Descendants of Louis Sedilot


Jean Baptiste Prevost

(II)-Jean Baptiste Prevost, Metis, b-1659, died May 12, 1737, St. Augustin, son (I)-Martin Prevost, (1611-1691) and Marie Oliver Sylvestre, Sauvagesse, (1626-1665): married 1st. August 18, 1683, Quebec, (II)-Marie Anne Giroux, b-1607 daughter (I)-Toussaint Giroux: married 2nd February 3, 1712, Ste Foye, (III)-Genevieve Sedilot, daughter (II)-Jean Sedilot.

98. Jean Baptiste,Josette Marie,Jeanne,Anne,Francois Prevost

May 9: Quebec, marriage (III)-Jean Baptiste Prevost, Metis b-1712 son (II)-Jean Baptiste Prevost, Metis (1659-1737) and (III)-Genevieve Sedilot b-1685; married (II)-Angelique Bisson b-1706

99. Marie,Catherine Marie, Joseph, Genevieve Marie Prevost

August 18: Quebec, marriage (III)-Joseph Maillot b-1713, died January 21, 1761 Ste Anne de la Perade and married (III)-Marie Jeanne Provost, Metis b-1714 daughter (II)-Jean Baptiste Prevost (1659-1737) and (III)-Genevieve Sedilot b-1685

100. Martin Prevost

August 18: Beauport, marriage (II)-Jean Baptiste Prevost, Metis b-1659, died May 12, 1737 St. Augustin son (I)-Martin Prevost (1611-1691) and Marie Olivier Sylvestre, Sauvagesse, (1626-1665); married 1st August 18, 1683 Beauport, (II)-Marie Anne Giroux, (Girou) b-1667; 2nd marriage February 3, 1712, Ste Foye, Genevieve Sedilot

38. Jean Baptiste Sedilot dit Montreuil

Jean Baptiste 1689 continued in the Kaskaskia enterprise of the fur trade. There was no relocation of families, and the annual travel between Canada and Kaskaskia continued. River travel was before the spring floods and return prior to the winter freeze. Jean Baptist 1689 and Marie had fourteen children in Lachine Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue and Soulanges. The seventh child was MICHEL, BORN IN 1728. Michel had had enough of the traveling father and grandfather, and he remained in Canada.

Jean Baptiste 1689 after his early years of traveling settled in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue and attained the position of Captain of the Militia.

124. Pierre Prevost

April 30: Ste Foye, birth (IV)-Pierre Prevost, Metis, son (III)-Pierre Prevost, Metis b-1701 and (III)-Marie Joseph Sedilot (1706-1760); 1st married February 25, 1754 Quebec, Marie Louise Bergeron; 2nd marriage, Quebec June 20, 1763 Judith Alary.

125. Jean Marie Prevost

March 26: Quebec, birth (IV)-Jean Marie Prevost, Metis, son (III)-Pierre Prevost, Metis b-1701 and (III)-Marie Joseph Sedilot (1706-1760); married January 15, 1761 St. Michel d'Yamaska, Marie Anne Madoue.

September 21: Quebec, birth (IV)-Marie Angelique Prevost, Metis, died January 11, 1750, Quebec, daughter (III)-Pierre Prevost, Metis b-1701 and (III)-Marie Joseph Sedilot (1706-1760).