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Discussion paper  -  “Colleys” in County Wexford

The Freemen of Wexford in 1776 by David Goodall for The Irish Genealogist.
55. Colly,John,Esqre.,Ballywalter (N).
Probably the son of William Colley of Ballywalter whose will was p.Ferns 1719. His sister Mary m. Thomas Higginson of Moneyhere(Moneyhore?)(I.W.&P. 1718-59). At the age of 80,he m. in July 1771 a Miss Bolland,aged 16 years(Index to Marriages in Walker's Hibernian Magazine,1771-1812). Their only daughter and heiress,Alice(b. 7 April 1772,d. 16 December 1861),m. in 1786 John Pounden of Daphne,grandson of an immigrant from Liege who settled in Co. Wexford post 1734 and voted in the Co. Wexford election of 1753(although objected to as having been born of popish parents and not having conformed-see Commons Journals,Vol.1x,p.452). John Pounden became of Ballywalter and was killed at the taking of Enniscorthy by the rebels,28 May 1798 where he commanded a body of yeomen infantry(Musgrave,pp. 348-54). For the subsequent history of this family see B.L.G.:Pounden of Ballywalter House,Ballywalter(mis-spelt Ballywater in G.V.) is in the parish of Donaghmore,Barony of Ballaghkeen North. In 1853 it was owned by John Colley Pounden.
This seems reasonable as,apart from both William and John being of Ballywalter,County Wexford, John had a brother,William Colley. Thomas Higginson being the son of Edward Higginson and Mary,the daughter of Robert Savage.

Deed 223 562 149274 – Thomas Higginson to Valentine Gill. 3 February 1764.
Indented Deed between the Rev. Thomas Higginson of Ballinderry Co. Antrim and Valentine Gill of Enniscorthy Co. Wexford Reciting that John Gamble late of St. Johns deceased did by Indented Articles of Agreement dated 24 June 1748 demise unto Thomas Higginson late of Ballyboy,Co. Wexford one third part of the Town and Lands of Moneyhere in the Manor of St. Johns for the lives of the said John Gamble,Lucy Skelton and Elizabeth Moore Reciting that Thomas Higginson is dead but before his death made his will and devised unto his wife Mary Higginson otherwise Colley,now Mary Bennett,his leases of Tomsilia,Ballyboymore and Moneyhere during her life and no longer and direct at her decease the said leases should be sold or set to the best advantage and the profits arising therefore to be equally divided among his children viz;
    Thomas Higginson,party to these presents.
    Ann Boarman
    Alice Gill
    Susanna Higginson and Frances Higginson since deceased
Thomas transferred to Valentine Gill 2/3 and Elizabeth Moore and Thomas Jones(the son of Issac  Jones late of Tomgarr, Co. Wexford deceased) were added in the stead of John Gamble.

Journal of the Association for the Prevention of the Dead in Ireland.
County Wexford.
Millenagh,or Melenagh Churchyard.
Page 246.
“Here lyeth the body of John Colley,of Ballywalter,in County of Wexford.Esq. He died 6th day of April,1777,in ye 76th year of his age. He was a pattern of Virtue,Religion,and good conduct. His friends were the wise,the virtuous,and the learned. His Enemies-None. His Mourners-All who knew him.”
“Here also lyeth the body of Mrs. Allice,wife of the said John Colley,who died the 23rd May,1770”.
An adjoining tomb bears the following inscription-
“ Thomas Smith died 2 April,1777,aged 55 years. Dorothy Colley,otherwise Smith,died Nov. 28th 1809, aged 95. St. Mogues' records has Dorothy's age at 97.
Beneath this tomb lies also the remains of Capt. John Colley Smith,Captain in Command of the Camolin Cavalry in 1798. Departed this life at Camolin 20th March,1837,aged 90 years.” This would be a son and who married Patience Hartley of St. Peter Dublin 18 July 1789,Spinster, and it could be that Patience was the daughter of Humphrey Hartley who retired as Curate of St. Mogues,Ballycanew at the end of 1780 and succeeded by the Rev. Andrew Little.
These headstones were located by Mr. Francis P. Colley who visited the churchyard some time since to seek for the Colley tomb.
There is some doubt as to the ages shown   as it would make Dorothy(Colley) Smith 8 years older than her husband.  Perhaps 55 should be 65?.
There was a Thomas Colley Smith who passed away 1857 and,of interest,is that the executor,of his Will,was Thomas Cranwill of Ballycanew and which suggests that it was a daughter of Thomas Smith and Dorothy Colley who married Patrick Cranwill of Ballycanew and where Patrick Cranel,son of John Cranel,was born at Ballycanew 8 June,1740 and passed away 7 September,1827.
Page 249.
“ Now to return to Walter,son of Sir H. Colley. His grandson was Thomas Colley,of Balcarrick,whose son John Colley,of Ballywalter,is the gentleman named on the before-mentioned tombstone. This gentleman had an only child,Alice,who married John Pounder Esq.(killed in 1798),and was grandmother of the present John Colley Pounder ,Esq. Of Ballywalter.
The County Wexford branch of the family of Colley are represented in the male line by Francis P. Colley,Esq., of Liverpool,who is the grandson of Roger Colley,of Balcarrick,a younger brother of the John Colley,of Ballywalter,before mentioned. John and Charles Wesley,the founders of Methodism,are stated to have been the great -grandchildren of Anne,daughter of Sir H. Colley,of Castle Carbery,by her marriage with Bartholomew Wesley”.  

