Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth 7th great grandfather


3047. Annette Rose Zelinski

Shortly after her son Thomas was born she went in the hospital with TB. Annette stayed for almost 12 years at Mount Wilson Hospital in Baltimore County where she met and married Hugh Freeman. Hugh owned the Pikesville Cab Company for many years before selling the business and settling down to their country home near Boring, Maryland.

Neither Annette or Tom's grandmother Myrtle would ever tell why Annette had the attitude she did or whatever happen between her and Tom's father. What ever it was they both took it to the grave with them.

Annette and son Tom's relationship was a strange one their entire lives, she never bonding with her son and Tom not knowing how to react to her indifference to him and his family. The strangest thing was the fact she hid her entire life the fact she had a son from friends and co-workers. Annette took her granddaughter Andrea to a dinner in Little Italy when Andrea was a small child and introduced her as a "friend". This hurt Andrea even at her young age, and she never could understand it, neither could I. (TJH)

Annette had a wonderful sense of humor and was very deicated to her Catholic religion, always making sure a certain percentage of her income was donated to the church.

James Thomas Hollingsworth

Jim graduated from Westport #225 and attended Baltimore Poly but had to quit school because of the terrible depression years, he went on to work in the same glass factory as his father. Jim spent a few years there as a grinder fitting glass tops on bottles and doing some engraving on the bottles, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

After automation kicked in the industry Jim found himself out of a job and with very little training in any other field. During the Second World War Jim worked at Revere Copper and Brass Company. In the early fifties Jim and his son Tom moved to 2013 Bolton Street, at North Avenue, Jim was working at various jobs at this point in his life struggling to make ends meet. He eventually went to work in the protection department of the Federal Reserve Bank, spending many years until his retirement.

After retirement Jim left Baltimore and settled on the Eastern Shore near Snow Hill, Maryland. He spent a few happy years there and when his health started to fail, he moved back across the Chesapeake Bay bridge to Laurel, Maryland.

James only had one functional lung and after many years of illness because of that died of lung complications.

James's funeral was held at the Fleck Funeral Home in Laurel and his body was cremated at the Baltimore/Washington Crematory.

3050. Rollie Addison Harmon Rev.

Rollie Addison Harmon was a graduate of Culver-Stockton college. He was a preacher at various churches in Southern Illinois and St. Louis, including the Disciples of Christ church on Fountain Avenue. In 1946 he came to pastor a church in Tacoma, WA. From there he had a church in Corning, CA for a time before returning to DeSoto, MO to pastor his final congregation near his boyhood home. Rollie died of cancer in 1957.

Ollie Ethel Holt

Ollie was the oldest daughter of William Edward Holt and Malinda Elizabeth Maupin, and grew to womanhood on a farm near Owensville, MO. She met Rollie Addison Harmon at Culver-Stockton College and they soon married.
Rollie and Ollie raised 8 children during the Great Depression, and still seemed to find room for relatives and friends to live in their St. Louis home. Ollie was an outstanding seamstress who specialized in making wedding dresses. Ollie operated a dress shop in Tacoma.

3264. Peggy Morris-Montroy family

Hi Tom, (6/10/2011)

I'm the daughter of Margaret Morris b. 17Mar1925 d. 27Aug 2008 (daughter of Mary Jane Montroy and Isaac Joel Morris)
For your online tree: other children of Mary Jane and Isaac -

Mary Alice
Jamie Louise
Francis Stella
Joel K
Josephine Montroy
Thomas Jefferson
Marion Catherine
Harry Wesley

3065. Armand Lamer Cedilot

Notes for ARMAND LAMER: Standard-Freeholder Feb 8, 1960 LAMER-Died suddenly at his residence, 135 Ninth street West, on Saturday, February 6, 1960. Armand Lamer, beloved husband of Juliette Mitchell, age 45 years. Remains are resting at Miller's Funeral Home, 226 Augustus Street, from where the funeral will take place on Monday February 2 at 10.15 a.m. for Requiem High Mass at St. John Bosco Church at 10.20. Remains will be placed in St. Columban's Vault to await burial in the spring.

3284. Nicole Lamer

Nicole's marriage to Claude Lafleur was a common law marriage

3089. Guy John Lamer

Guy and Kathleen Frances McGee arrive in Detroit, Michigan on 29 Mar 1950.

3294. Nathalie Pare

Nathalie and Alain's marraige was common law.