Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth 7th great grandfather


1549. Ellen "Helen" Hollingsworth

Witnesses to the wedding were John Newsom and Sarah Nolan. Ellen signed her name "Ellen Proule, otherwise Hollingsworth". Ellen at the time of her marriage was living a 34 Jervis Street, Dublin, she shows no listing for rank or profession.

It appears Fannie brought up her sister Ellen's daughter Anna Frances Perolze/Saunderson, after Fanny lost her own child and couldn't have any more children. Fanny also married a Perolze. That is why Anna Frances had Perolze included in her name but she was the child of Ellen (Hollingsworth) Perolze and Donald Saunderson.

Francis "Fannie" Hollingsworth

Dublin. 24.06.1894 marriage of John Joseph Prozle, full, bachelor, commercial clerk, of 28 North Summer Street, father Joseph Perolz, baker. Married by licence Frances Hollingsworth, full, spinster of the Nat. Asylum for the Blind, Lieson Park, father Samuel Hollingsworth, Marine Captain. Witnesses John J. Bivan

Not known if Fannie was blind or possibly living and working at the National Asylum.

Witnesses to the wedding were John J. Bivan and Jane Hollingsworth most likely her mother Jane Dickenson Hollingsworth. Her father had died at sea in 1883.

2188. Anna Frances Perolze

Sister Ellen gave her daughter Anna Frances to her sister Fanny to raise because she could not have any children of her own.

Donald Saunderson Mariner

Donald was a minor, bachelor and said his residence was aboard ship. Marriage license says his father was Magnet Sanderson, Sea Captain. Ship is tied up at Sir John Richardson Quay.

1556. Nicholas Hollingsworth #2

Nicholas living in America was left 100 pounds by his mother at her death in March of 1898. At the time of his marriage he had been a bachelor and farmer and the son of a farmer.

Minnie Hollingsworth's letter to Harry said she never forgot their address in New York was 1472 Amsterdam Avenue, New York.

Mary Hester Henrietta Tompkins

Mary's marriage to Nicholas was performed by Rev. H. Gordon Palmer, with Epresten Tomkins and young Thomas Hollingsworth as witnesses. Mary affectionally was called "Hessie" by the family and friends.

2193. Edward John. Hollingsworth no children

Edward died of complications following lung surgery, having taken ill on a trip to north Florida to recover from the operation. He was a retired Detective of the New York City Police Dept. Edward captured a felon on his first night on the force, a sign of good job well done to come. Although retired from the force, he had worked for the Pompano Beach Police Dept., and also for the City Government as a License Inspector.

His funeral arrangements were made at the R. Jay Kraeer Funeral Home and the service was conducted by Rev. O.V. Hitchcock.

1559. Edward (Ned) Hollingsworth

Edward was left the family house, farm, stock, chattels of every description, Mangan House, Hollyfort, County Wexford, near Gorey when his brother left for America.

Minnie," Marie Minnie Hollingsworth" wrote in a letter dated October 1964 to Harry Hollingsworth editor of HR that her father had a fallen out with her mother and spent 6 months in America, but then went back.

Edward granted to his eldest son Nicholas Hollingsworth, Hollyfort. No Will. Deceased "left no widow surviving and the Deponent (Nicholas) his lawful son who has attained the age of 21 years and six younger children, none of whom have attained the age of 21 years. Personal estate 373.10.0 pounds. Sworn and signed by Nicholas Hollingsworth, at 55 Lower Gardiner St., Dublin, Ireland before Ernest S. Lowe and Thomas E. Davis, Solicitors, Nov. 29, 1911.

After Edward's brother Thomas suffocated his first night in New York, he came to America and spent a year with his brother Nicholas, then returned home.

Maria "Manny" Henrietta Lawrence

Maria was a niece of her mother in law Margaret Hempenstall.

2194. Nicholas Hollingsworth (Had no children.)

Nicholas was the eldest son and the only son that was 21 years of age, so he was named In testate Administrator in Principal of his father's will. Edward left no widow, both his wives died before he did, with his second wife Maria dying in 1908.

End of the Era! obit

HOLLINGSWORTH - November 13, 1968, at his residence, Mangan House, Hollyfort, Gorey, County Wexford, NICHOLAS HOLLINGSWORTH, Deeply regretted by his loving wife, brother, sisters, nieces, nephews and a wide circle of relatives and friends. Funeral leaving house today (Friday) at 2 o'clock for St. John's Church Hollyfort. "Thy Will be done."

Mary Elizabeth Hempenstall

Mary Elizabeth was a cousin, she was only 31 when she died. Had no children.

Mary "May"Victoria Elizabeth Grandy

Thomas Hollingsworth and Wagner Hempenstall were witnesses at the wedding. And at this point October 2005 not sure who Thomas Hollingsworth was, other than a cousin.

Mary had a brother and sister named in the obit along with other relatives, but no names.

2198. Kathleen Hollingsworth ( had 4 sons 5 daus)

Elizabeth Rothwell and her brother in law John Noblett signed as witnesses at the wedding.

According to Maria Minnie Hollingsworth's letter to Harry Hollingsworeth, Kate had nine children, four sons and five daughters. Names unknown at this time.

John Benjamin Pierce children,s names unknown

The Pierce family at Ballythomas came from St. Asaph, North Wales about 1720 as tenants of Lord Rockingham.

2204. Benjamin C. Hollingsworth Jr.

Benjamin had one daughter Doreen, born Dec 15, 1959.

2206. George S. Hollingsworth

George had no children.

2207. Arthur F. Hollingsworth

Arthur had no children.

1594. George Walter Hollingsworth

George was known for laying the first oyster beds in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey.

2215. John Hunter Hollingsworth Jr.

He lived at 104 E. 196th Street, Bronx, New York (still living there in 1963)

William Mills Forsyth

William was a Life Insurance Manager...the family members were of the Methodist religion.

2221. Eve Watkinson

Found Eve on the family tree. I think she was at our wedding! Beginning of the obituary from the Irish Times. You need to subscribe to see the rest.
Sat 11 Nov 1999 Monster Mallarka of Dublin theatre, Eve Watkinson, the veteran actress who died on November 15th, was born in 1909. She was the daughter of an architect in the Board of Works, and the family also owned a well-known interior decorating firm, A. Panton Watkinson, situated for many years on St Stephen's Green. She started her long career as an actress with the amateur Torch Theatre in Capel Street, but was mainly associated with Longford Productions at the Gate Theatre, from the late 1930s onwards. In her youth she was also a champion fencer.
Click on the link below to see her filmography. She also starred on stage.
Thanks to Ivan Sutton, Dublin

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