Hibernian Magazine – Marriages

Colley, rev. Arthur,Bellcarrig,Co. Wexford = Pentland,Miss. d. of John, Hollymount,Co. Dublin.

5. “Pentland”
Francis Pentland Colley married Harriet Beasley and  there was a John Pentland Beasley. Known children,of Francis Pentland Colley,being Arthur R Colley(born England 1854) and Harriet F Colley(born England 1852) and two sisters,of Harriet Beasley, are known being Deborah Beasley(born Ireland 1816) and Alicia Beasley(born Ireland 1820).

“At  Athboy,Nangle may have come across the Pentlands,a local clerical family who had suffered considerably as a consequence of the 1798 Rising in County Wexford. The Rev. John Pentland, Curate of Kilanne, was killed on Vinegar Hill 29 May 1798 while his brother in law and rector Simon Little lost property valued at 73 pounds during the rising and Ann Pentland was the wife of the Rev. Arthur Colley curate of Ballycanew during the Rising”.
It is believed that the Rev. Simon Little,son of the Rev. Andrew Little and Rhoda Allen, married Mary Pentland c. November 1780 at Athboy,Meath,Ireland.

4 & 5 confirm that Francis Pentland Colley was the son of the Rev. Arthur Colley son of Roger Colley of Balcarrick and was living at Brownswood,Enniscorthy,County Wexford  in September 1893 as a letter was published in the Irish News.

Deed 156 204 105099
Instrument in Writing, Jan.23,1746 whereby John Colley,Ballywalter,(parish of Killenagh-Ed.) Co. Wexford,made over to John Hollingsworth,Monro, that part of Monro & Ballynakill then in the possession of said John Hollingsworth,excepting Moge Murry & Daniel Murry's holdings,to hold for the natural lives of John Colley,Allice Colley, & William Colley his brother,or for 38 years,from Sept. 29,next, at 20 pounds six shillings & half;per annum. Witnesses William Colley, Curriduffe & Edward Jones,Ballycanew. Registered Nov. 4,1752.
Allice Colley would be the wife of John Colley.

Allocation of Pews at St. Mogues,Ballycanew, 1 Jan. 1760.
2. Thomas Colley
14.1 Thomas Smith
14.2 William Colley, Mrs. Gregg (maybe a sister to William Colley?)
26 May, 1760 – Roger Colley

