Descendants of Louis Sedilot

(Louis Sedilot is listed at Montreal University as a Quebec Pioneer)

                                                                                                            Sedilot - Montreuil - Montroy - Gendron

Louis Sedilot left Paris with his second wife Marie Grimoult and arrived at Quebec in 1636. Quebec in 1627 had a population of 67 foreigners and by 1643 less than 300.

Louis Sedilot, ancestor of the Sedilots and the Montreuils of Canada, was born about 1600 at Montreuil-les-Bresches (or Montreuil sur Bresche) in Picardie, France. He went to Paris in 1626 as a young man, and there met and married Marie Challe . They had a daughter, Marie, born in 1627. Marie Challe died in 1630 and Louis married a second time to Marie Grimoult,{sometimes spelled Grimou), widow of Bonaventure Pagnon, from Gif-sur-Yvette Arrondissement of Palaiseau, Archdiocese of Paris (Essonne) in 1636.

 The following year, 1637, Louis and wife Marie crossed the Atlantic Ocean to Canada. Sometime before their departure Louis placed his daughter Marie, born of his first marriage to Marie Challe, with the Feuillantes Nuns of Rue St. Jacques in Paris and had advanced these nuns maintenance fees of 500 pounds, which amount covered the expense for a four or five years stay.

 There is some question as to exactly when Louis returned to France for his daughter, Marie. It is presumed to be around 1639 when Marie was 12 or 13 years of age. Upon arrival in Quebec Louis contracted to the 100 Associates Company to clear and break ground for tillage. He worked for them until 1640 and then was hired by the company that succeeded them, The New France Co.

In 1645, he decided to acquire his own land. He gained a concession from the Governor of New France, Charles Huault de Montagny, at Cote Sainte-Genevieve. In 1651 he obtained a new land concession from the third Governor, Louis d'Ailleboust. Finally in 1660 he received a third concession from Governor d'Argenson.

The 1667 Census recorded proof of his life and work. He owned 40 arpents (60 acres), cleared, and three head of stock in his barn. He had seven children in his two marriages, three sons and four daughters. Each of the three sons adopted a different surname.

 Nicolas Gendron first appeared in Quebec on 30 Nov 1652 as a witness to a concession of land signed by a notary. By 1652 men, women and children in Quebec would have totalled between 400-500 people. We can only guess Louis and Nicolas knew each other, and little did they know at the time their two families would later be linked by marriage.

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Source:  Dictionnaire genealogique des familles canadiennes
depris la fondation dela colonie jusqu'a nos jours
par Labbe C. Tanguay

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