ????? (son,John d. 9 June 1822,age 25)

Thomas to ????? (daughter Esther m.1878)

Thomas to Margaret Thornberry c1878 (County Tyrone )

William to Elizabeth Christian 1808

William to Letitia Deacon 1807

William to Margaret Johnston 1805(maybe a sister to William Johnston)

William to Mary (Anne born 10 Nov.1817)

William to Mary Rainsford 1843(remarried to Eliza O'Neill)

William to Dorothy Rose 1757?(maybe Rose Grotheir?or Droghier-1787?)

William to Anne Woods(Widow) 1801(24 May 1801)

William to Catherine ? (son,Richard died 20 March 1841(12)

William to Martha Dickinson 1797??(to Ontario with 7? children)

William Th. to Mary Flynn 1871(26 August 1871)

There was a Tackaberry/White marriage 23 May 1833 in England.

There was a Thackaberry/Bulger marriage no dates.

Martha Tackaberry married,8 June 1844,at Swansea,Glamorgan,Wales to William Robert Ashfield.

From County Wicklow the families seem to be: John Tackaberie - Margaret Doyle

bap.24 Feb. 1632/3 b.c

d. d.

m.29 August 1656(Dublin)

Children: Nicholas Tackaberry - Martha (Fossey??)


d.before 26 August 1745


Children: Nicholas Tackaberry -




Children: Nathaniel Tackaberry



m. John Tackaberry

b.c 1734


m. Edward Tackaberry



m. Thomas Tackaberry



m. John Tackaberry


d.c 1752


` Children: Nicholas Tackaberry



m. Benjamin Tackaberry



m. Robert Tackaberry



m. Fossey Tackaberry



m. Unknown daughter



m. Elizabeth Tackaberry-John

Hollingsworth b.c b.c 1712

d.6 Nov.1784 d.12 May 1791


Children: John Hollingsworth



m. William Hollingsworth



m. Samuel Hollingsworth



m. Hollingsworth



m. Martha Hollingsworth



m. Elizabeth




m. Elinor Hollingsworth



m. Unknown Daughter(Anne?)-Samuel Hollingsworth b.c b.

d. d.


Children: Daniel Hollingsworth



m. Samuel Hollingsworth



m. William Hollingsworth



m. Anne Hollingsworth



m. Nathaniel Tackaberry - Elizabeth Stringer

b. b.

d. 1725(Will??) d. 12- 9-1735


Children: Nathaniel Tackaberry,Jr. - (1)"Lydia"

b.c 1706/7 b.

d.4- 3-1781 d.

m.(1) 1728

(2) (2) "Anne"

(3??) Bennett??


d. Elizabeth Tackaberry - William Stringer

b. b.

d. d.

m. John Tackaberry(believed)

b. b.

d. d.


Children: John Tackaberry - Sarah( ?? )

b.c 1685 b.c 1692/3

d.before 1743 d.24-06-1773



Children: William Tackaberry

b.c 1719/20

d.16-6-1750(age 30)

m. Margaret Tackaberry



m. Robert Tackaberry - Mary Walsh

b. b.

d. d.

m.2 August 1727?

Children: William Tackaberry - "Rose"

b.c b.c

d. d.


Children: Robert Tackaberry-"Margaret"

b.c b.c

d. d.

m. Deborah Tackaberry-Samuel


b.c b.c

d. d.

m. Robert Tackaberry(believed)

b. c 1732 b.

d. 1- 9-1806(74) d.

m. Richard Tackaberry - Ann Rudd

b.c 1727/8 b.c 1729/30

d.28 May 1798 d.20 March 1808

m. Margaret Tackaberry-Peter Fossey(maybe)

b.c b.c

d. d.


It is possible that Elizabeth Stringer's mother was a "Dickenson" or that her sisters may have married into that family as persons,of this name,were witnesses of Elizabeth's Will.There are also "Jacobs" as witnesses to the various Deeds.

Chas. Dickenson

Michl. Headon

Saml. Dickenson

There were also "Stringers"(and "Hollingsworths") at Killenagh as Alice Stringer, daughter to John Stringer by Anna Kelley, was baptised 1733 .And,as well,Elizabeth Stringer Tackaberry's daughter,Elizabeth,married William Stringer.

The family of Edward Tackaberry seems to be: Edward Tackaberry Thomas Tackaberry




Children: William Tackaberry



`m. John Tackaberry




The family of Thomas Tackaberry seems to be: Thomas Tackaberry

The family of Nicholas Tackaberry seems to be: Nicholas Tackaberry Samuel Tackaberry - Esther Fitsimons

b.c 1763 b.c

d.13-12-1839(76) d. at age 85

m. 1793

Children: Thomas Tackaberry-Martha


b.c.1807 b.c 1807

d.29-4-1889(82) d.3-8-1880



Children: Samuel


b.c 1839



m. Benjamin


b.c 1842


m. Margaret


b.c 1845


m. Martha


b.c 1848


(95) Elizabeth




m. Fossey Tackaberry-"Charlotte"

b.c 1804 b.c 1801

d.9-3-1888(83) `d.7-4-1877



The family of Nicholas seems to be:

The family of Thomas Tackaberry seems to be:

The family of Elizabeth Tackaberry seems to be: John Hollingsworth - Elizabeth Tackaberry

b.c 1712 b. c 1710/14

d.12- 5-1791 d. 6-11-1784


children: John Hollingsworth - Elizabeth Roe



m. Samuel Hollingsworth -



m. William Hollingsworth - Elizabeth Jones



m. Thomas Hollingsworth - Alice Oakes



m. Martha Hollingsworth - William Robinson



m. Elinor Hollingsworth - Thomas Pielow



m. Elizabeth Hollingsworth -



m. Anne Hollingsworth (Maybe)




The family of Edward Tackaberry seems to be: Thomas Tackaberry




Children: William Tackaberry -



m. John Tackaberry -




The family of Nathaniel seems to be: Nathaniel Tackaberry,Jr. -(1) Lydia (?? Fossey)

b.c 1706/7 b.

d.4- 3-1781(age 74 years) d.

m.(1) 1728

(2) (2) Anne

(3??) b.


Children: John Tackaberry


d.alive 1778 Will


(maybe to USA and whose family may have married into the "Flemings"or "Hollingsworths" of Kent County Dealaware). Or the Uncle and Aunt who travelled, to America, with James(born 1773) and his wife who arrived 27 August 1806.Or stayed on the Farm. James Tackaberry - Elizabeth Middleton

b. 9/1732 b.c. 1740

d. 28- 7-1810 (Pennsylvania)d. 1810(Penn.)??

m.c 1764

Children: Nathaniel Tackaberry - Sarah

Julia Neusum


b.c 25-2-1768/1770 b.c 1769

d.25-3-1851 d.7-4-1847

m. John Tackaberry

b.c 1770


m. Susan Tackaberry

b.c 1772


m. William Tackaberry-Anne

b.c 1774

d.5 May 1846

m. James Tackaberry

b.c 21 September 1773


m. Thomas Tackaberry - Martha


b.c 1778 b.c 1777

d. d.

m. Robert Tackaberry - Jane


b.2- 3-1783 b.c.1785

d.11- 3-1823(Toronto)d.1818

m.c 1807(Arklow) Lydia Tackaberry-George Fearon

b.19 June/July 1786 b.

d. 16-12-1838 d.

m.18- 7-1803/5 Elizabeth Tackaberry - Richard Johnson

b.12 June 1737 b.

d. d.

m. 1772 Jane Tackaberry - Thomas Robinson

b. b.

d. d.

m. 1771 Mary Tackaberry - George Byrne

b. b.

d. d.

m. prior 1781 Alice Tackaberry - William Darlington

b. b.

d. d.

m.prior 1781

Children:(believed) Robert Darlington



m. Nathaniel Darlington



m. Nathaniel Tackaberry -(1) Judith Davis

b. b.

d. d.


Children: Michael Tackaberry

Bap. 30- 7-1778



(2) Jane( Bennett?)


d. Robert Tackaberry - Mary Williams

b. b.

d. d.

m. 1790

Children: Robert Tackaberry-Mary Cusick



m Sarah Tackaberry-Henry Chammey



m Martha Tackaberry-Richard Webster



m. Henry Tackaberry-Ann Rudd



m. Mary Tackaberry-Edward Richards



m. Elizabeth Tackaberry-Thomas

b. McBratney


m. Alice Tackaberry-William Tackaberry



m. William Tackaberry - Martha Dickinson

b.4 Oct. 1753 b. d. 13 Sept. 1826 d. 15 Oct.1831


Children: William Tackaberry-Sarah Parish

b.23- 2-1806 b.c 1813



Children: William



m. Charles


d.c 1860

m. Chloe



m. Jane



m. Rosalie



m. 2 Ann Tackaberry -(1) Heber


b.4- 9-1809 b.

d.29- 1-1883 d.c 1833


Children: Chloe

` b. 1830



(2) (2) Phillip Yates


d. Margaret Tackaberry-William


b.7- 5-1803 b.

d. d.

m. Charles Tackaberry - Philena


b.25- 2-1811 b.21-11-1819

d.10-11-1882 d.22-1-1867

m. 29- 3-1842

Children: Nathaniel


d.1846 William


d.1865 Elijah



m. Hester Ann



m.1878 William



m. Martha



m.1873 Jane



m. Robert Tackaberry - Direxa


b.19-4-1813 b.

d.1- 2-1900 d.

m.c 1838 Jane Tackaberry

b.c 1816

d. 1820(at sea) Anne Tackaberry - James Grant

b. 9 March 1740 b.

d. d.

m. 1785 Margaret Tackaberry - Hugh Bowland

b. b.

d. d.

m. 1785

The early Tackaberrys in PA were:

1808 Allegheny County - Robert and Thomas

1809 Township of Pine - James and Robert

1810 Allegheny County - Thomas and Robert

Thomas and Robert Tackaberry are shown as "R & T Tackaberry Merchants" in the 1815 City Directory for Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania and,at the same residential address,Elizabeth Tackaberry,Widow,and who would be Elizabeth Middleton who is also shown as having died 1810 unless this Elizabeth is a widow of one of Elizabeth Middleton's sons.

The Pennsylvania "Tackaberrys" descend down from Nathaniel Tackaberry(1706/7-1781) through his first wife "Lydia" and their son,James Tackaberry who married Elizabeth Middleton.