Family Chart:
Sir Henry Colley of Castle Carbery and Edenderry, believed son of Walter Colley(1500-1548) and,believed, grandson of Robert Colley. As well as Walter Colley it is believed that Robert had a son Robert. Sir Henry Colley married Catherine Cusack, daughter of Sir Thomas Cusack and,believed, Maude Darcy of Cussington,County of Meath. It is thought that the parents,of Sir Thomas Cusack, may have been John Cusack of Cussington and Alison de Wellesley and where Alison was the daughter of William Wellesley and Ismay Plunket of Dangan Castle,County Meath. After the death of Sir Thomas Colley in 1584 Catherine re-married to William Eustace and died 1598. There was a Anne Cusack,the daughter of Edward Cusack and Elizabeth Aylmer who married Valerian Wellesley(1592-1655) being the son of William Wellesley(the son of Garret Wellesley and Genet Cusack) and Ellice Wakeley. The children of Sir Henry Colley and Catherine Cusack being:
    Sir Henry Colley – married Anne Loftus(daughter of Adam Loftus,Archbishop of Armagh/  Dublin c.1533-5 April,1605 and Jane Purdon who married 1560). It is believed that Anne Loftus re-married first, to George Blount of Kidderminister,Worcestershire and then to Edward,Lord Blaney.
    Mary Colley married first to Garret Moore,1st Viscount Moore,and had,believed,twelve children and then to Charles Wilmot,1st Viscount Wilmot.
    Sir George Colley of Edenderry,King's County married Margaret Loftus (daughter of Adam Loftus,Archbishop of Armagh/ Dublin).

    Adam Loftus,Archbishop of Armagh/ Dublin, named three of his children Dudley, Thomas and Dorothy.

 One child being Sir William Colley of Edenderry who died 1645 and who married Anne Meredyth, the daughter of Richard Meredyth,Bishop of Leighlin and where Anne is believed to have died  18 September,1608  and her son,William Colley died the same day.
    Gerald Colley of Ardee(daughter Catherine married William Moore of Barmeath)
    Eleanor Colley – married Robert Talbot

Henry Colley(c.1585-1637),son of Sir Henry Colley and Anne Loftus, married Elizabeth/Anne Peyton and had the,believed, following children:
    Dudley Colley
    Mary Colley
    Charles Colley
    Eleanor Cooley – married Norris Jephson of Mallow
    Peyton Colley
    Thomas Colley
Elizabeth/Anne Peyton had married first to Sir Richard Cooke and had the following children:
    Peyton Cooke
    William Cooke
    Walsingham Cooke
and who were step-children of Sir Henry Colley. Elizabeth/Anne Peyton being the daughter of Sir Christopher Peyton and Anne Palmer.

Dudley Colley(b.c 1621-d. July 1674-alias Cowley) married Anne Warren daughter of Henry Warren and,secondly,Elizabeth Sankey daughter of George Sankey believed of Balenrath of King's County. Elizabeth is thought to have been a widow of Henry Bollard and,should this be the case,then “Bollard”is very similar to “Bolland” being the young girl whom the ageing John Colley married in 1771 and may be the “missing” link and would explain why John Colley,with no heir, married Miss Bolland. Balenrath being the residence of William Moore who married Catherine Colley the daughter of Gerald Colley of Ardee.
Children to Anne Warren being:
    Elizabeth Colley  married to Garret Wellesley of Dangan Castle,County of Meath and which had been in the Wellesley family since c.1411. Of their children Dudley,Elizabeth,Valerian,Colley and Christopher all died young while William and Garret,who both married “Keating”sisters, died without issue. Margaret Wellesley married Wentworth Harman and had two known children being Thomas and Wentworth Harman.
    Ellen Colley
    Mary Colley believed married  William Ashe.
    Henry Colley
and,to Elizabeth Sankey:
    Grace Colley

The only son,Henry Colley(1648-1700),married first to Sarah Boswell and then to Mary Ussher in August 1694 daughter of (Archbishop?) Sir William Ussher and Ursula daughter of Captain George St. Barbe and had,it is believed,twelve children being six boys and six girls of which four boys had died prior to 1705. Known children being:
    Henry Colley d. 1728 – married Lady Mary Hamilton 1719.
    Richard Colley – Baron Mornington
    Anne Colley –  believed married William Pole
This Henry Colley(1648-1700) was also known as Henry Cowley.

Richard Colley(b.c 1690,d. 31 January 1768) changed his name legally on 15 November,1728 to Richard Wesley shortly after he had inherited the estates of Dangan and Mornington in County Meath on the death of his cousin Garret Wellesley. Richard Wesley married Elizabeth,daughter of John Sale 23 December 1719 and had the following children:
    Garret Wesley
    Frances Wesley – married William Francis Crosbie
    Elizabeth Wesley – married Chichester Fortescue

Garret Colley Wesley (19 July,1735/22 May,1781) married Anne Hill-Trevor the eldest daughter of Arthur Hill-Trevor 1st Viscount Dungannon and his wife Anne Stafford. Children being:
    Richard Wellesley – inherited  the father's Earldom Viscount Wellesley.
    William Wesley-Pole(believed inherited from William Pole)
    Gerald Valerian Wellesley(believed Chaplain  to the Queen)
    Arthur Wellesley – married Kitty Pakenham(2 believed sons Arthur & Charles)
    Henry Wellesley (Lord Cowley)
    Lady Ann Wellesley – married (1) Henry Fitzroy
                        (2) Charles Culling Smith
Arthur Wellesley(b. 1 May 1769 Dublin/d. 14 September 1852) being 1st Duke of Wellington.

