ANYONE WILLING TO SHARE THEIR OLD PHOTOS WOULD BE APPRECIATED

                                                                                    EXAMPLES OF HOW OUR ANCESTORS LIVED IN AND AROUND BALLYCANEW.

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Large picture of the above scene of Main Street.    Ballycanew abt 1895                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Large picture of the above scene of Main Street.   Ballycanew abt 1895


Large picture of the above taken in the late 1880s to early 1890s.   Ballycanew 1880-1890
Large picture of Ballycanew .   Ballycanew abt 1900                                      

       Old picture, believed to be taken in 1890, of St.Mogue's Church                                 September 2005 pictures of St. Mogue's Church.                  

Old Rathwell house building in back of main house, exterior and interior.  Building Exterior        Building Interior
  Old Ballycanew building on Main Street across from St. Mogue's Church.   Old Building                 
  Two old Ballinakill buildings.    Building One      Building Two

       Ballycanew farm land pictures.   Farmland One     Farmland Two      Farmland Three


View of St. Mogue's Church taken from the South of Main Street looking North East.  St. Mogue's

     Picture of a newer thatched house just outside of Ballycanew.   Thatched House

    Two old farm buildings on the south side of Ballycanew.   Farm Building One      Farm Building Two
   Larger picture of the above building, Ballycanew Creamery House.   Creamery House
  Another farm property picture.    Farm building one      Farm building two       Farm building three   

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