Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth 7th great grandfather


2342. Henry Harrison (Tip) Montreuil Montroy

A Louis VERLIN came to our area (Illinois) to marry off three daugthers. Henry Harrison married one, Mary Louisa VERLIN who had a dowry (More Land) Her father was sharing his 400 acre grant for being heir to a Revolutionary War veteran.

Henry Harrison had land and a vineyard. He was a barrel maker and this all goes together.

Henry Harrison was a farmer too. I did not spell the name correct for his wife (Mary Louisa Verlin) The wine and cooper skills are more colorfull, but with the marriage and his inheritance he had a nice parcel of land.

Henry Harrison was named for President William Henry Harrison as his older brother named George Washington Montroy and Henry, the baby brother, took a presidents name in admiration of his older brother George. President Harrison slogan for election to president lean heavy on his war record in the famous battle, Tippecanoe, with the indains. The slogan with his vice president, "Tippecanoe and Tyler too" gave the nickname Tip. My graandfather, Henry Harrison, was called TIP.

2710. Emma Montroy

Henry Harrison Montroy, last child, Emma b1874 never married. She stayed with her father, kept house and became a family character.

2345. William Francis Montroy

Death record shows William was in Clinton Cty where he died living w/his daughter Lizzie; church record of when Josephine died, but not burial plot known - - if interested I'll forward (by the way, Josephine died after nursing Carrie during her typhoid sickness about a month apart.

Josephine Jondreau Gendron

Josephine died after nursing Carrie during her typhoid sickness about a month apart.

John Minton Lively

John Lively (b. Dec 21, 1837 d. Aug 11, 1917) was the son of Richard Roberson Lively and Mary Shaw Marlen, and the grandson of Joseph Lively of the massacre story. He married Virginia Leavitt and they were the parents of Mary Shaw Lively.
John was a Civil War veteran (Union) that fought in several victorious campaigns including the Battle of Atlanta. He marched with Sherman to the sea. During the war he contracted typhoid fever and suffered with bouts of rheumatism for the rest of his life.
In August 1857 John married Virginia Leavitt and she was mother to his 9 children. Virginia died in 1891 in the same flu epidemic that took the lives of John Calvin Harmon and Margaret Donaldson. He then married Sarah Ball in 1894. They had no children together and she preceeded him in death.
John was a cooper (barrel maker) and a teamster. He migrated from Southern Illinois to the Cape Girardeau just after the war along with many of his Lively and Marlen relatives.
John Minton Lively died on August 11, 1917 in Blytheville, Arkansas in the home of his youngest daughter Myrtle Virginia Lively Sander.

The John Lively family was massacred in 1813 in Southern Illinois and, according to some account our Joseph (brother of John) found the bodies. This is a well known event that was the subject of a recent "Legend Seekers" documentary.

2366. Augustin Cedilot dit Lamer Montreuil

Interesting fact here, Augustin changed his name to Montreuil when he married Marie Charland.

Marriage 1: 04 Jul 1876, Ste Polycarpe, Soulanges, Quebec
Source: Blue Drouin

Marie Melina Emelie Charland

Records indicate "Charland" and also "Chartrand".