There seems no apparent direct link to this family of “Colleys” and the “Colleys” of County Wexford where the earliest known family member is believed that of  William Colley of Ballywalter,County Wexford who died c. 1719. Should a son be the John Colley of Ballywalter who was born c.1691/1701(80 in July 1771 when he married or 76 when he passed away 6 April,1777)and who had a brother William Colley and a sister Mary Higginson, then allowing for the father to be 30 years of age when married and that John Colley was the eldest child then William Colley would have been born c. 1660/1670.
This gives a birth date of c. 1630/1640 for the father of William Colley of Ballywalter,County Wexford and the only “Colley's”, within this time frame, appear to be the three,believed,children of Henry Colley(1585-1637) who married Elizabeth/Ann Peyton being:
    Charles Colley
    Peyton Colley,and
    Thomas Colley

Having said this it must be remembered that the above chart is of just one,believed,son of Walter Colley being Sir Henry Colley who first leased the Castle Carbury and then purchased the property and it would be reasonable, to take the view, that there would be other children and which could include a son,Walter, after the father and a daughter Agnes/Anne after the mother or,of course,all daughters. Being of substantial means, and in Ireland, suggests that the County Wexford Colley's descend down from a son of Walter and Agnes/Anne Colley(other than Sir Henry Colley) and,should this be the case,then there is no direct link back to the “Wellesleys” as this family only came into the “Colleys”through the marriage of Sir Henry Colley and Catherine Cusack and where Catherine descended down from William Wellesley and Ismay,daughter of Sir Thomas Plunket and granddaughter of Sir Lucas  Cusacke. William being the son of Christopher de Wellesley the son of Richard de Wellesley and Joan,the eldest daughter, and heiress, of Sir Nicholas de Castlemanton.

Of interest is a daughter of the Rev. Arthur Colley and Ann Pentland being Eliza Jane Colley,born 1 August 1808 and of Belcarrig,County Wexford,and who married William Dowdall Pigott (1832) and who re-located to Ontario,Canada, and where a son,Arthur Colley Wellesley Pigott was born c.1840. Naming of the son”Wellesley” does not guarantee that the family descended down from the “Wellesleys” and may only have been included because of the Duke of Wellington otherwise it  suggests that the Rev. Arthur Colley,of St. Mogues Church,Ballycanew,County Wexford descends down from Sir Henry Colley of  Castle Carbury,County Kildare.
References have been sighted regarding a marriage between a Thomas Colley of Balcarrick, County Wexford, and Agnes Lyndon but no evidence of this event has been sighted especially dates.

This Arthur Colley had a sister named “Patience” who married Christopher Harrison as well as naming a daughter “Patience”and which suggests that Arthur Colley's mother/grandmother may have been a “Patience” and possibly related to the  Hollingsworths and which would explain Lease 643.306.443569 of 21 February,1812 where John Colley,son of the Rev. Arthur Colley,of Ballincarry, County Wexford,aged 10 years, is included as one of the “lives” indicating a close family relationship to the “Hollingsworths” and which may,also, explain the Christian name of “Loftus” in the “Hollingsworths”.

It is believed that there is a monument in the Glaiston Church, Rutlandshire, for Walter Colley Esq.(c.1500-1548) and Agnes/Ann his wife. While no descendants are named “Walter”( or that of the father” Robert) it may simply be of a political nature.

It is not known from whom Dorothy Colley descends or Thomas Colley who held a pew in the 1760 allocation of St. Mogues,Ballycanew,County Wexford and it is suggested that they may be siblings of Roger Colley of Ballycanew.

There are “Colleys” in Dublin not identified being:
    Christopher Colley  1709
    Elizabeth Colley      1760
    Frances Colley       1743
    Sarah Colley             1746
Dates being when their Wills were probated.